Solutions for Umidigi S2 Common Problems – WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, SD, Sim, and More

It is very clear right now that at this day, age and time, smartphones with bezel-less displays have gone from being a complete fantasy to a thing of the norm, backed up by the rapid increase in bezel-less smartphone manfacturing, we can say that in 2018, 70% of phones released will have the sleek new looking bezel-less display. The great news is that Umi released two stunner of smarthpones at very affordable prices, but we are gonna talk more about the Umidigi S2 Common problems.

The phones design is an out of the box amazing looking device, it sports a full metal Unibody design made of an aluminium alloy with beautiful and elegant curves. But the real beauty lies on the front of the phone, with a 90% Screen to body ratio, there is no doubt Umidigi has done a good job. However, as this is a budget smartphone, there will be a few problems arising. But thankfully, at GetDroidTips, we have compiled all known and related problems of the Umidigi S2 and also provided quick fixes for each problem.

Umidigi S2 Common Problems

App Issues

1. The Umidigi S2 Cannot Install An App

  1. Update Settings: Usually when trying to install apps that are not downloaded from the Google Playstore, the installation is usually blocked for security reasons. this is because you haven’t opened the permission of this app, go to Settings – Security – Trust the unknown source.
  2. Incompatible Apps: Sometimes it may be a problem with the application downloaded, it may not be complete thereby not allowing the app to install correctly. There might be the problematic or incompatible apps. Just uninstall them and try to download other apps.
  3. Check For SW Updates: This also could be system fault, you can upgrade to the latest version system firmware by OTA function.

2. Installed Apps Cannot Be Used

  1. Check To Apps: Sometimes, missing files or unsuccessful install apps could lead to this issue. Please simply uninstall and re-install them. It also might be that you lock the phone, so that the app cannot be used. If you have set the password of PIN, enter that can unlock the phone.
  2. Factory Reset Your Phone: If the above solutions are useless, reset the phone to the factory default in the state of power off.(a). Hold and press the Volume Up + Power button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.(b). When an Android Image displays on the screen, press the Power button to enter Recovery Mode.(c). In order to choose “wipe data/factory reset”, using the Volume Down to navigate and the Power button to confirm.(d). Then select “Yes — delete all user data”. Use Volume Down button to scroll and Power key to select.(e). To restart the phone, select “reboot system now”. Press the Power button to confirm.

3. I cannot Receive or Send Whatsapp Messages

  1. Check Internal Storage: The devices internal storage may be filled up, be sure to check and clean up caches or try to uninstall all unnecessary applications on your phone.
  2. Check Whatsapp Notification Status: You might put the WhatsApp on the blacklist accidentally, go to Setting – Background task clear – White list, and tick the option of WhatsApp.

Screen And Display Issues

1. Part Of Touch Screen Not Working Properly

  1. Check Settings: Some personalized settings might upset the system and damage some functions like the touch screen. You need to restore factory settings for a recovery.
  2. Take It For Repairs: If the problem cannot be resolved, it would most likely be broken circuits or loose components, take it to a repair shop to have it checked or you can contact after-sales service for help on what to do.

2. The Umidigi S2 Shows A Black Screen

There are multiple reasons cause this problem like battery drain, ROM-flash bugs, application compatibility, etc. You can try any of these solutions:

  1. Incompatible Custom ROM: Have you recently rooted or flashed a Custom ROM on your phone? The ROM in the Umidigi S2 is the stable version flashed by the software developers at Umidigi. If you flash with other Custom ROM, there may be faults which appear, for example missing languages or other faults. When the black screen is caused by your own rooting or flashing operation, the phone’s maintenance is no longer under warranty, you would have to take it to a repair service store.
  2. Check If Battery Is Drained: Connect the phone with original charger, and press the power button for 30s to activate the battery. Then check it if the phone can boot after charging for 30 minutes. Also, try changing to another effective USB cable or power charger to charge for a while. Then try to boot the phone.
  3. Factory Reset The Phone In The Recovery Mode: Try to reset factory settings to see if the app compatibility problem. Hold and press the Power button and Volume “-” key to enter the Recovery Mode, choose and confirm “double wipe”, that is,Wipe Data / Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition, then reboot the system by clicking “Reboot System Now”.

In case the above methods do not work, contact the after-service and send it back to the factory for a check and repair.

3. Umidigi S2 Shows A Blurry Screen Patch

  1. Restart The Phone: Try to firstly restart your device as it may be an error in the system file. If the blurry patch does not go after this, then proceed with the following steps.
  2. Enable Developer Options: Enter the Settings – About – Software information and then click 5 times on Build number to open developer options. If you have already turned on the developer options, then it becomes simple: Settings – Developer options, then deactivate the Auto brightness options, and Restart the smartphone.
  3. Restore Factory Settings

If the above fixes do not work, the screen might be damaged. Please contact aftersales service for further help.

