T3 Arena Tier List 2023

In this article, we are going to talk about the T3 Arena tier list of all these heroes. How they are ranked according to their unique abilities, you can use short-range weapons, snipers, etc. in the game. The game has more than 20 heroes and every one has its own features and abilities., you can make a team by choosing your favourite heroes to use their unique abilities in the game. This article will tell you about their Heroes too but first, let’s talk about this amazing game.

A new Hero Shooter Game, T3 Arena is now available for players all around the world. T3 Arena was released on the 12th of October 2022. This shooter game is gaining popularity recently, the T3 Arena allows you to play Solo or in a team. You can battle with your friends by going one-on-one or you can make a team and make strategies to gain your way toward victory.

T3 Arena Tier List 2023

Game Modes in the T3 Arena

T3 Arena offers a whole lot of modes to get started with, as we have already talked about the heroes and how you can use their abilities. The T3 Arena has dozens of game modes including multiplayer modes, so that means you won’t get bored while playing games.

And there are always new modes available in the lab so that you can try them out. The game offers immense graphics and that too with the console quality on your palm. The developers have made sure that you won’t get bored throughout the gameplay.

T3 Arena Tier List 2023

So, let’s talk about the tier of these Heroes, and how they are ranked in the game. The heroes are ranked into four tiers S, A, B, and C. The S is strong, A is for Good and B tier is fair and the C tier is very weak Heroes.

T3 Arena S Tier List

The S tier is the strongest of all of the Heroes that are available in the Area. Iris is a support hero but she is ranked one among all the heroes. Here is the list of all the heroes in the S Tier.


She is the arena’s protector angel and a master in medical technology. She makes her squad more resilient by consistently mending her allies.


Gloria began her own adventurer profession to look for stolen gems despite being born into a declining aristocratic family. She is a flanker hero who deals tremendous damage. Her ability to move quickly, switch positions, and quickly switch weapons keeps her winning battles!


Diggy’s focus in the T3 Arena is firepower. She also has the ability to transform into a shark, and her shotgun has amazing close-quarters damage potential! Her Passive ability lets her restore part of the health she lost while her Active ability turns her into a shark.


Victor carries a strong shotgun that is extremely lethal up close. Victo scores several points in the game by making powerful shots with his shotgun. He can be a problem when facing up against the opposing squad because of his enormous 5500 HP count.


The crowd control hero Labula has the power to deal damage and offer assistance.


Fort is a hybrid character stacked with HP and shields and the ability to damage. If you are looking to try a new version of a hybrid Tank, then Fort is a must-have option.

T3 Arena A Tier List

If you want to play passively. The T3 Arena is full of players who want to play passively, you can use these players as you want as they are very good at fighting and until you unlock the S tier HEroes they will be your Go-To heroes.


She is impulsive but kind-hearted, a hero in the defense of her community, and the rock of any team she is on.

Hua Ling

The resident huntress of T3 Arena, Hua Ling, uses a powerful compound bow to dispatch foes with powerful arrows fired from a distance. With a wide range of active, passive, and ultimate powers, she also offers much more.


Shell always felt unwelcome as she was growing up. She was already capable of solving more difficult math problems than her teachers as an elementary school student.


She was born into a military family and was forced into a military school. There she was bullied due to her frail body. But she was a genius and had a knack for technology, so she made a mecha exoskeleton giving her amazing skills and power.


Mark is now in charge of handling the protesters in T3 Arena after serving in the military. His auto weapon excels at both mid- to close-range gunfights, and after disengaging, his passive ability can replenish his health lost.


Ossas was a long-range sharpshooter in an elite military unit during the Old Era. His skill at sniper was renowned, and just hearing his name terrorized the battlefield.


A former assassin who specializes in stealth gameplay, Vincent. Every type of hero, especially Vanguards like Jabali, is vulnerable to the character’s amazing skills.


Judex wants to establish, equip, and run her own security company to help police District 7, but she has had trouble raising any money due to her continual involvement in law enforcement. When Judex discovered the T3 League and its enormous financial benefits.


Yaa is a small but swift character and can move very fast. Her fast-moving abilities make her flow like winds while shooting down her enemies. She can also escape gun fights easily when it’s necessary.

T3 Arena B Tier List

Tier B is full of heroes who can do some decent fighting. Players who just started the game can use these Heroes well as they can win you matches.


She was a well-behaved obedient girl, but with time she got an extremely dangerous and macho character. Now she roams around with her beloved guitar in hand.

Zero Kelvin

Zero Kelvin is a professional ice hockey player and a sports celebrity. However, his gears malfunctioned and destroyed the entire city. After that, Kelvin was imposed with a lifetime ban from the sports industry.

Johnny Jet

Through Rumble Boxes, Johnny can be unlocked. The likelihood of finding an All-Star hero rises with each season due to their different rarity ratings. During Beta/Early Access, Johnny Jet was initially introduced. Through Rumble Boxes, Johnny can be unlocked. All-Star heroes have varying levels of rarity.


In T3 Arena, the chemist is your greatest option for an aggressive healer. The bio-chem researcher developed an extremely useful instrument for herself as a result of growing up in a lab. It not only heals teammates in the arena but also causes significant harm to anyone who comes within impact range.


Sindri was always more sensitive and diligent than most children when she was growing up. She was more than just her grandfather’s assistance because she spent her childhood in a repair shop; it also helped her become a highly skilled machinist.


Ruby is a difficult-to-master character. She can fire light bolts in a horizontal line and her activity ability brings out a three-piece barrier that moves forward.


In Beta/Early Access, Hunter was originally presented, and he can be unlocked via Rumble Boxes. a bounty hunter who is connected to the seedy underbelly.

T3 Arena C Tier List

If you just want to play the game for fun, go with the characters in tier C. They are not good for fighting, however, you can have some fun by playing them in the game.


Aleta, a T3 competitor who is 5’6″ and is half Chinese and half American, grew raised with a top-notch education. She was not only an excellent computer science major in college, but she was also a devoted skier.


In T3 Arena, Kazama possesses a rocket launcher. Kazama’s rocket launcher has the capacity to hover in the air for a brief period of time and can explode adversaries on impact.


He worked all day with heavy equipment, testing equipment output, maintaining high-voltage generators, and so on.


This brings us to the end of this T3 Arena tier list 2023 update. You can use this article as a reference and unlock Heroes so that you can win the games by taking benefits from these heroes’ abilities. The stage is yours, choose your heroes wisely in the game.

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