Timberborn Console Commands and Cheats

Creating a stable beaver settlement in Timberborn is not an easy task. Because you need to create a complex structure and for that, you need to have proper controls over mechanisms. If the beaver settlement is not powerful enough, it will not withstand heavy weather like floods, droughts, and storms. So you need to pay careful attention, and for that, it is important to keep Timberborn Console Commands and Cheats handy.

Timberborn’s console commands and cheats are locked behind its developer console, which makes it a little bit exclusive and hard to find for some games. Although is not locked, so with little configuration, you can set it up to show as a menu. While playing Timberborn, players can access console commands by pressing Shift+Alt+Z. You can type in commands to activate administrator privileges, providing resources and forcefully toggling features to a different setting.

Players aiming to enjoy Timberborn can use these console commands to keep getting additional beavers, population, resources, and help. Using these cheats could allow players to experience this in a creative environment, testing out the limits of the game for non-standard gameplay.

Timberborn Console Commands and Cheats

Timberborn Console Commands and Cheats

With these Timberborn Console Commands and Cheats, you can gain access to new controls which will enable you more precise control on where you spawn your beavers, setup water resources, ruins, etc. Here is a detailed walkthrough of these commands and cheats.

Camera State: Restore – Restores the saved camera position
Camera State: Save – Saves camera position
Camera: FOV – – Reduces the field of view
Camera: FOV + – Increases the field of view
Camera: Free mode – Enables free camera
Camera: Move clip plane farther – Moves the clip plane further away
Camera: Move clip plane nearer – Moves the clip plane closer
Camera: Move target down – Lowers the camera
Camera: Move Target up – Raises the camera
Dump Mesh Metrics – Effects unclear
Highlight resource reproduction spots – Effects unclear
Kill 30% of population – Kills 30% of your beavers (you monster)
Kill selected beaver [ DEL] – Kills the highlighted beaver
Metrics: Reset – Effects unclear
Metrics: Write to disk – Effects unclear
Sky: Toggle fog – Turns fog on/off
Soil moisture: reset – Resets soil moisture
Speed x30 [4] – 30 times game speed
Speed x99 [5] – 99 times game speed
Toggle drought – Enables/disables drought
Toggle GC – Effects unclear
Toggle models: Beavers – Toggles beaver models on/off
Toggle models: Buildings – Toggles buildings on/off
Toggle models: Natural resources – Toggles natural resources on/off
Toggle models: Terrain – Toggles terrain on/off
Toggle models: Water – Toggles water on/off
Toggle nav mesh – Effects unclear
Water simulation: Reset simulation – Removes water, generates it from water sources once more
Water simulation: Reset speed – Resets water simulation speed
Water simulation: x10 – 10 times faster water simulation
Water simulation: x3 – 3 times faster water simulation


Using these commands and cheat sheets, it will be easy for you to create complex establishments easily. We recommend you bookmark this page as we will keep adding more cheats here once they are discovered in the game.

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