The Walking Dead All-Stars Beginners Guide and Tips

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is the brand new survival RPG from The Walking Dead comics. As the name “All-Star” suggests, this new edition includes all the characters of The Walking Dead series until now. And that explains how much fun it’s going to be this time. As usual, the basic storyline focuses on an OG story where you will be fighting against a bunch of zombies to bring back world peace. As a mobile RPG, the game includes streamlined content to make it as simple as possible.

Although the game is quite easy to get started, with so many characters and everything going on, it might take a while to bring it to grasp. Moreover, if you are a beginner, and have directly put your hands on The Walking Dead: All-Star, there are many things you should get familiar with. This article is going to be a complete beginner’s guide covering an overview of the basic contents of the game.

The Walking Dead All-Stars Beginners Guide and Tips

The Walking Dead All-Stars Beginners Guide and Tips

As a beginner’s guide, we will include all of the basic things about The Walking Dead: All-Stars under a single roof. Here we will have a look at the characters, their roles, skills, places, and a lot of other features in the game. And finally, we will wrap up some valuable tips and tricks that will eventually help you save a lot of time throughout the journey.

The Walking Dead All-Stars: Overview

As mentioned earlier, The Walking Dead: All-Star is an easy-to-play game. As you start your journey for the first time, it will show you the whole story of the zombie apocalypse. Followed by that, it will then teach you how to fight against the zombies by showing in-depth hand-to-hand combat through animation.

And likewise, you will be introduced to all the basic features of the game in a similar way for the first time. Make sure you pay attention to these details and that will give you a great start to your journey.

The Walking Dead All-Stars: World, Town, and Explore Sections

Once you are done with the game overview, it is now time to get familiar with the different sections available in the game. The Walking Dead: All-Stars basically features three sections, i.e., the World, Town, and Explore. Let us have a detailed look at each of these sections.

World Section

The World section is the main section in the entire game. It can be considered the home page of The Walking Dead: All-Stars. As you start the game, this is the one place from where you will be able to access all the other sections and features in the game. You can directly visit your profile, check available resources and currencies, and a lot more.

Apart from that, the home page also displays the completed questlines and the journey left to be completed. You can also view your achievements from the very same place as well.

Town Section

This section won’t be available from the very beginning of the game. You can only unlock the Town section after completing up to Chapter 1 Stage 12. This is the go-to place where you can recruit new survivors and promote or train them.

The town contains a bunch of other sub-sections and each of them has its own purpose. Below we have mentioned in brief the various sub-sections of Town in the game.

1. Front Gate

The front gate is the place where you can check for survivors. You can either disarm them, cancel training, transfer, or even trade with them.

2. Training Ground

Just as the name mentions, players can train all their survivors on this ground to enhance their capabilities than before.

3. Leaderboard

A leaderboard is a place where all players can check their own rankings among all the players across the world.

4. Community

A community is like a local group that you can either create or join in an existing one. Same community members can even choose to fight or exchange resources as well.

5. Trading Post

Trading posts are the posts where actual trading takes place in the game. Here you can trade things like canned foods, gold bars, etc in exchange for valuable resources like gears, skill manuals, and so on.

6. Recruit

Under the recruit section, players can recruit survivors to improve their capabilities and build a formidable team.

7. Administration

Here, players can check out their bonds and tactics and improve them by taking all the necessary steps required. This is another important section that helps players create their squads better and stronger than before.

Explore Section

While the Town section focuses on finding survivors, selecting and training them, and making a stronger squad, Explore section works on analyzing the team well. The Explore section also has a few sub-sections that have their own purpose.

1. Supply Run

It consists of some key missions that help players earn some extra rewards in the long run.

2. Camp Defense

This is yet another interesting one that allows players to earn a lot of rewards just by killing their enemies. Players can even earn some of the more rare awards for defeating the elite villains.

3. Survival Records

The Survival Record section also offers more rewards to the players. You can get some valuable items here as well.

4. Frontier

Unlike the others, the frontier allows you to improve your ranking in the game. You can play as many matches as you want and climb to the top.

5. Dispatch

Here, players can dispatch their characters and other community members on various missions and earn some good rewards in return.

