Track each iPhone keystroke with mSpy keylogger in 2023

In this article, we will be discussing mSpy’s iPhone Monitoring Application. mSpy allows you to track mobile iPhones in a friendly way to iCloud. Track everything without any detection! And it is also compatible with all Androids: Review Phone Calls, Texts, Locations, Search History, and every tap on their screens. And the best part, mSpy is anonymous; Stealth mode will give you that without detection. mSpy has been selling more than 1.5 Million copies since 2012. All over 180 countries with magnificent 36 tracking features. 

Keylogger App for iPhone

Keylogger Apps would tell you about every typed letter on an iPhone. A solution to find out the answer to all of your unanswered questions. It is friendly to iCloud, would be installed on the tracked phone, and send information to yours. With mSpy, you can observe everything they see and do with their phones. With mSpy, you can monitor their visited location, calls, texts, search history, and social media activities. mSpy keylogger for iPhone is also applicable in many different ways. You can use it to control other iPhones; If you give business devices to your employees, as an example. Or if you want to be sure that your young kids are always safe. You can track their location and phone log. mSpy is the best tracking solution for iPhones.

You’ve never seen a monitoring app this easy to use.

mSpy presents the world’s best keylogger app for iPhone. According to our research and collected data, mSpy is leading and inspiring the industry with our latest technologies. 

We developed a friendly app to give you the best tracking experience:

  • Monitor Call Log.
  • Review Text.
  • Track all messaging via WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, LINE, Telegram, Tinder, KiK, and Instagram.
  • Keylogger iOS /Android
  • Monitor their GPS.
  • Complete control over installed applications.
  • Screen recording option.
  • Review Their Gallery.
  • A full report of the internet usage. I was browsing History, Activities, Social Media Engagements, Keywords Alerts, and more.
  • Access received/sent mailboxes on their phone.
  • Monitor Calendar & Contacts.

mSpy will make you monitor everything on the other phone without being detected. It will never cause any harm to your phone or the phone you are tracking. All features work efficiently on all iPhones. It is friendly to iCloud. And most importantly, it is confidential and will not reveal or misuse any information on both phones.

How Can You Set Your iPhone Keylogger?

Step 1. Purchase mSpy Subscription.

  • Create an account on the mSpy website.
  • You will get the complete installation guide in your mailbox.
  • You will choose the model of the phone you want to track.
  • Select a suitable package (mSpy offers three options: 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month subscriptions. Note if you would like to use mSpy’s advanced features, you may need to root or jailbreak the target device.)
  • Finalize your purchase.


Step 2: Disable Play Protect in the tracked phone. On the tracked phone, go to the play store. Then tap on the profile icon or on the three dots on the far-right side, and select Play Protect. Now go to Settings. Turn off “Improve harmful app detection”

Step 3: Download iPhone keystroke logger Installer.

Step 4: Install mSpy. Allow all requested access during the set-up process. Enter the product key you received in the purchase transaction. Finally, tap “Complete Installation”

Step 5. Start Monitoring



mSpy’s iPhone Monitoring App is the best choice if you want to know each screen tap on another iPhone. It will give you control over their phones. You will finally get rid of all of your doubts. iPhone Keylogger is a modern technology we developed in mSpy. It is efficient, safe, and completely confidential.

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