The Most Exclusive Student Learning Apps: Free and Paid

Education is seeing rapid growth with the advancement of technology. Today, those who want to learn can do it from anywhere and regardless of their age. In the digital age, students have access to support like never before. Between juggling their school work, social life, and even part-time jobs, students often find help from the new technologies to handle their day-to-day tasks.

Between the free and paid versions of these learning tools lies a universe of resources for every whim of students. To encourage the idea further, here we have carefully sorted out the best of the best of the learning apps available for students.

The Most Exclusive Student Learning Apps: Free and Paid
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1. Lumosity

The trick in Lumosity is you never know you are training your brain. With exciting brain games that were designed by neuroscientists, the app focuses on improving the attention, memory, and other cognitive skills of the mind. With over 40 tests, games, and personalized training with the paid version, Lumosity is indeed a fun way to train the brain and hone your skills.

2. EssayPro

Finding help with academic work is one area most students struggle with. With EssayPro, now it is so effortless to order essays and get the polished job done in very less turnaround time. Students can get assistance for reports, bibliographies, term papers, research papers, or simply have a professional writer proofread and edit your work. Users are allowed to choose writers on their own and have chats with them regarding the work. EssayPro is an app that has made student lives much more comfortable and stress-free.

3.  GoConqr

GoConqr has mastered the best ways for efficient learning. Whether you prefer flashcards, quizzes, or slides, GoConqr app has a feature to help you out with the same. It also has enabled social learning and collaboration with other members, classmates, and groups. The app has both free and premium versions with the latter allowing unlimited access to all its resources.

4. Cite This For Me

Writing might seem like the easier part when you have to do the citation after that. Cite This For Me can solve that problem by automatically coming up with quotes for your papers. You can choose the reference style and use iCloud to store and access them from anywhere. The latest integration with Refme also brings in features like plagiarism checks and other writing options.

5. Dragon Anywhere

Some of us have a better process of composing papers in our heads. For those who hate writing or typing in the digital age, Dragon Anywhere allows you to dictate documents. With a 99% accuracy rate, one can now dictate and edit documents with, use correction menu, and even customize the program to your needs. The app also allows sharing the of documents through email and Cloud storage.

6. Flashcards+

Available through Chegg, the Flashcards app makes it easier to create flashcards and store them on your smart devices. Students can make their own cards by adding text or visual content or download from the library of flashcards already available in the app. It is also possible to remove the cards once you have mastered that particular topic.

7. myHomework

The digital student planner helps to schedule vents and keep the student life organized. With myHomework, students can track the classes, homework, assignments, and tests all in one place. The app is also available on multiple platforms with an integrated calendar display. Students can also sync it with Google Calendar and get a reminder for submissions and classes.

Get these apps to make your times on coming daily tasks simpler. The digital tools with smart use could change the way you learn and help to achieve better scores in all areas of studies.

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