Fix: TerraGenesis Landfall Crashing or Not Working on Android/iOS

In this article, we are going to discuss several ways by which you can fix the crashing issue of the TerraGenesis Landfall game. We will also find out the possible reason your game is crashing and what you can do to get a smooth seamless experience.

A game that is set in space, TerraGenesi Landfall is a game by Edgeworks. It lets you build colonies in space, and you can colonize the entire solar system. But since the game is out, people have been complaining about the crashes and bugs this game holds. So if you are facing the same game issue, you have come to the right place.

Fix TerraGenesis Landfall Crashing or Not Working on AndroidiOS

Why is TerraGenesis Landfall crashing?

The game uses high graphics to simulate the solar system environment. As the game lets you build cities around the planets using real science. There might be numerous reasons why your game is crashing or not working, but we have come to the few obvious reasons you might have been facing. Those are listed below.

Reason 1: Low Memory on Your Phone

It can be the issue that your device does not have enough RAM to run this game. As we have explained it uses high graphics and it requires high memory to run those graphics.

Reason 2: In-game Issue

Sometimes it is possible that the issue is not from your end, the game might crash because of some issue from the developer’s end too. You can not do a thing in this case.

Reason 3: Low storage

It might be possible that your device storage is almost full and has no space left for your game to run smoothly. In this case, your game might crash or might lag while playing.

Reason 4: Game Not Compatible

These days all the devices are high-end and are more than capable of running these types of games but not all devices are compatible with the game requirements. If the game keeps crashing on your device, it might be because your device is incompatible with the TerraGenesis landfall.

How to fix TerraGenesis landfall crashing in Android or iOS

If TerraGenesis Landfall keeps crashing on your android device even when you have enough RAM available and your device is compatible with the game. There might be some random issues that can be fixed by yourself. Here are the ways you can fix this game on Android.

Method 1: Restart Your Device (Android/iOS)

If You can follow this step if your device has been running this game smoothly for a while and has begun malfunctioning recently. There are times when a simple restart will do the trick. Restarting a device provides it with a feeling of freshness like waking up after a good sleep.  Your Android device will run smoothly again after restarting and all the small problems it holds will be resolved.

Method 2: Clear Cache Data(Andorid/iOS)

Clearing cache data can help fix your game from crashing. Cache data are the residue files that help to open the game quickly and smoothly.

Steps to clear cache data in Android devices:

  • Open settings.
  • Look for apps and notifications and tap on it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and find Terra Genesis Landfall.
  • Tap on the gae and slect Clear Cache Data.
  • follow to on-screen instructions.

The cache data of your android will be cleared.

Steps to clear cache data in iOS devices:

  • Open Settings on your Apple device.
  • Tap on Storage.
  • Now tap on internal Storage which is under device storage.
  • Tap on cached data.
  • Select “ok” when asked if you are sure to clear all app cache.

Your cache data will be cleared.

Method 3: Reinstall the Game (Android/iOS)

If nothing is working for you, you can uninstall the TerraGenesis Landfall and install it again.  This will give the game a fresh start. Here is how you can do that.

  • Tap and hold on to the TerraGenesis Landfall icon.
  • A Uninstall menu will PopUp, Tap on uninstall.
  • Go to PlayStore and search for Terra Genesis Landfall.
  • Tap on install.

Method 4: Contact Customer Support

If nothing works for you, you can contact customer support and ask for help. There might be some issue which is not visible to us but they can fix those issues. Please contact customer support if these fixes are not working for you.



TerraGenesis Landfall is an amazong game. The gameplay and the graphics it has is just wonderful. And no one will want their game to stop in the middle. You can fix these crashes by following the above methods.

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