Spelunky 2: Volcano Drill Guide

The second area of Spelunky 2 is an area full of volcanos and lava. A volcano drill is a necessary element in this area of Spelunky 2. Once you know what to do with it, it will prove useful. This drill, however, is a little complex to use and a little complicated to understand.

So if you are a Spelunky 2 player and wondering how you can get that drill run-up, you are in the right place. Now let’s start our guide to volcano drill in Spelunky 2.

Spelunky 2: Volcano Drill Guide

The secret of activating this drill in the second area lies in the first area of Spelunky 2. In the first area, you will find a gold key, which is required for activating the Spelunky 2 drill.

Finding the Gold Key and the Udjat Eye

Attaining the key in earlier levels takes some hard work. You can find the golden key from levels 1-3. A bomb or a rope will be required to attain the key. You have to keep looking for the key in these levels constantly till you get it.

After you successfully obtain the key, please bring it to the cave that you will find on these levels only. Then go inside the cave. There you will find the Udjat Eye, inside a chest.

The Udjat Eye is the same item that first appeared in the original Spelunky. Its function remains the same here. The eye allows you to see gems and items hiding in walls. But that is not all about it in this game. It serves other purposes as well.

Finding and Activating the drill

Now you should move to the second area of Spunky 2. The way to get to the second area is via an exit point on the right side of levels 1- 4. The second level, as you know, is the volcano level, where you need to activate the volcano drill.

In this area, you have to look for the volcano drill, it will not appear on level 1-2. However, it can appear on any of the three other levels in the volcano. The tip is that look for the drill everywhere before starting a new level. This is because the drill is always found at the top of the level. You can find it in an enclosure of blue blocks.

You will find the drill somewhere at the end of any of the above-mentioned levels. Once you have succeeded in finding the drill, stand on the small block marked by a triangle pointing down. Now comes the use of the Udjat Eye (which should be in your inventory if you followed the instructions mentioned above). Since you have the eye, you should get a prompt to activate a button there. Once you hit the button, the chaos of a massive drill will do its work.

Now that you have activated the drill, and have thus dug a hole, be careful about the lava. You can see lava flowing down the sides of the hole. If a lava ricochet hits you, it will end your run. Just climb down past the lava while it is less, and be quick about it.

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