How to Turn On Safe Mode on Android devices

One of the key features of the Android OS is the Safe mode. Just like Windows, the users can simply keep up the pace. Actually, safe mode comes with many benefits and the users can simply make sure of perfection with this mode in many tasks. This mode actually enables the original configuration without relying on any of the third-party software. This makes sure that you can easily avoid all the bugs and the corrupt files that usually come in your Smartphone irrespective of the source. In this post, I will guide you on how to turn ON safe mode on any Android device.

It is possible for the users to easily turn ON or turn OFF the safe mode on the device anytime you want. Android OS is capable to take its decision to enter in this mode whenever anything bad or a problem is detected in the phone. Well, if you really don’t have any idea about this, here is some useful information on how to turn ON safe mode on any Android device and turn it OFF manually.

How to Turn On Safe Mode on Android devices

How to turn ON safe mode on any Android device

When it comes to entering or leaving the safe mode on your Android gadget, there is nothing to worry about. You really need not to do much. There are two methods available for this and let you handle the things reliably. The first method is accessing this mode through Power Menu. However, this isn’t supported by all the gadgets. The other method is to hold the volume buttons while booting the gadget.

As already mentioned, the device may enter this mode without your request whenever any serious bug may detect. However, leaving this mode may not be easy during such a situation. However, there is nothing to worry as this post on how to turn ON safe mode on any Android device also helps you in this matter.

First Method

Use Power Menu to enter the safe mode

Simply press the power button on your device and hold for around 2 seconds. You will see an power menu will open and get displayed on the screen. You will see an option “Power OFF”. Press the same until you get a confirmation that you enter the Safe mode. You need to press the OK button for this. When you enter the safe mode, you will see the “Safe mode” will get displayed on the button.

Disclaimer- This method may not work perfectly on all the Android devices that are running on Android Kit Kat and older versions.

Second Method

Enter safe mode while booting

For about 2 seconds simply press and hold the “Power” button. Next is to simply tap on the “Power OFF” button and confirm the reboot. You can also choose to turn the device OFF directly by pressing the “Power” button.  After the phone turned OFF, you can simply proceed to start it again by pressing and holding the power button. Press the Volume Up/Down buttons immediately the screen start glowing. You need to hold it by the time your device turned ON completely. The safe mode is not active and you can perform the task for which you need your device to be in this mode.

Now, you are in Safe Mode and you can make all the required changes you like. When you are done, just restart the phone and it will boot normally.

Turning OFF Safe Mode

A simple restart is enough to turn OFF the safe mode in case you manually turned it ON. On the other hand, if this was turned ON by the device itself, elimination may be a daunting task. This is because you may first need to solve the problem that forced your device to enter this mode. There are actually different methods for this and each method has its benefits and drawbacks.

You can go through different methods to get out of the Safe Mode and resolve the issue. They each have some pro and cons. We will guide you through each step to get your phone out of the Safe Mode and resolve any particular error.

Step 1

Shut down the device

This actually means totally emptying the phone battery. This is important because the phone should be made to forget everything including the date and time for eliminating itself from the safe mode.  Remove the SIM card as well once the phone is out of the power. Wait for around 10 minutes after this. After this time period, insert the SIM card again in the phone. You can find the phone in the general mode after this and the safe mode will be gone. If this method doesn’t work, here is the next step to help you

Step 2

Remove the apps installed recently

Sometimes the safe mode gets turned automatically just because any glitch is brought in it by the app you installed. There are strong chances for this in case the app is installed from a third-party source. Try removing all the apps you installed in your phone recently. Restart the device after this and the safe mode will probably be gone. You need not to worry about how to remove the install apps while the phone is running in the safe mode. It’s similar to that of removing them when the phone runs in the general mode. You can either choose to remove all the apps in one go or can remove them one by one.  Even if this method is not bringing the desired outcome, follow the next.

Step 3

Wipe the Cache partition

This is another useful method that can help you a lot in this matter. There are certain chances that the problem will be gone. Actually, cache partition is those basic temporary files that get stored in the device while you access the apps. Sometimes when the health of the data stored any temporary in your phone is not good, the phone automatically enters the safe mode. This clearly means removing them can help you get out of the safe mode for sure.

To accomplish this task, you need to proceed with the recovery mode actually. Although the process is same upto a good extent, it’s actually the key combination that makes it a bit different. The same may vary with different manufacturers

Hold the power button again and turn OFF the device. When you see the screen start glowing, immediately press the Home button, power button and volume keys (Up or down depends on the manufacturer). This will boot your mode in recovery mode. You can contact the phone official support to know more about the exact combination. You can find different options that can be accessed with the help of Volume up and down button. The home screen button will act as “Ok” button while accessing these options.

The option “Wipe Cache Partition” will also be there in the list. You simply need to navigate the bar on this option and press the home button. Once done, simply restart the phone and you can probably disable the safe mode in your phone.  Another method is listed below in case this method doesn’t work for you.

Step 4

Factory Reset

Well, in case other methods don’t work for you, this will probably let you have the favorable fortune. However, the drawback is your phone data will also be gone if you don’t have a backup for the same. Also, it will take your phone in the actual settings it was on the first day you purchased it. It hardly takes the 10 minutes for this task to perform this.

So this is all about how to turn ON safe mode on any Android device and methods you can consider to disable the same. Let us know your experience in the below comment section.

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