How to Fix Smart Lock and Trusted Places on Android Device

Your Android smartphone is getting smarter day by day, and the credit goes to the Android development team of tech major Google. To make the smartphone more user-friendly Google introduced the Smart Lock feature in the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system with enabling phone customization to get rid of the need to unlock the phone again and again.

This incredible feature helps you set pre-conditions to unlock the phone automatically for a longer period. Technically, your Android device knows your hand unlocks the phone according to defined pre-conditions. But, for that your Smart Lock feature needs to be properly set up, particularly the Trusted Places.

If you want your smartphone to know about your trusted places where your phone could remain unlocked for a longer period, try these simple steps to fix all Smart Lock and Trusted Places-related issues. Before, moving to the troubleshooting stage lets understand the likely problems related to the Smart Lock feature.

  • The common complaint is that the Smart Lock fails to unlock the device even in a pre-defined trusted location.
  • The auto unlocking fails even when a trusted device is paired with a smartphone.
  • Non-availability of options in the Smart Lock settings.
  • Non-functional parallel Smart Lock features, like facial recognition.

How to Fix Smart Lock and Trusted Places on Android Device

How to Fix Smart Lock & Trusted Places Problem of Android Phones

If you are facing any of the problems in your Android devices, follow these steps one by one to troubleshoot Smart Lock and Trusted Places-related issues. In most cases, problems arise due to errors in compass calibration, location inaccuracy, work email control, battery optimization control, or simply any third-party app conflict. Here is the way to the Smart Lock of your Android phone:

Step 1: Check Location Accuracy GPS Setting

The first step is to check whether the location accuracy is high or not. For the Trusted Places function to work perfectly, the GPS location setting must be of high accuracy. Your Android device has several location accuracy options, namely;

Phone Only: Using GPS

Battery Saving: Wi-Fi & Mobile Networks

High Accuracy: Wi-Fi, Mobile Networks & GPS

This is pretty simple to do, by enabling GPS through the main Settings menu of the device. Depending on the device, the exact location may vary. The best is to search “Location” from the Settings menu and then go to “Location Method” and then to “High Accuracy”. Just save the changes and exit to restart the phone. In most cases, the Smart Lock starts functioning perfectly fine with this. If that is not the case, go to the next step.

Step 2: Updated Location

It has been observed that if your location isn’t updated, the Smart Lock features stop working. This is because; the Trusted Places need your recent location to let the auto-unlock feature function perfectly. Just open the Google Maps and tap the compass icon at the bottom right corner of your device screen. It will automatically pin your current location and update the system.

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Step 3: Multiple Devices

If you use more than one device or have changed your phone, your previous location record might likely interfere with the new location setting. Since Trusted Places works on precise and updated location data the Smart Lock might not function properly. You can fix this issue by going to:

Settings> Google>Location>Google Location History

Here, you have to enable the current location.

If you have multiple Google accounts on the same device, your phone might be fetching the wrong location data. This conflict makes Smart Lock non-functional. Some Google App accounts disallow Smart Lock features, depending on the administrator setting. In such cases, you have to remove additional Google accounts. Go to,

Settings> Accounts>Select Non-primary Google account> Remove account>

You have to repeat the step to remove other non-primary Google accounts.

Step 4: Calibrating Compass

Smartphone use compass functionality to decide direction and location. If it is not properly calibrated, your Smart Lock and Trusted Places feature might not work properly. The better calibration of compass ensures better map accuracy, resulting in better Trusted Places data capture and Smart Lock functionality.  It is pretty easy to calibrate the compass of your Android device manually. You have to go to the Google Maps app and then follow instructions to rotate the device in 8 defined rotations path.

Step 5: Enable Location Permission

The System Locker functionality depends on the permissibility of the system app called Google Play Services. The Trusted Places works perfectly only when the device has permission to capture location details in real-time. To check whether the setting is right in accordance with the system requirement or not you need to go to;

Settings> Apps>All Apps>Google Play Services (from drop-down)>Permissions>Location (enabled)

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Step 6: Enabling Modify System Settings

The functionality of Smart Lock depends on the Google Play Services’ permission to “Modify System Settings.” You have to check the permission through the Settings of the device. Go to Settings>Modify System Settings> Google Play Services>Enable

Step 7: Battery Optimization Disabled

Android is all about ease and efficacy, so it prioritizes phone life over anything else. If your Google Play Service is in Doze Mode your Trusted Play feature won’t work. To check whether the battery is in an optimized state or not go to;

Settings> Search Battery Optimization> Google Play Services

If it is there on the main menu, then your device is fine for Smart Lock. If not then select “All Apps” and find the Google Play Services and set it to “Not Optimized.”

Step 8: Reset Trusted Place

The key to efficient Smart Lock is the perfect Trusted Places and that depends on location data capture. The best possible way to rectify the error is to,

go to; Settings> Security> Smart Lock> Trusted Places

Select the address that isn’t right and hit the “Edit” button and selects the delete icon from the menu to remove the address completely. All you need to do is confirm your choice on the next screen and save it to Restart the phone and go to “Home” to enter the fresh address.

I hope this will eliminate all possible problems related to the Smart Lock functionality and the Trusted Places settings. If the problem persists, feel free to share your problem here. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment below in our comment box.

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