Street Fighter Duel Tier List Guide (September 2023)

Today in this article, we will share a complete Street Fighter Duel Tier List Guide, the latest September 2023 update to help you choose the best characters for your upcoming game flights. Street Fighter is a game that you would never want to miss. This complex game is full of thrills and moves that are pleasing to the eyes. The game is focused on giving you the classic mobile world experience with an option to build and upgrade your team with each player having their own playing style and a long chain of characters.

Street Fighter Duel, the newest game in the famous series, keeps the exciting and strategic gameplay that has made it popular worldwide. Many passionate players worldwide are drawn to this game because of its thrilling combat and deep tactics. Whether it’s the stoic and powerful Ryu, the cunning and electrifying Chun-Li, or the monstrous and fierce Zangief, the game offers many choices for players to master and dominate their opponents.

The Street Fighter Duel has a long list of characters and that is why it is very difficult to rank them according to their tier list. In this article, we will list all the Street Fighter Duel characters and line them up by their tier rankings. There are multiple characters and by looking at this tier list you will have a better understanding of the character of the game. The tier list will start with S being the strongest and the D being the weakest.

Street Fighter Duel Tier List Guide (July 2023)

Street Fighter Duel S Tier List

You will find the best fighter in the Street Fighter Duel game in this tier. You can not get them by a reroll as these characters are the rarest and can win you any fight. If you have any one of them in your bag you are very lucky. Here are characters that are featured in tier S.


The guy is a character who debuted in the beat them up series Final Fight before appearing as a playable character in this game. The Guy is the red-clad ninpo master of Japanese descent taught by the Ninjustu.


Cammy known as the Killer Bee, first appeared in the Super Street Fighter 2. She is the second female fighter in the series. She was once an MI6 agent in the British government.


Abel first appeared in the street fighter 4 series and served as the main protagonist. He is the French amnesiac mixed martial artist and a replaced body for the M. Biso but this did not work out well.


Guile knows as the air force pilot and the Tetragoniat of the street fighter series. He was the colonel at the US air force and his only goal was to destroy the criminal organization.

Athlete Chun Li

A martial arts master and a simplified Chinese person. She is a tritagonist and marine female protagonist. She was an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who seek revenge for the death of her father at the hand of M. Bison.

Evil Ryu

Originally featured in the street fighter series in 1996. This is the form Ryu takes if he ever succumbs. From the evil half, he gave birth to a powerful new foe.

M. Bison


Attack is the best defense and that is what M Bison cares for. He is one of the best attackers in the game. He is one of the best fighters in the Street Fighter Duel. He can defeat a few enemies solo and that is self-explanatory how good he is.


Juri is not an ordinary fighter, she s like an untamed animal who is willing to destroy everything that comes her way. She has no morality and she does whatever it takes to achieve what she wants.


Being one of the most beautiful characters and also the strongest character in the game, she has the Faction master support that lets Rose use the secret arts that increase her HP by 100 and also boost her survival capabilities.


Gen first appeared as the nonplaying character but eventually, he became a playable character in the street fighter 2. He was a legendary assassin and a martial arts expert.


Vega is a claw specialist obsessed with beauty and serves as a personal bodyguard for the M. Bison. Vega is also known as the Balrog in Japan.

Street Fighter Duel A Tier List

The second-best tier in the game. These characters are very good for beginners and they can be obtained by using reroll and will allow you to progress with little difficulty. But these characters are not as good as the Tier S characters. Characters in Tier A are here

C. Viper

The C Viper is a video game character from the street fighter series and she was an undercover CIA agent who fights using the gadgets hidden within the battle suit.


Higo is known as the Andore in the final fight and he is a professional wrestler and managed by a long-term friend Poison, a former member of the ad Gear Gang.


A Yoga master that features in the street fighter. He is a master of yoga and possesses the ability to stretch his body and conjure fire.


Makoto is listed as Tier S in the game but still, he is put in Tier A as Makoto is a Faction Thunder Tank and uses the Budo Fighting style. He is not very good at surviving and that is why he is put in the higher tier.


Elena featured in the street fighter series that first appeared in the Streetfighter series 3. She is very light-hearted and a fighter from Kenya who studied abroad.


The god of enemies, the Poison can make you go on your knees with the Savage fighting skills. Poison is one of the best fighters in Tier A and just below the S-tier characters. Poison debuted as the common enemy and she is also a manager of Hugo and an old member of Mad Rear Gang. She wears a black peak cap.


Zangief is a street fighter and a national Russian hero who is a countryman who can do anything for his country and always fights for his country.

E. honda

E Honda or Edmond Honda is also known as the Sumo Wrestler chef and also an honourable champion Sumo wrestler that values traditions.


Blanka was known by the birth name Jimmy and first appears in street fighter 2. Blanka is a feral man from the Bazilian jungle with green and the ability to generate electricity.

T. Hawk

T Hawk known as the Thunder Hawk and first appeared in the Street Fighter series he is a Native American from Mexico whose ancestors’ home was taken by the Shadaloo forcing him into exile.


Yang first appeared in the street fighter he is an introverted inline skater from hong kong skilled in Chinese kung fu she wears yellow fingerless gloves that covers his forearms.


