Fix: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Face Unlock Not Working

With its large, high-resolution screen, powerful processors, versatile cameras, 5G connectivity, and biometric authentication options like face recognition, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra provides one of the most advanced smartphone experiences today. Despite its convenience and security, Face Unlock may encounter problems with which it cannot function as intended. In this article, we will explore some common reasons why your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra face unlock may not work and suggest potential solutions.

Fix: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Face Unlock Not Working

Possible Reasons for Face Unlock Not Working

It is possible for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra face unlock to not working for several reasons. Here are a few common reasons:

  1. Dirty or damaged front camera: If the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s front camera is dirty or damaged, it may have trouble capturing clear images of users’ faces. It can lead to the face unlock system not being able to recognize the user’s face properly.
  2. Incorrect face recognition settings: The user may not be able to unlock the device with their face if the face recognition settings are incorrect or have been modified in a way that is resulting in issues.
  3. Poor lighting conditions: To identify the user’s face with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, good lighting conditions are required. Light conditions may cause the face unlock to not work properly if they are poor.
  4. Software glitches: It is possible for the face unlock system to malfunction due to software bugs or glitches. It can occur if the device does not have the latest software version or if there are issues with it.
  5. Hardware issues: Sometimes, the face unlock system does not work due to hardware problems. Perhaps the front camera is faulty, or another hardware component is causing problems.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Face Unlock Not Working

Here are some fixes that have the potential to resolve the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Face Unlock not working issue:

Fix 1: Clean the Front Camera

You can try cleaning the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra when you experience problems with the face unlock. Please ensure no smudges or fingerprints on the camera lens by gently cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth. The camera lens may be damaged or dirty, which may prevent it from capturing clear images of a user’s face, which results in the face unlock system failing to recognize the user.

Fix 2: Check Face Recognition Settings

Ensure that the device’s face recognition settings are set up properly by checking the device’s settings. You can turn on and register your face by going to Settings > Biometrics and security > Face recognition. To unlock your device using your face, turn on face recognition if it is not already on. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your face if it has not been registered.

Fix 3: Improve Lighting Conditions

Try improving the lighting in the area where you are trying to unlock the device if the face unlock system does not work. To ensure your face is well-lit, move to a brighter location or turn on additional lights. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra requires good lighting to recognize the user’s face. The face may unlock and will not work properly if the lighting conditions are poor.

Fix 4: Update Software

If you find a software update for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, install it. This can be fixed if any software glitches or bugs are preventing the face unlock system from working properly. There are many times when software updates fix bugs and improve the device’s performance, including the face unlock feature.

Fix 5: Restart the Device

Occasionally, restarting the device can resolve face unlock issues. You can restart your computer by pressing the power button and selecting Restart from the options menu. After restarting the device, you will be able to resolve any temporary glitches or issues affecting the face unlock system. After restarting your device, try unlocking it again using your face.

Fix 6: Reset Face Recognition

When none of these solutions works, try resetting the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s face recognition. You can reset your face recognition by going to Settings > Biometrics and security > Face recognition and selecting Reset Face Recognition. You must re-register your face in this case, as the registration data will be deleted. Once you have registered your face again, try unlocking the device with your face.

Fix 7: Remove the Screen Protector

There is a possibility that a screen protector on your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may interfere with the face unlock feature. Remove the screen protector to see if the face unlock system works. It may be difficult for the camera to capture a clear image of your face if some screen protectors reflect light or cause distortion.

Fix 8: Re-register Your Face

Clean the camera lens, reset face recognition, and re-register your face if the face unlock system is still not working. Click Settings > Biometrics and security > Face recognition and select Remove Face data. After that, follow the instructions on the screen to re-register your face. Ensure your face is registered in good lighting conditions and positioned correctly within the frame.

Fix 9: Perform a Factory Reset

You may have to perform a factory reset if none of the above solutions works. Before proceeding, back up your important data, including the face data registered on your device. Go to Settings > General management > Reset > Factory data reset to perform a factory reset. If the face unlock system does not work after resetting the device, try registering your face again.

Fix 10: Use Alternative Unlock Methods

Using a PIN, password, or fingerprint is an alternative unlock method if the face unlock system does not work. Your device can be unlocked quickly and easily using these methods, which are both reliable and secure. If you prefer an alternative unlock method, go to Settings > Biometrics and Security and choose it.

Fix 11: Check For Hardware Damage

Hardware may have damaged your device if none of the above solutions works. You can examine your device at an authorized Samsung repair center or by contacting Samsung Support. They can diagnose and provide a solution if you have hardware problems.

Fix 12: Contact Samsung Support

Contact Samsung Support if you have tried all the above options and still face unlock problems. You may be able to obtain additional troubleshooting steps or be recommended to send the device in for repair based on the results. You can contact Samsung Support by phone, online, or via the Samsung Members app.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra features a convenient and secure face unlock system that lets you unlock your device quickly and easily. You can try several solutions if you are experiencing problems with the face unlock not working. With these solutions, your face unlock system can be restored to its optimal performance, and you can unlock your device with just a glance. So, that’s how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Face Unlock not working issue. We hope that you have found this guide helpful. Moreover, if you need more help, comment below and let us know.


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