How To Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

Are you also suffer from the Spotify Web Player not working issue? If so, read the article to get rid of this issue.

We all might be familiar with the premium digital music platform. Here you can access millions of songs online. The fascinating thing about this platform is it is just not confined to mobile applications. It works on web browsers on PC also. In my opinion, Spotify Web Player is one of the most-loved websites worldwide. You can access your Spotify music from anywhere in the world using your browser.

It’s a profound feature, and, at the same time, it is also flawed with various bugs and glitches. Currently, many users are reporting that it’s not working perfectly in their respective. But, meanwhile, it is not that tough to be fixed. So, yes, if you are suffering from this issue, we recommend you follow the potential troubleshooting fixes we describe below. So, let’s dive deeper into the guide to know why the Spotify Web Player is not working along with its fixes.

How To Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

How To Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

If you ask me when I encounter this issue, I get totally shocked and think about why this issue occurs. So, I started searching for some potential solutions to fix my Spotify Web Player not working issue. And guess what? After investigation, I found some effective fixes for this and decided to help you guys too. Well, fixing this issue isn’t a challenging task to do. You just have to follow a couple of things.

So, here are some fixes to get rid of Spotify Web Player not working in the Windows 10 N version issue. But, wait! Before we move further towards the steps, you may get to know some necessary details. 

If you are thinking about what is Windows 10 N, then it’s pretty much work similar to the other different versions of Windows 10. But, they do not come with pre-loaded media functionalities that some with the mainline Windows 10 version. Also, it does not possess any media playing functionality, and that’s the reason why users need Spotify Web Player to play their favorite music anywhere, anytime.

Luckily, you are allowed to download and install the media feature pack using the Microsoft website. Once you download and install it successfully, simply restart your Edge browser, or if you want, then you may go for rebooting the device as well. 

Now, once successfully rebooted, start your Edge browser, and that’s it now, you’ll able to access the Spotify Web Player on your Windows 10 PC. But, remember one thing: you are still not allowed to download and install the media feature pack if you are using a different version of Windows 10. So, don’t get afraid if you have any other version of Windows 10. Instead, try the method mentioned below: 


  1. First of all, you can launch the Spotify Web Player in a separate or private window. How To Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working
  2. After that, check if any of your extensions installed on your browser interfere with the web player. If so, then disable it.
  3. If that’s not the issue, clear your browser’s cache data along with cookies.Clear browsing cache memory
  4. Also, if you get a pop-up message that says, “playback of protected content isn’t enabled.” This means that you need to enable it on your browser.  Spotify Web Player Not Working
  5. However, sometimes what happens is the Spotify Web Player is working fine but do not able to play music tracks. So, in that case, you must try clearing the DNS cache of your PC. Many users reported that this helps them to fix the Spotify Web Player not working issue. 

So, that’s all you require to know about fixing the Spotify Web Player not working issue. We hope that we have successfully given you a clear overview of why and how to fix this irritating issue. However, if you are still stuck on the same issue, we recommend contacting the Spotify support team for further assistance. Comment if you have any doubt regarding this. Meanwhile, you can check out our YouTube channel for more gaming and tech-related content. 

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