Lifebound Items in Torchlight 3: Explained

Echtra Games’ newly released dungeon crawler action RPG, Torchlight 3, has been receiving a good response from the video game community so far. As players are exploring this intriguing new world, naturally, a number of queries and doubts are arising regarding the several features the game offers.

For example, as you progress through the game’s perilous zones to obtain loot, you will notice a number of rarity items with the word “Lifebound” on them. So, what exactly are these Lifebound items in Torchlight 3? We have come up with a new guide that will help you understand just that. Read on to find out!

Lifebound Items in Torchlight 3: Explained

All about Lifebound Items in Torchlight 3

Basically, as their name suggests, Lifebound items are the looted material that you will only possess as long as you are still alive in the game. If you happen to get killed, you will lose these items as well. This holds true even if they are not equipped and merely stored in your inventory. They tend to possess higher stats compared to other items in the game. The good news is that there exists a scroll that can help you retain your Lifebound items even if you get killed.

How to use the Scroll of Unbinding to retain Lifebound items?

Bring up your inventory and switch over to the very last tab. You will see a particular consumable item there known as the Scroll of Unbinding. On using it, you will be able to choose a Lifebound item and keep its stats, but stop it from disappearing if you are killed. Now proceed to right-click this Scroll and then left-click the Lifebound item you want to apply it to.

Applying the Scroll of Unbinding relieves the item of its “Lifebound” feature. This Scroll is a pretty rare and valuable item. Therefore, you should be prudent to apply it only to specific Lifebound items. Namely, those that will be most useful to you throughout the game. As of now, Lifebound items appear to be only on the rarer, blue-colored loot. Lifebound roll is obtainable in almost every loot, such as pieces of armor, off-hands, weapons, and more.

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