Top 5 High Tech Soft in 2021

Technology continues to advance at a pace bringing us more innovative solutions for both business and recreation. 2021 brings some leading technologies to keep a close eye on as they are developing rapidly. From cloud-based solutions for gaming and business software like Tekion DMS to advances in artificial intelligence and augmented reality which will enhance mobile apps. Let’s take a closer look at the top five high tech software trends for 2021.

      1. Cloud Technology 


Gone are the days of losing your phone and with it all of your photos, data and other essential things. Backing up to the cloud is becoming a way of life, and this means that no matter where you are, you can access your data. Replacing your device has become even easier as you log back in. Cloud-based programmes are also becoming the norm for businesses, and this has taken the pressure off the need to have server farms and specialists in every small business. Now companies can access software, for example, dealership management software wherever they are located, and it is maintained and stored by the host company remotely. This has increased the need for mobile devices and made the daily processes a lot easier. Cloud-based gaming is also growing in popularity and is accessible from both consoles and mobile phones.


  1. 5G

Although it has been a little slower than first anticipated, 5G is on the roll-out stage. It is already ‘live’ in some large towns and cities and making its way across the rest of the country. 5G is a reboot of the old 4G or mobile data technology and enables people to use their phones to access the Internet wherever they may be. Any SIM card enabled device can be 5G compatible provided the technology is correct. 5G is designed to handle more significant amounts of people simultaneously with no loss of connexion or lag. This means at significant events that previously would have crashed the 4G network, everyone attending will still be able to use their phones in a seamless and super-fast manner. There is a potential that 5G could even replace broadband further down the line. To access the 5G network, users have to have a phone or mobile device with a 5G modem included, but all major phone companies have released 5G enabled devices.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)


Many of us use the Internet of Things every day but probably don’t realise that is the correct term. Using our phones to preheat the oven, turn on the lights, or lock the doors, using a fitness tracker to count our steps and exercise progress. The Internet of Things has many uses, especially in the business world, hoping that it will be able to improve medical care, enhanced customer services and other benefits. Any device with Internet connectivity built-in, from light bulbs to mobile phones, voice assistants, and doorbells, are part of the IoT. There is scope for cars, home appliances and more to join the ranks and become valuable devices that will aid us in our everyday life via the Internet.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Virtual reality and augmented reality are often talked about together. Virtual reality has a whole host of you says and can become crucial in many fields when combined with augmented reality. For example, imagine being able to perform surgery in a controlled augmented or virtual reality environment as a trainee doctor. You can already walk-through virtual rooms in museums, and augmented reality is used in gaming, with the most famous being Pokémon Go. The limitations of virtual reality are their requirement for a headset that is not needed for augmented reality. In augmented reality, the experience is added to a screen while using the camera showing the actual background in which you are standing. For example, a virtual dog can come into your front room, and you can interact with it. It will undoubtedly add to the capabilities of mobile phones as more apps are added that feature augmented reality or virtual reality.


  1. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence or AI has appeared on the emerging trends list for the last few years, but that is because we have not yet even begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. Hospitals have already been able to harness the power of artificial intelligence and create patient monitoring robots. Many of us have voice-enabled artificial intelligence assistance in our home capable of providing information and carrying out tasks. It is also used as a marketing tool analysing data and detecting customer behaviour and any changing patterns associated with it. It is set to be one of the highest areas of growth unemployment over the next few years. Artificial intelligence also goes hand in hand with machine learning which is part of the same software group, and this too has far-reaching effects for our future.


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