The Walking Dead All-Stars: Characters

All-Stars backbone is its huge set of characters. While there are a lot of new faces on the list, you will also come across some of the most popular ones from the TV show and comic series. Each character comes with a different set of stats and they certainly have their own unique abilities as well.

Moreover, all characters have got their own Ultimate skill that they can use at any time to turn the tides in a battle. There are also a few character roles and all the characters fit into some specific character role only. Here are all the character roles you need to be familiar with in order to build a strong team.


Warriors in The Walking Dead are basically melee fighters. They are the ones who will stand on the front line in every battle. Warriors are both able to land heavy attacks as well as take great damage on them. They come with powerful skills and specialize in close-combats. They act as the lead for the entire team in a battle.


Rangers are used for very specific tasks and this is what makes them of great importance in every battle. They specialize in using different types of weapons both melee and ranged. Rangers are mostly used to taking down specific targets through some strategy to make things a lot easier for the others during a battle.


Technicians also play an important role in every battle from the backside. They are familiar with using various kinds of ranged weapons like guns and grenades. Although they are not very durable, they can still make great damage from behind creating better opportunities for the warriors.


Tanks basically focus on protecting their allies from enemy attacks. They either do that through taunts, shields, or whatever. Although their attacking power is quite mediocre, they are the most durable ones in every battle.


These units are not known for their attacking capabilities. Instead, they specialize in supporting their allies through healing and buffs.

The Walking Dead All-Stars: Extra in-game features

Apart from all that we have seen until now, there are a lot of other features that you will come up with in The Walking Dead: All-Stars. Let us have a look at some of the highlighted features among them:

  • Chat: The Walking Dead: All-Stars also brings in the chat feature allowing players to communicate with other players over any server or language. You can now easily chat with other players and make friends while playing.
  • Perks: Perks can be referred to as the shop of the game where players can buy valuable resources in exchange for real money.
  • Mailbox: The mailbox section provides you with reports about all the notices and rewards that you can claim in the game.
  • Basement Search: The Basement Search is a section where players can earn some search reports as well as a few rewards.
  • Friend: This section consists of all the players that you have made friends with while playing the game. You can also check for the friend’s activity in the same place.
  • Inventory: The inventory contains all the resources owned by the player. You can directly use any resource from the inventory to develop your game.
  • Daily Quest Milestone: This section contains all the daily missions in the game. Players can complete these small missions to earn a stable amount throughout their journey.

The Walking Dead All-Stars: Tips & Tricks

The OG story-based game contains a lot of details to go through. Although it is an easy one to get on with, there are things that will gradually help you build a better game. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you boost your game from the very beginning itself:

1. Complete Your Daily Milestones

Whether it’s the end of the world or whatever, as living beings, you still need to earn a stable income to feed yourself and survive. Similarly, in this post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, you will have to survive anyhow.

Fortunately, daily missions are one of the most convenient ways to keep up with this hustle. They do offer some good rewards in the form of canned foods, gold bars, etc.

2. Complete the Events

Rewards are a quick way to progress in the game. And The Walking Dead offers a lot of ways to earn rewards. Completing events is also one of the ways that will earn you a whole lot of awards.

Always check in for the missions assigned to you and complete them on time. This way you can earn some great rewards that will help you out in time.

3. Recruit More Survivors

In the initial days of the game, you will require the strongest team to go fight the zombies and bring back world peace. The best way to create the most formidable team is by recruiting more survivors from different classes and tiers. The more options you will have the better team you can build as a beginner.

4. Master your Survivors

Another important thing you need to focus on if you wish to go a long way in the game is by mastering your survivors. As mentioned earlier, each survivor has their own ultimate skills.

Knowing how and when to use them will save you in the most crucial situations. Therefore, make sure to practice with your survivors and analyze their abilities to use them more productively.


Finally, that’s all you need to know as a beginner if you are planning to go a long way in The Walking Dead: All-Stars. This article covers most of the basic detail of the entire game. Since you came all this way, you will now find it easier while getting on with your journey.

Make sure to follow the tips to increase your productivity and earn maximum rewards from the game. And lastly, if you want to know more about how to build your town, recruit character, and so on, leave a comment below. We will try to reach out to you at the earliest.

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