Camera Issues

1. Video Camera Does Not Work

  1. Close All Background Apps: Running too many programs in the background can cause lack of storage. Please do not use a lot of applications at the same time and develop a habit of routinely cleaning the phone contents to ensure smooth running of the device.
  2. Reset Camera Settings: The camera sets wrong, try to restore factory settings: Camera – Camera mode – Restore Defaults.
  3. Check For SW Updates: This issue might be caused by the system fault. Upgrade the firmware to resolve it: About – Software Upgrade.

There could also be a few software conflicts, you can try to restore the phone to its factory settings. Warning: backup your important data before the reset, as it will be wiped during the process.

2. Unfocused Camera

Firstly, do you shoot footage beyond the devices focus range? It might have resulted from the inability to focus and become blurry. Try moving closer to adjust the focus range. And do not move intermediately after shooting? The movement might lead to fuzzy photos (depending on how fast the shutter is), so please wait for a while after pressing the shutter button.

If the camera issue still persists, proceed with the following:

  1. Check Camera Lens: Check whether there is substance in the lens or not, if so, go to repair shop for help.
  2. Uninstall Useless Apps:  Uninstall all download apps which are of little or no use, also apps like mobile theme should be uninstalled. You can also try to adjust the screen brightness.

There could also be a few software conflicts, you can try to restore the phone to its factory settings. Warning: backup your important data before the reset, as it will be wiped during the process.

3. Occasional Faulty Camera

  1. Restart Device: The system read errors, please turn off the phone and boot again.
  2. Clear Cache Memory: Too many caches or lack of memory, so clean caches or try to replace a larger storage SD card.
  3. Checked Installed Apps: The issue might be caused by incompatible or buggy camera apps; find and uninstall them, especially if they have been recently added.

GPS Issues

1. Unusable GPS

  1. Make Sure You Are In An Open Area: Please make sure you are in an open area outside. Use the GPS in a more open area outside with clear sky visibility. Being inside vehicles or buildings may interfere with the GPS signal. When you first use the GPS function, try to obtain a signal while static, before using it while in motion. If this is the first time you have used your phone’s GPS, it may take a little longer to locate a satellite, please be patient.

If the GPS is unable to work outdoors, then the GPS module may be faulty. Please contact the aftersales service for further assistance.

2. Inaccurate GPS Location

In general, GPS cannot be 100% accurate every time. The accuracy is related to the specific navigation software used, the satellite signal, and other conditions – but generally not the phone itself.

  1. Install Navigate App: Try to install a more accurate navigation app and use it in an open area outside with clear visibility.

Calling And Audio Issues

1. Inaudible Speakerphone

  1. Bad Signal: It can be the result of poor signal, so move to open areas where has a good signal, then the phone will operate normally again.
  2. Increase Volume: Turn up the volume by pressing the volume up button when answering a phone call.
  3. Check For SW Updates: There might be a system issue, use the OTA function to upgrade or flash firmware.

If there is still no sound, your phone may need to be professionally repaired.

Charging Issues

1. The Umidigi S2 Cannot Be Charged

Due to long time use, the power charger’s plug is oxidized . Use an eraser to clean, and check if problem is fixed. If not, proceed with theses steps.

  1. Check all the connectors for visible signs of oxidation. Carefully remove any residue and try to charge the phone again.
  2. The phone’s charging port might also have oxidation present. Use a cotton swab with some anhydrous alcohol (ethanol) and carefully wipe the port clean. Wait for a minute until the alcohol has dried, then charge the phone again.
  3. Always try to charge the phone using the original USB charger to ensure the input and output power values do not affect the charging.
  4. If the phone still cannot charge, press the phone’s power button three times and then hold the power button it down for 10 seconds to see whether it can boot.
  5. Connect and charge the phone via the mains AC. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to activate the battery, then release the button. Let it charge for some time and then try booting the phone again.
  6. If none of the above solutions are successful, the USB port and/or battery may be damaged. Go to a local repair store to fix the phone or contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

2. The Umidigi S2’s Battery Gets Headted While Charging

The effective electricity that charges the battery only occupies half of the total amount which is used because the other half part is converted into heat energy. A lot of Physicists will understand this. Dont worry, it is completely natural for phones to get hot, what is not natural is it overheating.


