How to Fix Unrecoverable Playback Error with Foobar

Foobar is a freeware audio player. Its extended version is Foobar2000, which is commonly known as FB2K. This app is an audio player supported by Windows OS, iOS, and Android. Foobar is in extensive use with its flexible configured features. It initially released in 2002, but the latest stable release occurred on the last day of March 2020.

Some Windows users reported a kind of error in the Foobar as they are getting the ‘Unrecoverable payback error’ on the screen when they attempt to open an Mp3 file using the Foobar2000. In some of the cases, the error is occurring with the error code 0x88780078. Some solutions discussed in the below section to get rid of this kind of error.

How to Fix Unrecoverable Playback Error with Foobar

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What causes Unrecoverable Playback Error?

The error is a general cause that implicit the use of the Xonar DX Control Centre with Foobar. You can go to disable the GX DSO mode to get rid of this widespread problem. You can also head to the multiple solutions to eliminate this error code from the Foobar2000. The issue can also be involving the cause of your playback device.

You can change the default audio format to check the fix of the issue. You may look forward to the mentioned solutions in case you are having severe troubling problems with Foobar2000. Another cause is inconsistency facilitated by Windows Media Player, which may also have the answer, which mentioned in the procedures below.

How to Fix Unrecoverable Playback Error with Foobar:

You should be able to fix the issue by restarting the application files or your system, but in case the problem involves some severe cause, then you may go to disable GX DSP Mode as your first solution approach.

Disabling GX DSP Mode:

The settings inside the Xonar DX Control Centre are the general cause of getting ‘Unrecoverable Playback Error.’ Deactivation of the GX DSP Mode via the GX button is being able to solve the issue with immediate effects.

Navigate to the GX button present in the GX settings of your media player. Click on the button to disable the GX DSP Mode and restart the Foobar media player. The process may eliminate the issue involved with the media player as ‘Unrecoverable Playback Error.’ Check if you get the proper solution. In case the problem is not moving away from the media player permanently, then you might check the next procedure to fix the issue.

WMP Troubleshooter:

If the first method is unable to solve the issue, then the ‘Windows Media Player settings’ troubleshooter will help you to get rid of this error. This troubleshooting method is valid on the Windows version below or level to Windows 8. The utility program will scan the settings of the Windows Media Player and repair the dependencies automatically. This process may also apply the relevant changes in the settings. You need to follow these simple steps in case you want to troubleshoot your Windows Media Player settings:

  • Press’ Windows key + R’ which will open ‘Run’ dialog box
  • Type ‘control’ in the text box and open the ‘classic Control Panel interface.’
  • Search for ‘troubleshooting’ in the search menu and hit ‘Enter.’
  • Click on ‘Troubleshooting’
  • Press the ‘View All’ to perceive the complete list of accessible troubleshooters
  • Click on ‘Windows Media Player Settings’ from the context options
  • Navigate and click on ‘Advanced’ and also ‘check the box’ which associates with ‘Apply repairs automatically.’
  • Hit ‘Yes’ to grant the admin permissions
  • Click on ‘Next’ to start the scan and let the process complete
  • You may get some fix after the process is complete.
  • Click on ‘Apply this fix.’

Restart your system and check for the issue now. You will not get the Unrecoverable Playback Error in the process again. If, in any case, the problem not solved permanently, then you may head to the next procedure.

Windows Audio Endpoint Builder:

If the service stuck in a limbo state, then you can get rid of this issue by restarting the Windows Audio Endpoint builder. This solution will effectively work for the Windows versions equal or lower than Windows 8. Follow these steps to restart the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service:

  • Press’ Windows key + R’ which will open ‘Run’ dialog box
  • Type’ service.msc’ in the text box and open the ‘Service Screen.’
  • Navigate to the ‘Windows Audio Endpoint Builder’ in the context
  • Right-click on it and choose restart option

Restart the application and check for the issue. You might not be facing the Unrecoverable Playback Error in your Foobar app. If the problem persists, then move forward to the next procedure in the sequence.

Windows Audio Service:

You can also restart Windows Audio Service in terms of the fix of the issue if you are getting the Unrecoverable Playback Error. You can efficiently perform this by elevated command prompt. Follow the process to apply this fix:

  • Press’ Windows key + S’ and search for command prompt
  • Open the command prompt and press ‘Ctrl + Shift + Enter’ to get into ‘elevated Command Prompt.’
  • Click ‘Yes’ to allow all user permission.
  • Type’ net stop audiosrv’ command without the quotes and hit ‘Enter.’
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • Now, type’ net start audiosrv’ command without the quotes and hit ‘Enter.’
  • Wait for the process to complete

Open the Foobar application and check that your issue will not be present here anymore. In case the problem is still there, then you may try the below-mentioned fix.

Reinstall WMP:

Foobar2000 relies on the built-in media player integration for many functions. Unrecoverable Playback Errors may occur in this case if you get involvement in a glitch in the Windows Media Player. In this situation you need a reinstallation of Windows Media Player and here is how you can proceed:

  • Press ‘Windows key + R’, which will open the ‘run’ dialogue box.
  • Type ‘optionalfeatures.exe’ in the text box and hit Enter
  • ‘Windows Features screen’ may appear
  • Click ‘Yes’ to provide all users control privileges
  • Find ‘Media Features’ in the list
  • Double-click on it, and then uncheck the box associated with’ Windows Media Player’
  • Press the ‘OK’ button to save changes
  • Restart your computer once the process completed
  • Follow the same procedure for enabling the Windows Media Player component

Open Foobar2000, and you will not get the Unrecoverable Playback Errors in your system after the application of this method. Move to the next budding fix if the issue does not get the fix.

Change Default audio format:

You can change the default audio format to the CD quality in terms of tackling the issue involved with Unrecoverable Playback Errors. You may be forcing the default playback device to use the 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality) format while applying this fix. Here is how you can force setup the audio format:

  • Type’ control mmsys.cpl sounds’ in the ‘run’ command after pressing ‘Windows key + R.’
  • Hit ‘Enter’ to open the ‘Sound’ menu
  • Click ‘Yes’ to grant all user accesses
  • Click on the ‘Playback’ tab
  • Right-click the ‘active sound device’ which you are using for your computer
  • Click on ‘Properties’
  • Head to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Go to the ‘Default format section.’
  • Now, adjust the Default format to 16 bit and 44100 Hz
  • Click ‘Apply changes’ and start your application where the Unrecoverable Playback Errors is no more in existence.

Foobar2000 is a reliable Media Player that associates with the Windows Media Player in many functions. Here some of the best-tested solutions provided to tackle the Unrecoverable Playback Errors issue, which also involved sometimes with the error code 0x88780078. If you are one of the users who are getting the error code 0x88780078, then these solutions will works for you brilliantly.

In some cases, a quick restart will also do the same for the user. You may check the entire interface before getting into any of the mentioned procedure. There is no need to take the backup of any data as the processes discussed above will not cause any data loss. The methods will lead all the way to fix the error code 0x88780078 and Unrecoverable Playback Error with Foobar. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the comment box.

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