An energetic skateboarder and skilled in the art of chinse kung fu and also the twin brother to Yang. Yun is seen riding on his skateboard when not fighting, he also wears yellow fingerless gloves.


Akuma is a video game character recurring antagonist and an emotionless powerful warrior fixated on mastering the Satsui no had. He is the younger brother of Gouken.

Street Fighter Duel B Tier List

If you are a beginner and you have just created a Team, tier B characters will be your lifeline. The fighters in the tier ab are very good when you are at the start but as soon as you progress in the game, you will feel that they are not good enough. Here are the characters that fell in tier B.


Ken is the first character that you will get in the Street Fighter Duel. You will find it very powerful as this will beat most of the bad characters in the beginning. Ken uses the Ansatsuken fighting style. However, when you move up the rank multiple fighters are better than the Ken.


Hakan is a Turkish oil wrestler and a family man whose main aim is to protect his family. Hakan has a deep Turkish Accent and bears a Golden chain and a golden lion’s head buckle.


Sakura first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha. She is a Japanese girl. She has an intense fixation on Ryu and has learned many techniques and chasing him around the world.


Dan also known as the Dan Hibiki and is an arrogant overconfident and feeble self-taught martial artist.


Rufus can be unlocked very early and he is a wind faction’s support fighter. This character is one of the 10 characters that you will get while early in the game.


Cody Travers is her full name and she was initially a vigilante who was reckless and who could fight to survive the harsh slums of the Metro City. He has become the city’s new mayor.


Ibuki a young Ninja who got training from an ancient clan and would rather live a normal life like a modern female Japanese teenager.


Dudely is a well-mannered boxer and he wears a blue boxing pair and he never takes it off. Dudely is a well-built Englishman and has a sea-blue eye.

Dee Jay

Dees Jay as the name suggests music superstar and a Jamaican Kickboxer has risen to enormous fame in the street fighters world and he is also a world-famous musician.

Fei Long

Fei Long is a traditional Chinese character in the street fighter series. Fei Long first appeared in the Super Street Fighter. Professionally he is an action film star in hong kong and he also enters tournaments to test his martial arts skills.

Street Fighter Duel C Tier List

Tier C heroes are mostly just for training purposes. You will lose mostly all your fights while playing with them. The C-tier characters become redundant as soon as you unlock B-tier characters. Here are all the characters that you will find in the C tier.


Ron is equipped with a specialized Gauntlet that emits special light and electricity. Apart from the fighting club, he is a son of a farmer from a small village but he did not like that life so he joined the street fighter club.


Philip has a Shadaloo swordsman that wields twin energy swords. He is a master of swords and his training was with numbers of chopping wood and fetching spring water from the mountain like a Ninja.


A tier C fighter that required special mention just because of his tank capabilities of taking multiple shots. And at this level, he is one of the best to do so.


As soon as you start playing, Sanji is the end character that you will unlock. Sanji does not have any fighting style and he is a wind faction character and that is why he is put in Tier C.


Hodi has a deep connection with the Gear Gang who deals with the SIN and also Hodi attacks his opponent with the bottles and barrels after drinking the first booze.


Reolento full name is Rolento F Schugerg. Rolento debuted as a boss in the Final fight of em up arcade game. He is also a former member of the mad gear gang and is determined to create his own military utopian nation.

Street Fighter Duel D Tier List

If you want to win the prize for the worst choice of characters, just select the tier D characters. They do not lose any specialty whatsoever. You can use the Tier D characters only if you are willing to upgrade them. There is no special mention of the Tier D characters. Here are the characters that fall under the D tier.


Baldwin is a mechanical engineer and you can guess it by the look of the character. He built a massive suit that is equipped with a minigun and flame thrower. Dr. Baldwin always believes in machines in the advancement of mankind. There is also a belief that his invention can lead to the destruction of mankind.


She is a French woman who serves as a member of the Dolls. Carolyn is armed with the handgun that shoots Soul Bullets. Carolyn was a part o the Team Fighter and she also won a fighting championship.


Patrick is also known as the Mad Rat and he is a Mad Gear gang member that is recruited by the Belger he also has weapons that act as a submachine gun and a stun grenade launcher.


Akabeo is a Japanese member of the Mad Gear Gang and has a speciality in throwing cocktails Molotov. Akaebo’s family had problems, his mother struggled to find work and feed their family which forced him to join the Street Fighter Club.

Mech Seth

Mech Seth is the mechanical seth that is like a cyborg that is created by the CEO of SIN. His appearance resembles Iron Man. He fights with lasers from his hands and chest.


Bethany is a very unconventional scientist who uses a chemical to heal her allies or attack her enemies. She was gifted with a pharma company after her graduation to research new prototype drugs.


This brings us to the end of this Street Fighter Duel Tier List Guide for September 2023. One of the key aspects that make Street Fighter Duel so engrossing is its diverse roster of fighters, each armed with unique moves, abilities, and playstyles. Please note that multiple characters are available in the game, and you can use them wisely. You can go through this article to get an idea about the character that falls under the Top (S) tier and the character that is of no use and falls under the D tier. Hoping that this tier list helped select the best characters for the game.

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