Smalland Survive the Wilds Cheats and Console Commands

Smalland Survive the Wilds is a challenging multiplayer survival game where players see themselves as tiny humanoid characters fighting to survive in a massive wilderness with difficult terrain and challenges. The game has gained massive popularity recently due to its unique playstyle and game story. However, some players do find the game to be extremely difficult or get stuck sometimes completing several in-game missions or challenges. In such scenarios, it’s best to use Smalland Survive the Wilds Cheats and Console Commands.

Smalland Survive the Wilds Cheats and Console Commands can help you with several game challenges by giving you access to multiple resources and weaponaries. Apart from this, these commands will also give you access to additional resources or items that you might find difficult to collect in regular gameplay. Since the game is quite difficult as players have to navigate through a perilous miniature world filled with different wild animals and insects, uncontrollable weather, and other entities making survival extremely difficult.

This is why many players find it useful to use Smalland Survive the Wilds Cheats and Console Commands that can provide various several advantages and make the game more enjoyable. In Smalland Survive the Wilds, these cheat codes and console commands server a single purpose – that is giving a simpler or easier pather to survive in the dangerous jungle. Additionally, it will help you explore the game’s mechanics in a more relaxed manner and will provide you with an additional set of advanced game control options.

Smalland Survive the Wilds Cheats and Console Commands

Smalland Survive the Wilds Cheats and Console Commands

Using console commands and cheat codes can be particularly helpful and can expedite your overall game progress and gives you much more space for exploration and further in-game experimentations. However, it’s important to note that the game does not have any built in cheats or commands engine. So you may have to use any third party mods that will give you access to the modding functionality.

For this guide, we will be using WeMod mod which is quite a popular cheat engine that allows you to manually change a lot of variables in the game. Once you’ve downloaded the WeMod mod, you can activate these cheats in the settings menu.

Unlimited Health: Gives you unlimited health access

Unlimited Stamina: Gives you unlimited stamina access

Game Speed: This cheat gives you access to change the game pace speed

Item Never Decrease: This cheat makes sure your items are not decreased upon usage

Unlimited Item Durability: This cheat gives you ultimate item durability

Remove Sliding Action Check: This cheat removes the sliding action check

Ignore Crafting Materials Requirement: This cheat will bypass all crafting materials required in the game

Unlimited Nourishment: Gives you unlimited nourishment access

Comfortable Temperatures: Gives you a comfortable temperature & climate within the game’s world

Edit Move Speed: This cheat gives you the ability to edit your move speed


This brings us to the end of this guide for Smalland Survive the Wilds Cheats and Console Commands. Please note that Cheats and console commands have long been known in the gaming world, offering players the opportunity to experiment, overcome challenges, or simply have fun. We will keep adding more cheat codes and commands to this list, so make sure to bookmark us and visit daily. In case you have any interesting commands that we missed in the above article, make sure to let us know via the comment box below.

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