Spiritfarer: How to Get Aluminium and Bottled Ectoplasm

Collecting and unlocking different valuable resources in Spiritfarer makes construction easier. However, collecting these materials is not an easy job. Moreover, Aluminium and Bottled Ectoplasm are such materials that you can lose your sight easily.

Suppose you are having trouble finding for Aluminium or Bottled ectoplasm. You need not worry more. We are here to guide you and make these materials easily available to you.

Spiritfarer: How to Get Aluminium and Bottled Ectoplasm

How to Get Aluminium in Spiritfarer?

You can go to the Aluminium Dragon, where there are some large deposits of this resource. While going through the Summer Mission, look for some Aluminium Veins spreading throughout the island. We suggest you collect them during the mission because this resource is very valuable. There are some other places in the second half of the game where you can get extra Aluminium. However, you need to get the icebreaker update first.

How to Get Bottled Ectoplasm in Spiritfarer?

You can unlock the Bottled Ectoplasm resource by talking to Stanley. However, talking to him is only the first step. You need to complete certain tasks to get Bottled Ectoplasm. To talk to Stanley, you need to acquire the mysterious seeds that are capable of turning to Stanley. Fishing is one of the ways to obtain these seeds.

However, this is a difficult method. An easier way is buying them from Francis, the mysterious trader. Once you get the mysterious seeds, take them to your garden. These seeds will grow up into Stanley. The last part is to follow Stanley’s Questline to get Bottled Ectoplasm as a reward. Dealing with this questline is a bit easier, finding the mysterious seeds remains the toughest part.

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