Top 12 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2023

In recent years, the internet has undergone significant changes in terms of content sharing and social interaction. One of the platforms that left a lasting impact on online media was LiveLeak, a website known for hosting a wide array of user-generated videos, including news clips, documentaries, and raw footage from real-life events. However, in the year 2023, the original LiveLeak website is no longer active so users are looking for reliable LiveLeak Alternatives to Try in 2023.

LiveLeak is a video-streaming website that operates similarly to popular platforms like YouTube. However, LiveLeak’s primary objective is to provide users with real-life footage of key historical events, including politics, international concerns, and conflicts. The website encourages freedom of speech and unbiased opinions on sensitive issues. However, due to the sensitive nature of some of the videos and live broadcasts posted on the site, LiveLeak often encounters disputes.

For example, the website has posted videos about the “Panorama” topic, which involves a physical assault on young children. While this is a sensitive subject, LiveLeak has posted videos to reveal the truth and promote transparency, even in the face of controversy. Overall, websites like LiveLeak are becoming increasingly popular due to their commitment to promoting transparency and freedom of speech. While some may disagree with the content posted on these sites, they provide a platform for users to view real-life footage of events and form their own opinions based on unbiased information.

Top 10 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2022

Top 12 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2023

Down below we are sharing some websites that function similarly to LiveLeak and offer you a similar experience. Whether you are interested in current events, documentaries, or user-generated content, the best LiveLeak alternatives provide a diverse and engaging online experience for you and creators alike.


ReeLeak, also called LiveGore, stands out as the closest alternative to LiveLeak as its name itself hints at its similarity. This website focuses on sharing real-life events that capture public attention. However, it’s important to note that many of the videos on ReeLeak are uncensored, which means they can be quite graphic and offensive in nature. Due to this, access to the site is restricted to anyone under 18 years old.

While the ReeLeak website provides a platform for raw and unfiltered content, viewers need to be prepared for the intense and often disturbing nature of the videos. For those seeking unfiltered and uncensored real-life footage, ReeLeak serves as an option similar to LiveLeak, but with a strict age restriction to protect younger audiences from potentially distressing content.

D Tube

It is equivalent to YouTube, just based on the name. The visual style of YouTube was adopted by D Tube, which has gained popularity. D Tube has the distinctive feature of allowing explicit content on the main display. Additionally, It is not constrained in any way. More gorgeous videos are overflowing D Tube, one of the well-known and respected websites similar to Liveleak that demands a login to see videos.

The fact that D Tube is a decentralized platform is its best quality. More importantly, D Tube uses the Steem blockchain and pays out prizes in cryptocurrency. These days, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity. A forward step into the future!



Top 10 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2022

Before YouTube’s founding in 2004, Flickr gained popularity for sharing images rather than videos. A terrific website like Flickr, comparable to Liveleak, can also be utilized as a social media handle. Awesome videos up to 1 GB in size can be uploaded together with your photographs. You must create and maintain a Flickr account to upload videos.

Flickr allows you to submit photos and videos, which might help you keep track of your memories. The best places to remember joyful times are those.

Website -


The only location you should go to if you enjoy seeing a variety of scary movie content is this well-known website, Ebaum’s World. The video features everything from breaking news (such as the forcible arrest of Nurse Utah) to punching random footage (such as a student throwing a fit after the teacher steals her phony ID).

Ebaum’s World’s videos area is always a surprise, which is one of the reasons it’s so much a pleasure to visit. Be cautious while you watch these fantastic NSFW videos (which are grouped under the label NSFW). But if you enjoy unpredictably amusing, startling, or frightful videos, you can never go wrong by visiting the Ebaum’s World website.

Website -


Top 10 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2022

EngageMedia is a non-profit website that promotes freedom of speech and human rights while attempting to effect change through media and technology. This service is an open video-sharing platform that competes with Liveleak. Years after it was first launched, the website announced a partnership with Canadian TV, advancing the use of social justice and democracy in media and continuing to advance today.

