How to Fix Tonie Box Error Code 103?

Tonie Box is a beloved gadget for modern-day children with an immersive and interactive way to share stories and music. However, just like any electronic device, Tonie Box can get into issues or glitches where you would need the help of an expert. In such a case, it becomes difficult as your children want to play with the box, and you can’t seem to fix it immediately creating a frustrating situation. If you also seem to be sucked into this situation, you are not alone. Today in this guide, we will try to help you fix Tonie Box Error Code 103.

Tonie box has different sets of errors and the error code 103 usually refers to issues with the network. Your Tonie Box, the digital haven for your child’s sonic adventures, needs a strong, stable internet connection to download content and keep the magic flowing. Since Tonie box is quite portable, it’s possible that your toddler has accidentally disconnected it from the internet, or moved too away from the wifi router. Before you reach for the emergency hotline, let’s try some troubleshooting tricks.

How to Fix Tonie Box Error Code 103

Why Tonie Box Showing Error Code 103

In general, Tonie Box is an amazing product that can act as a mini storyteller for your children to rely upon. Tonie Box uses different characters known as Tonies to narrate stories and music and act as miniature storytellers for your children to enjoy. This whole process is easy to use and eliminates any need for complex buttons or use of any external media. With the connectivity option of Wifi, Tony box can keep itself updated with the latest stories as well. But sometimes it doesn’t work and you will see an error 103 for a failed connection.

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According to several tech experts on the Tony Box Reddit community, the hardware and software on Tony Box aren’t very optimized to run on the latest Wifi protocols. So as a result there are only a handful of Wifi routers (that supports old-school 2.4 Ghz bands) Tony Box can connect to. On top of that, the firmware or software support on Tony Box is below sub-standards, so even if you find reliable wifi, chances for a successful connection are still low.

How to Fix Tonie Box Error Code 103?

From time to time, you might face error code 103 with your Tony box. Down below are some troubleshooting fixes for the same by which you may be able to get rid of this error and have uninterrupted storytelling and music playback with your Tonie Box.

Method 1: Restart Tony Box

Just like a good night’s sleep fixes many woes, a restart can do wonders for your Tonie Box. Especially when the TonyBox has been running for a long time with a build-up of corrupted cache files. To fix this, Turn Tony Box off, unplug it for a few minutes, and then plug it back in. This clears temporary glitches and gives the system a fresh start.

Method 2: Monitor Tony Box Temperature

Tony Box comes with an amazing design that is kid-friendly in so many ways but it’s possible that due to mismanagement, the device is getting hot and not able to perform its functions properly. Pls, remember, just like your smartphone or a laptop, Tony Box also needs good ventilation to release its heat which could be difficult if your toddler is using the Tony Box under a blanket or a closed space.

Method 3: Check Internet Connection

Is the Wi-Fi signal strong? One of the most common reasons for Error Code 103 is a poor or unstable internet connection. Ensure that the Tonie Box is connected to a stable and reliable internet connection. Restart your router if needed and ensure that other devices in your home can connect to the internet without issues.

Method 4: Reconnect Wi-Fi

One of the most common reasons for Error Code 103 is a poor or unstable internet connection. Open your smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings, forget the current network, and then reconnect. This refreshes the connection and clears any cobwebs that might be causing hiccups. Remember to reconnect your phone to the Wi-Fi as well!

Method 5: Use Website Setup

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Many experts from the Reddit Tony Box community suggest that the issue is with he app itself. To fix this, you need to perform to initial setup using their website instead.

Method 6: Tonie Cloud Server Issues

Occasionally, server issues on the Toniecloud side can cause Error Code 103. These issues are usually temporary and can be resolved by waiting for the service to be restored. Log out of your Toniecloud account on the Tonie Box and then log back in. Verify that your account credentials are correct and that you have the necessary permissions to access the Toniecloud.

Method 7: Connect With Hotspot

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A senior member of the Reddit Tony Box community has shared that they were able to successfully fix the issue by connecting their Tony Box with a mobile hotspot first for initial setup and then connecting it with their home wifi. The user further adds that you must not have Tony App installed while using the hotspot feature.

Method 8: Update Tony Box

Outdated software can be the culprit behind many tech troubles. It’s not news that software updates play a crucial role in addressing known issues and bugs, including those leading to error code 103. Installing the latest version ensures your Tony box has the latest bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Access the official Tonie smartphone app or Tonie’s website and navigate to the settings or update section to check for available software updates for your Tonie Box. If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the software update process.

Method 9: Perform Factory Reset

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Performing a factory reset will reset all settings and content to the factory state. So back up any downloaded content before proceeding. If a factory reset doesn’t work, then you may also try doing a force reset as described by the Reddit user above.

Method 10: Check for Hardware Fault

When kids use technological products, they might not have an understanding of how delicate these gadgets are. As a result, they might throw them on a wall, or on the ground, or even pour water on them. All of such actions can induce hardware damage on Tony Box which might need help from an expert to fix the same. Checking for hardware faults isn’t that difficult as you only need to check physical signs on the Tony Box. If you see a lot of scratches, mist, or fog inside the box or overheating, then it is probably because of a hardware fault.

Method 11: Contact Tony Box Support

If none of the above methods work for you, then it’s better to connect with Tony Box support and ask for a replacement. There are numerous cases where the issue was with the Box itself and Tony Box support was able to provide a replacement for all such customers. Please reach out to Tony Suppor by raising a ticket on their website or by writing them an email.


This brings us to the end of this guide for How to Fix Tonie Box Error Code 103. I hope the above troubleshooting guide will be helpful for you to check for the error and fix it in due time. Please note that Tony box story updates are large in size and need a high-speed wifi connection to complete the story updates. And if nothing helps, then the issue might be with the box’s hardware. In such a case, be sure to connect with Tony box’s customer service and request a technician visit.

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