Fix: Unable to Send or Receive Invites in Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a popular Battle Royale game released in August 2020. Thanks to a recent acquisition by Epic Games, the Fall Guys is now free of cost and available across all major platforms such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS5. Though it was a great move by Epic Games to make the game available on all major platforms, serious issues and problems were reported soon after users started downloading the game from Epic Games Store. Users are unable to send or receive invites in Fall Guys. If you have encountered the same problem while adding a friend, keep reading this article as we’ll be going through various ways to fix the problem.

The ability to challenge a friend is a key element of the game, which has been missing out for a while. Not being able to play this highly social game with friends can be frustrating for many players. The problem is not just limited to a single platform. Some players are facing the issue on PS4 and some on PS5. Developers have acknowledged the problem, but there’s no ETA on when a fix will arrive. You will be happy to know that there are some players who were able to fix the problem on their own. We’ve listed all those solutions here, which might fix the problem on your device too.

Unable to Send or Receive Invites in Fall Guys

Fix: Not Sending or Receiving Invites on Fall Guys

Solution 1: Downgrade Fall Guys Version

A PS5 user was able to fix the problem with sending or receiving invites by using the PS4 version of Fall Guys. So, if you are also using PS5, go ahead with this method to check if it spells out success for you.

Solution 2: Restart the Device

If there’s a minor system glitch or a temporary bug that is preventing you from sending or receiving invites, simply rebooting or restarting the device might do the trick here. Restarting removes all background processes and thus all the processes are freshly loaded into the memory. Some users got success by restarting the device and probably it will work for you too.

Solution 3: Install the Latest Version of Fall Guys

After the developers have worked on a fix for the issue, it will be rolled out via a software update. Hence, update the game from the Epic Games Store and check if the problem persists. In the last week of June, Fall Guys fixes many issues for PS5 users, but the changelog had no mention of any fixes related to the invite problem. However, a player on Twitter confirmed that the player invite problem has been fixed on PS5. In case you are still getting the same error, we have more solutions for you below.

Solution 4: Use PS4/Xbox to Send Invites

Here’s another workaround suggested by a player to get rid of the invite problem on Fall Guys.

A PS5 or a Nintendo Switch user can ask a PS4 or Xbox user to send invites. The PS5 or Nintendo Switch player can then accept the invite and challenge the friend.

Solution 5: Use the PS button to Fix the Problem

A user on Reddit has suggested this fix, which might help you in sending invites to other Fall Guys players.

“There’s a workaround for Ps5 invites. Push your ps button then a ‘card’ should pop up next to where your party is if you are in one. It will say fall guys 1/4. Click on this then click invite. It should send the standard invite you are used to” – source

Solution 6: Follow This Temporary Workaround

  • Make sure you have added your friend and your friend has added you. Like each of you search for each other’s names and add each other.
  • Restart your game if the button doesn’t appear. You might have to do this a couple of times.
  • Try inviting both ways. If one of you is invited and you can’t join, make the other person an invite.
  • It’s temperamental, to say the least.

This workaround was suggested by a Redditor throwaway245389 (source link).

Do you play Fall Guys with your friends? Do you think developers have a lot of work to do in making the game bug-free? Were you able to fix the issue? Share your valuable thoughts in the comments section below.

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