Like other video-sharing websites, this requires registration before submitting and distributing videos. Additionally, EngageMedia may be streamed on virtually any platform, including desktop computers and Android and iOS mobile phones. Here are the instructions for streaming the website using your Android or iOS mobile device.

Website -


Another website like LiveLeak, is called Xfinity. This segment’s opening sight serves as a warm-up for what follows. Probably merely surprising to the most conservative people, these flicks. Where would you go if you wanted to enjoy viewing something like a vicious dog, America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer, or someone else?

A rattlesnake bit him, or Gisele Bundchen flashed her bra at a celebrity function! In an audio tape broadcast here during Hurricane Harvey, Savior said: “Civilians are shooting raiders or merely looters insight, God bless Texas.”

Website -


ItemFix is the next website on the list. This LiveLeak alternative is a video-sharing website made for fans of videos. The website is available in English. You can use this platform to view, upload, and share material like videos on this website.

Most videos are about arbitrary acts that people commit and domestic problems. The website has simple navigation and is simple to understand. It is quick, and the navigation is decent in terms of how quickly each movie loads.

Website -


Kaotic is also merging as a great LiveLeak alternative, offering a wide array of uncensored videos, spanning from shocking real-life incidents to extreme and age-restricted content. While it caters to those seeking unfiltered and intense material, users should be prepared to witness the graphic nature of the videos.

Kaotic strives to replicate the LiveLeak experience, ensuring users can find content similar to what they enjoyed before. However, it’s important to note that the website hosts some of the most disturbing gore videos which may cause mental distress to some users.

my Vidster

Top 10 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2022

My Vidster is the item following that. This Liveleak substitute is a social video hosting and sharing website that lets you view videos that other people have uploaded. It offers the choice to create a collection of videos and make them accessible to others.

You may similarly view other people’s video collections. Because it promotes a positive environment for streamers, this website has attracted much attention over the years. Above all, because of its extensive selection of videos, it provides a fantastic substitute for Liveleak.

Website -


Consider Veoh if you’re seeking a website with many interesting, high-quality films. A wider range of categories is available here to keep you entertained. This website features a variety of topics, including horror, comedy, anime, and adventure.

Similar to YouTube, you may also watch streaming online videos from the web on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. YouTube, however, only posts video clips. In contrast to Veoh, fans may watch TV shows with whole episodes and full-length movies.

Website -

OMG News

The OMG News places a lot of emphasis on the debate, just as Insane does with viral movies. It is an effort to take advantage of the rage online phenomenon. You can see a video about a scientist who isn’t allowed to challenge established theories. Another cautions all parents that their children have already watched upsetting and violent videos.

Another reminder to viewers that these tiny sea animals may consume them whole. The goal is to astonish and astound viewers so they will share this important content on social media. This is the greatest place for you if you enjoy conspiracy theories or other contentious videos. Consider this OMG News list of the top YouTube videos to help you vent your wrath as excellent.

Website -

AOL Video

Are you seeking websites offering a tonne of videos in one place, like Liveleak and YouTube? The ideal website is AOL Video. You may watch various videos on AOL Video without needing to register. With its outstanding features and extensive video library, this LiveLeak-like website is another well-known platform for sharing films. On this page, you may also access the earlier videos. They do not only host their videos on the internet; they also host videos from other websites.

This arranges the movies by your preferences and offers a wide range of options, including My Queue, Explore Shows, and more. The videos are organized in chronological and group format; relevant and comparable videos are grouped. Users may use this platform easily thanks to this feature, which encourages them to visit the AOL video website frequently.

Website -


This brings us to the end of this list of Top 12 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2023. It’s important to note that LiveLeak is a unique video-streaming website providing users with real-life footage of key historical events. While the site may encounter disputes due to the sensitive nature of some of the content, LiveLeak remains committed to promoting transparency and unbiased opinions on a range of important issues.

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