How to Save Yourself During Emergency Time With Your Phone?

Ever since its birth, cell phones are considered a tool of importance in an emergency situation. In fact, the idea behind the device was initially about connecting people wirelessly with much importance given to help in an emergency situation. It was a USP for this hardware. Now through the years, cell phones have evolved along with us according to our daily needs, but the idea of it being a tool for emergencies still prevails.

Now, if you are wondering how you can make the most of your cell phone during emergency situations, then this article will definitely guide you through it. We will take a look at all the measures one can take during certain emergencies, from daily crime scenarios to natural disasters.

How to Save Yourself During Emergency Time With Your Phone?

Send out your location through GPS :

In case you have already contacted the authorities and they are asking for your location, you might not know exactly where you are. In such a scenario turning on the GPS on your device will help the rescue workers to pinpoint your location and find you right away. Most emergency helpers have the equipment necessary to track your location. Just make sure to turn your GPS on.

In case the emergency situation is not alarming enough, and you just need to send your location to your family members, then you can send your live location via the Whatsapp messenger app or any other messaging app that provides that service.

Make ICE(in case of emergency) contact easier to find :

There may be a situation where you might end up in an accident, and the authorities are unsure how to inform your family members about your whereabouts. Maybe you are with a friend, and suddenly you have a medical emergency, and the friend is unsure about how to contact your family members. There could be multiple instances like this where other people might need to look at your phone for emergency contact. So to stay prepared, what you can do is keep an emergency contact number visible on your lock screen. That way, one can just call your family member or friend by looking at the number in your lock screen and inform them about any kind of emergency you are having.

Choose your emergency contact wisely :

While choosing your emergency contact, make sure to use someone whom you could reach right away. If you choose someone who has a really hectic schedule and is busy all the time, then he or she might not even receive the call or text sent out to them. So remember to choose wisely.

Setting up a shortcut for SOS number :

The smartphone manufacturers always use some kind of shortcut in their UI, which automatically calls out to a helpline number, like to 911. Some Android smartphones have a setting that allows them to make a call to 911 automatically by pressing the lock screen continuously a number of times. Google what of similar service you have on your device and make sure that it is turned on for use.

Text for help :

Sometimes the reception may be too low, and your calls might now go through. In such a situation, you might actually be able to send out a text. No, it is not just an assumption, and there have been many incidents when a victim was able to get through a text to someone they know can be of help. So if calls don’t go through, try texting.

Download apps for emergencies :

Download an app that sends out emergency messages right away to a number of contacts. Or an app that has an offline map for every emergency room in your locality. So basically, there are a number of apps developed to handle emergency situations that you can try installing right away on your phone to stay prepared.

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I hope this guide was useful to save yourself during the emergency time with your phone. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comments below in our comment box. Also check our all iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks and Android Tips and Tricks section to gather more knowledge.

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