Tell Me Why Key Code Combination: Barn Box | Archive Key Code

[su_spoiler title= “Warning!”]This guide contains some inevitable spoilers related to the events of Tell Me Why. Read on at your own risk.[/su_spoiler]

The second chapter in Tell Me Why requires players to look for the police files related to the events that took place on that particular fateful night when they were children. Alyson and Tyler subsequently decide to force their way into the Police Archives and discover the answers themselves. For this purpose, you will have to find out the Police Archive Key Code combination.

Later, near the end of the second episode, the twins will find a box that has been concealed under the floor of the barn. In order to open it, you will have to figure out a certain Barn Box Code combination. Now we will help you successfully decipher both the Police Archive Key Code combination and Barn Box code combination in Tell Me Why.

Tell Me Why Key Code Combination: Barn Box | Archive Key Code

The Police Archive Key Code combination in Tell Me Why

Right outside the archive room, Alyson informs Tyler that she spent a lot of time playing right outside this room. Allegedly, she heard this particular tune during that time there: Dum, Da, Di, Doo! This is your clue. You need to match the sounds produced by every key on the keypad makes to its corresponding number. After that, you will have to press them in that very order to gain access to the room.

Another thing you can do here is to check the buttons on the keypad, which are worn out due to repeated pressing. You can clearly see that the numbers 0, 1, 4, 6, and the main padlock button below are much more worn out than the other buttons on the keypad. Thus, it will help if you simply found out which of the keys makes each of the sounds in tune Alyson recalls hearing.

You can experiment with some combinations yourself, but to help you conserve time, here is the Police Archive Key Code combination – 6041. After you enter this sequence and press the padlock button, the door to the police archives will be unlocked. Tyler will thus have access to enter and search through the police files in there.

The Barn Box Code combination

You can decipher the Barn Box Code combination in the Book of Goblins – a book of stories and fairy tales written by the twins and their mother, Mary-Ann, during their childhood. In that book, open up the story named “The Goblins Earn Their Voice.” You do not need to read the story itself, but pay attention to the illustrations visible in the background across three pages. You will find the three numbers required to unlock the barn box there.

If you look carefully enough, you will find the numbers “1”, “3” and “0” hidden in the illustrations of each of the three pages there. This is the code combination required to unlock the Barn Box – 130. Now proceed to enter this code into the combination lock on the barn box in order to unlock it. We will leave you to discover the contents of the box yourself. As an aside, the Book of Goblins will come in handy when you need to solve the various puzzles you come across in Tell Me Why. So make sure you go through it if you need some clues.

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