TOZO T9 and T10 Connected But No Sound Issue, How to Fix?

There is no comparison between the Tozo T9 and T10 and the other models. The T9 and T10 have better build quality and longer battery life. Also, if you enjoy bassy music, you won’t be disappointed. In spite of being Tozo’s smallest and most affordable offering, it didn’t skimp on controls. In addition to playing/pausing music, activating the voice assistant, and changing tracks and volume, it follows the same convenient scheme.

But, unfortunately, both earbuds have some issues that may bother you. Yes, thousands of users recently reported that the Tozo T9 and T10 connected but had no sound issue. That’s the reason also we are here. This guide will help you resolve the Tozo T9 and T10 connected but with no sound error. So, let’s get started with the guide:

TOZO T9 and T10 Connected But No Sound Issue, How to Fix?

How To Fix TOZO T9 and T10 Connected But No Sound Issue

Although Tozo T9 and T10 is one of the best earbuds that the Tozo ever made, but this kind of error really bother users. So, in case you find that the Tozo T9 and T10 connected but there’s no sound, then you must perform the fixes we have mentioned below:

Fix 1: Reboot The Device

You may be having this problem because a random bug prevents your Tozo T9 and T10 from charging properly, causing the speaker to malfunction. After rebooting the Tozo T9 and T10, many users report the problem has been resolved.

Power cycling is generally recommended over restarting your speakers, as it will break their working state and restart them from scratch. If this helps, perhaps you should try it.

Fix 2: Battery Issues

It is not uncommon for Tozo T9 and T10 clips to have connected but with no sound error, just as other electronic devices do. It may still be possible to salvage the battery if you use a different port or unit before concluding that it cannot be fixed.

In some cases, rectifiable adapter issues may cause the battery’s charge to decrease. Alternatively, you might be able to find an authorized dealer who can offer you a replacement battery. Battery replacements are possible in Tozo T9 and T10; therefore, the replacement will not impact the device.

Fix 3: Charging Port Problems

The charging port in your Tozo T9 and T10 undergoes a great deal of wear and tear in addition to the speaker itself. If the device accumulates too much dust, it can become unchargeable and accumulate dirt from its surroundings.

Don’t use too much pressure when cleaning the charging port if you notice debris. You can use a safety pin, and don’t use too much pressure. It is still possible to dry a flooded port with a hairdryer if it is flooded.

Fix 4: Faulty Charging Cable

You need to check the charger or its cable first if you cannot charge your Tozo T9 and T10. An issue with the micro-USB charging cable will cause your Tozo to experience inconsistency when charging.

If the cable is proven to be defective, you can switch to another cable. It is possible for a cable’s end or corners to be wobbly, causing problems like connecting but with no sound error. Regardless of what the scenario is, it is crucial to replace the device to resolve the issue. This type of cable is prone to wearing and tearing, so replacing it or finding a problem shouldn’t be hard.

Fix 5: Faulty Circuit

Hardware or circuit damage is also common to Tozo T9 and T10. It is the circuit that provides the battery with its primary power, so when it is unresponsive, the earbuds show issue like connected but with no sound error. You can review the circuit of your Tozo T9 and T10 clip to ensure that it is not turning on for such a reason.

When the circuit power of the Tozo T9 and T10 seems to be faulty, you need to seek professional assistance.

Fix 6: Update the Sound Driver

Most people ignore updates to the Sound Driver because they think they won’t make any significant difference to the performance of their PC. It is just as vital to pay attention to our GPU drivers as we do to our CPU drivers. To do this, you must update your sound driver, and here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on Audio input & output under Device Manager.
  2. You can then choose the Update Driver option in the right-click menu of the manufacturer of the audio device.
  3. That’s it. Your computer’s screen will provide instructions on how to update your sound driver. If the earbuds still do not work after performing the above steps, check out the other fixes.

Fix 7: Charge It

When your TOZO T10 and T9 earbuds are not fully charged, you may not be able to use them. For this reason, it is crucial that you fully charge the headphones before using them.

It may be necessary to overnight charge your device with the original or authorized cable to determine if the problem has been resolved. You should also use a TOZO-authorized charging cable to charge your TOZO T10 and T9 headphones, rather than a local cable that may damage them further.

Fix 8: Check For External Damage

TOZO T10 and T9 earbuds should be thoroughly inspected for damage, such as dents or cracks. If there are any problems with the external appearance of your headset, please seek professional assistance.

Fix 9: Go To Service Center

If you are unable to fix a problem on your own, you should contact your local service center. The first step should be to raise a complaint with Tozo support. Then take it to a service center near you for repair. Your device may be covered by warranty if you’re lucky, and you might be able to get it repaired for free.  


There is no speaker that beats the Tozo T9 and T10 when it comes to price and sound quality. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or in the bar, Tozo’s highly stylish exterior and convenience offer all the benefits you’re looking for. The fact that our Tozo T9 and T10 connected but with no sound error makes us nervous, and some of us even break out in a sweat when we notice it.

Fortunately, you now know what to fix and what might be causing it. It is important to understand the root cause of the issue before implementing a solution. Therefore, this is how you can fix the Tozo T9 and T10 connected but with no sound error. It is our hope that this guide has been helpful to you. Feel free to comment below if you would like more information if you comment below. 

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