How to Save Google’s WEBP Images as JPEG or PNG image extension

The new image format WEBP is a beautiful and exciting image format produced by Google. It has a unique compression system that can display the image in a compressed form by almost two-thirds of the actual size of the picture. The images can be delivered into the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format as well in the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

This format heavily featured in Google products, but still, the format WEBP not supported by some of the image tools. An example of that kind of tool is the Windows photo viewer of Microsoft. The default photo viewer tool is still unable to read the WEBP image file format. Here some of the methods discussed below to know about the conversion procedure of WEBP images into the JPEG or PNG format.

How to Save Google's WEBP Images as JPEG or PNG image extension

How to Save Google’s WEBP Images as JPEG or PNG image extension:

There are several methods to save Google’s WEBP images as JPEG or PNG image file extension. Follow one of the mentioned methods to get a suitable file format for any image tool.

Use a Different Web Browser:

Some of the browsers still not supporting the WEBP image format. An example of that browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer. Follow the steps to save the WEBP file as a PNG file.

  1. First, check the file extension you want to save. Right-click the image and click on ‘Save Image as’
  2. You will find the file extension as the ‘WEBP’ image.
  3. Cancel the saving of file and copy the URL
  4. Now go to the IE and paste the URL
  5. Now right-click the image you want to save and press ‘save image as’
  6. Now you can see that you can save the file as PNG.

Use MS Paint:

You can use MS Paint to open WEBP files is you are a Windows 10 user. This method can convert the WEBP files into other image extensions. Follow the steps to save the WEBP image into another format through MS paint:

  1. Right-click the WEBP image file and click ‘copy image.’
  2. Open paint and right-click and paste the image.
  3. Go to file > save as and choose the format in which you want to save the file.
  4. Press save and get the desired file format.

Use the Online Conversion Tool:

You can use an online conversion tool to convert the file extensions for image files. You can find many online tools while searching on Google. You do not need to download or install any program. The data might convert through the server. You need to upload the file with extension WEBP, and they will save the file for you. Although it recommended converting the files by own on your PC.

Zamzar is a suitable online file conversion tool for which the procedure mentioned here. Zamzar is a completely free package to convert the file extensions and also delete the uploaded file within 24 hours of the upload. It offers five free conversions, and others may be available in a paid version. Now search for Zamzar on Google and open the website.

  1. Click Add Files and select the WEBP image to upload
  2. Now, choose the format you want to convert your file.
  3. Press ‘Convert Now’ button
  4. The process may take a few minutes depending on the file size you want to convert
  5. Wait for the process to finish,
  6. Click on ‘download file’ and choose the destination folder and press ‘save.’
  7. Your file now converted into the desired extension.

Using a Special URL:

As you may know, Google uses the WEBP image file extension for all services on Google Play Store. You can also force Google play store to convert your images. This method is a URL trick that might work for you to get the converted image file format.

  1. Open WEBP image supported browser and open WEBP image file you want to convert
  2. Press ‘open in new tab’ after Right-click the image
  3. Now check the URL and delete the last three letters (-rw) from the URL and press Enter.
  4. The image will get reload and now click on ‘save image as’
  5. You can now save it as ‘PNG’ file format.

Google Play store uses a WEBP image file extension for all the image files present there. If you want to convert the file extension into JPEG, PNG, or some other supported file format for your system, then you can check the procedures as mentioned above. You may easily convert the extension through online and offline modes. Some of the browsers do not support WEBP image files extension. So if you are looking to download the image files as Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) or Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, then you might be looking for these kinds of browsers.

All the mentioned methods are reliable and tested to convert the WEBP image extension. The online conversion method not recommended converting essential files. You may also not prefer the online approach if you have the copyright on the image and do not upload it anywhere. Prefer to convert the files with offline mode. Above mentioned methods will get you to the way by which you can easily save Google’s WEBP images as JPEG or PNG image extension. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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