  1. Once the phone is fully charged, but you don’t pull it out from the charger. All the electric power will all transform to heat energy, sure the phone will become hot.
  2. Do not play the phone while charging, it will release abundant heat. Also, stop over-charging the phone, which will damage the battery.
  3. The most terrible situation is that the battery is damaged or aged. When the heat is extremely high and expanded, please stop charging it immediately and leave it away! Wait until it cools down and take it to a local phone fixing store to check and exchange the battery (replaceable battery phone).
  4. If the battery is swollen and hot while charging, the device is faulty. Please contact the customer service for further assistance.

3. The Umidigi S2’s Battery Drains Fast

You may have opened too many background apps and functions. To decrease the power consumption, turn off unnecessary apps, processes and functions, e.g. Bluetooth, NFC, etc.

Simple Solutions

  1. Higher screen brightness can also consume more power. Adjust the brightness to a moderate level to reduce the power draw.
  2. The battery could also be suffering from the “memory effect”. At its boot state, fully charge the battery and remove the phone from the charger. Then fully discharge/drain the battery. Repeat this procedure three times. Next, reboot the phone into Recovery mode: long press the power button and volume up button together. Choose these options: “Recovery – advanced – wipe battery status”.
  3. If none of the methods work, it’s most likely a battery fault. Please contact the customer service for more help or return it back the factory to check and repair.

The Umidigi S2 Charges Very Slowly

Many apps still run in the background even you quit them. They will consume your phone battery to drag your power charging speed. Shut off these programs / applications when charging such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

  1. Do not play big online games / listen to music / watch movies while charging. They are not only will slow down the charging speed and may shorten the battery’s lifespan.
  2. The power charger is not an appropriate one. Different power chargers have distinct input / output current or voltage, so make sure to the original charger and USB cable to charge it.
  3. If the problem still persists when using the original USB cable and charger. Check whether one of them fails or not. Change another compatible USB cable or charger that has larger output current should be helpful.
  4. The battery is Li-ion battery. Do not re-charge when the it is completely out of juice. If you always drain the battery, making the phone automatically power off, the battery will be damaged and the lifespan will be shortened too.

Simcard/SD Card Issues

1. The Phone Does Not Recognize Simcard

  1. Ensure the SIM card is placed securely and correctly into the card slot.
  2. Maybe the SIM card has a poor contacst, just power off and remove the SIM card. Clean the chip in SIM card with an eraser, then replace and power on device.
  3. The Umidigi S2 phablet is a dual SIM dual standby phone. Check whether the SIM card is activated. If not, enter the phone’s “Setting – SIM Cards Setting – SIM 1 (UIM1) / SIM 2 – Activate” and tick this option.
  4. The read-card module can sometimes fail. Back up all your data on the phone, including contacts, messages, photos, etc. And restore to the factory settings in “Setting – additional settings – Backup & reset – Factory data reset”.
  5. Once all the above solutions are ruled out, the card slot may be damaged, just return it back to the factory to check and repair.

2. The Phone Does Not Recognize The SD Card

  1. Insert SD Card into another device to determine if the SD card has broken or poor contacts. If it is eventually broken, replace with a new card.
  2. Probably, something may be wrong with the read card module, please format the phone after backing up all your  important data.

Network & Signal Issues

 1. The Umidigi S2 Cannot Connect To A 3G/4G Network

If for some reason, your Umidigi S2 cannot connect to a network, either 3/4G Network then follow these simple steps:

  1. Activate Sim: First of all, you should activate the SIM card and use network traffic. If so, these cellular data network can be used normally.
  2. Check Sim On Another Phone: Remove the SIM card from your phone and place in another phone to find out if the simcard is faulty. You can try to consult the local mobile business hall, then dial the SIM card operator to reset number signal.

Check Phone Compatibility With Network: Make sure your phone’s network frequency is compatible with both the local overlay network and the SIM card’s carrier network, otherwise your phone will not receive any network signal.

2G Network Bands

GSM : 850 / 900 /1800 / 1900 MHz

3G Network Bands

WCDMA: B1 2100MHz / B2 1900MHz / B5 850MHz / B8 900MHz

4G Network Bands

FDD-LTE: B1 2100MHz / B20 800MHz / B3 1800MHz / B7 2600MHz

Also Try These:

  1. Restart Phone: Power off and reboot to have a try if the above ways do not work. Perhaps the network signal is not smooth at that moment.
  2. Restore Factory Settings: If the method is still invalid, restore to the factory settings by pressing the power button and volume up button simultaneously.
  3. Check For Repairs: Once all above solutions are useless, the most possible reason should be the hardware problem, like the mainboard, antenna, network module, etc. It is advised to have a post-sales service for a repair.

