Sons of the Forest Cheats and Console Commands

Sons of the Forest is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Endnight Games, the same studio that brought us the critically acclaimed title The Forest. The game is set in a dangerous and thrilling environment with many monsters, cannibals, and other deadly creatures. As with many games of such genre, you might find survival difficult in such a harsh and unforgiving environment. So today, in this article, we will share some useful cheats and console commands for the Sons of the Forest game to help you excel more easily.

Cheats and console commands have been a part of gaming setups for decades. Depending on your taste, these cheats and commands allow you to manipulate the game in certain ways, making it far easier or more challenging. For the Sons of Forest game in particular, you can use these cheats and command codes to make the game much more accessible if you find it too challenging initially.

Sons of the Forest Cheats and Console Commands

What are Cheats and Console Commands?

Before we dive into the cheats and console commands for Sons of the Forest, it’s important to note that cheats and console commands can have unintended consequences on the game and can even corrupt save files or cause game-breaking bugs.

Cheats and console commands can have a wide range of effects on a game, from enabling invincibility to unlocking hidden features and areas. Usually, we use such cheats and codes to make the gameplay much more effective and enjoyable for our particular gaming tastes.

In-game cheats and console commands are special tools that allow players to manipulate a game’s code and settings to achieve various effects. You can activate cheats by entering a specific code or button combination during gameplay. While in the case of console commands, you can enter these codes into the game command line interface from the game options menu.

Sons of the Forest Cheats and Console Commands

In Sons of the Forest, cheats and console commands can be used to change the game’s difficulty, spawn items, and even manipulate the environment to some extent. Let’s look at some of the game’s most useful cheats and console commands.

  • Godmode – This cheat can enable incivility powers, making you immune to all damage from enemies and other dangerous game elements.
  • Buildhack – This cheat allows you to have unlimited resources for instant building-making.
  • Cavelight – This helps you to add lights in the caves.
  • Cutgrass – This cheat code gives you the power to cut grass in a set radius.
  • Noclip – This console command gives you the ability to pass through trees and other solid objects. This will help you to explore many hidden areas in the game.
  • Spawnitem – This code gives you the ability to spawn items at will. You must also mention the item name and quantity with the following syntax – spawnitem [item name] [amount].
  • setplayerhealth – This console command allows the player to set their health to a specific value, making it easier to recover from injuries or avoid death. You can use this code with the following syntax – setplayerhealth [value].
  • Veganmode – This console command will activate a mode in which only enemies will appear in caves.
  • Vegetarianmode – This code will make game enemies only appear at night time.
  • Woodpaste – This console command will erase all holes made by a hole cutter or crane.
  • Rawmeatmode – This command will activate the hardcore mode in which saved data is lost when you die.
  • Survival – This console command will activate survival mode in which you will not feel hydration or hunger.
  • Ironforest – This console command will make all buildings indestructible in nature.
  • Regrowmode – This command will make 10% of fallen trees regrow themselves while you are asleep.

While these are all the codes that are known to players for now. We will keep updating the list when the developer team releases new codes.


This brings us to the end of this Sons of the Forest Cheats and Console Commands list. Such cheats and console commands are intended for use by developers during the development process, but they are often left accessible in the final game for players to use as they see fit. In most cases, you will be able to use most of the above cheat codes, and soon we will publish new ones when they are discovered in the gaming community.


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