2. The Mobile Network Is Unstable


  1. Restart Phone: May be the network card is slow, shutdown your phone and pull out the SIM card. Then try again after wait for a while.
  2. Replace Sim Card: Replace with another SIM card to test whether it is the simcards problem. And check if the phone is in arrears or not. If not, the card is aged and you need a new one.
  3. Restore Factory Settings: If the problem remains unsolved, backup all the important data on your device and restore it to factory settings or even contact the customer support center for help.

3. The Wi-Fi or Portable Hotspot Feature Is Not Available

If this is the case, then the system firmware is faulty, flash the phone with the official firmware. If the problem is still not solved, please contact customer service to see if it needs to be returned to the factory for repair.

4. Umidigi S2 Cannot Connect To Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi issues are one of the most common sights experienced by Android users. The same is the case with Galaxy C7 2017 as users have been complaining about this issue.
1. Restart All Devices: Restart your smartphone, router and or modem then check to see if the problem of connectivity is fixed.
2. Check The Wi-Fi Password: Check and make sure the Wi-Fi password has been entered correctly on your Smartphone.

If the wireless network password is incorrect or changes, your Samsung Galaxy J7 can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network. If you see something like “Error Authenticating Wi-Fi”, then Remove and reconnect to the network to make sure the password is correct.

  1. From the home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Scroll to and tap Settings.
  3. Tap Wi-Fi.
  4. Tap and hold the preferred, connected network.
  5. Tap Forget network
  6. Tap the network you want to connect to.
  7. Enter the correct password, then tap CONNECT.

Boot Looped or Bricked Devices

1. The Device Is Stuck In A Bootloop

Before you panic, examine whether the battery is loose, if so, pad a piece of paper cushion behind the battery, thus solving the problem of poor contact between the battery and the phone’s main board. If this is not the case then proceed


  1. Recheck All Apps Installed: There may be something wrong with one the apps you installed on your phone, find out the problematic app and uninstall it, or just format the storage card. Some installed applications are not compatible with your phone operating system.
  2. Reset Device: Restore the factory defaults without installing any software and observe for a while. If it still auto reboots, there might be something wrong with hardware instead of software. Contact the customer service for a repair.

2. The Phone Does Not Power On

The battery may drained. Charge the phone with original charger for half an hour. Then, long press the power button to boot the device. If it fails then proceed.

  1. Flash Stock ROM: This step is only for people with technical know-how. Do not try this step if you dont know what flashing and rooting is. Try to download the ROM file and flash the phone.
  2. Take It For Repairs: If the above methods fail. The hardware (ribbon wire, output display circuit or motherboard) might be damaged, please contact the customer service for further assistance.

During the boot sequence, the OS is loading system files and also applying any updates (esp. following a firmware upgrade), and these steps can result in the slow running of the phone. Please be patient and wait for another 5 – 10 minutes. If you have done this and no change then proceed:

  1. Restart Device Again: If the phone is still unresponsive, long press the power button for approximately 10 seconds to force the phone to reboot.
  2. Fully Charge Device: If the phone still cannot boot correctly, the phone battery could be completely drained. Try connecting the phone to the original charger that came supplied with the phone, then charge the device for at least 10 minutes and then try to boot again.
  3. Be Patient A Little: The program is in the process to identify the system files, may need a little longer (5 – 10 minutes) to power it on completely. Please be patient.
  4. Check For Hardware Problems: Should the above solutions be ineffective, there may be an underlying hardware fault. Please contact customer service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

Miscellaneous Issues

1. Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

First and foremost, make sure Bluetooth is turned on. You should see the little Bluetooth symbol at the top of your phone’s screen. If you don’t, go into the settings to enable it.

  1. Check Proximity Distance: Make sure the two devices are in close enough proximity to one another.
  2. Check Discoverabilty Settings: First, go into your phone’s settings and tap on Bluetooth. Turn on the Discoverable mode, making the phone visible to the other device. Then, do the same operation to the device that you want to pair, like smartphone, car, headphone, etc.
  3. Restart Device: If still not working, try to reboot the device to solve the problem.
  4. Repair Device: Make sure you delete all previuosly paired devices and re-pair latest device and check if the problem is solved.
  5. Check Hardware problem: Once the above methods are invalid, it might be the hardware problem, the phone may need to return and repair.



  1. i love my watch and as of last night cannot charge it. charged it last night (was not dead when i started charging) and woke up to it being completely dead and unable to charge at all. i have tried different boxes etc….nothing. tried to download and upgrade and it just said searching. i deleted the watch and tried to reconnect it and now i can’t even get in. argh. please help….i rely on this daily!!! margie

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