How to Fix Vizio Smart TV No Signal Issue

Are you encountering a “No signal” issue on your Vizio Smart TV? If so, you’re in the right place. Let’s assume that you’re sitting down with a bowl of popcorn, and suddenly, a message appears that states “No signal” error on the screen. This can be frustrating, especially when you are eager to watch your favorite content shows at the right time.

It is one of the most common errors on Smart TVs (not only for Vizio TV) that viewers keep complaining about. The error appears for numerous reasons. If you are one of the unfortunate users and encountering the “No signal” error on your Vizio Smart TV, don’t brood. In this article, we will show you a couple of workarounds to fix the Vizio Smart TV No-Signal issue. Let’s get right to it.

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Why Does Vizio Smart TV Keep Showing a “No Signal” Error?

As we mentioned above, there can be a lot of reasons behind the “No Signal” error on Vizio and any other Smart TVs. Below, we have outlined the common reasons for the “No Signal” error message that appears on the screen. Have a look into it.

1. Incorrect Input Source

The primary reasons behind the “No signal” error on the Vizio Smart TV is mainly due to incorrect input source. Generally, the TV will receive the signals from your selected input source. For instance, if your Smart TV is connected to the HDMI 2 input, and you have chosen HDMI 1 input, you are likely to see an error message on the screen.

2. Faulty Cables & Loose Connection

Another common reason behind the signal issue on the Vizio Smart TV is due to faulty cables and loose connection with the cable. If the HDMI cable is not securely plugged to the TV, then your streaming device won’t receive any signals from another device. In addition, you should inspect the cables that are connected to the TV to identify whether there is an issue with the damaged cables.

In some cases, the damaged cables cause various issues including “No signal” error. It is suggested you check the HDMI cable for any physical damages. Moreover, you have to check input ports on your TV. Over time, the input ports get damaged and worn out, resulting in “No Signal” error on the Smart TV.

3. Software Conflicts

Don’t you know that software conflicts can also cause the “No signal” error? Yes, you heard it right. In some cases, the software conflicts prevent the device from getting a proper signal. For that case, you have an option to soft reset your Vizio Smart TV to get the proper signal back.

4. Hardware Issues

You can encounter “No signal” error on the Smart TV, if your TV has hardware issues like faulty ports, cables, and motherboard issues. You should inspect your Smart TV for any hardware issues to solve the “No signal” error. However, you can visit a nearby service centre or contact the Vizio support for help.

Best Ways to Fix Vizio Smart TV No Signal Issue

Here we have listed an effective method to address Vizio Smart TV no signal issue. By reading and applying the outlined solutions, you may easily tackle the error.

1. Check Your Input Source

The first and foremost thing you have to do is check your input source on your Vizio TV to ensure the input source is set as correct. While, Smart TVs come with multiple input sources, therefore it is necessary to choose the correct input source to get the suitable signal for your streaming device.

However, you can verify that you’re viewing the correct input source by pressing the input button on the Vizio Smart TV remote. When you change the input source to the correct source, you will get the audio and video displayed back on the TV screen.

2. Ensure Cables are Firmly Connected

HDMI cable is important for optimal signal transmission, as it plays a crucial role. The HDMI cable should be plugged properly to the port on your TV. If the connection is not firmly attached, the signal may not transfer which results in “No signal” error on the TV screen. To address this issue, you can start by unplugging the HDMI cables from the power socket and re-plugging it back. Make sure to choose and select the correct HDMI input source.

However, If unplugging and replugging the HDMI cable doesn’t work, it is likely there is an issue with your cable itself. No matter how premium your HDMI cable is, it can’t last forever and here’s the same. If you’ve been using the cable for a long period, it may have been damaged or torn out which results in “No signal” error on the Smart TV. In such a case, you must replace the cable with a compatible one.

There are many HDMI cables available on the market, so choose the cable wisely with high and premium quality. Picking a cheap HDMI cable can result in poor signal quality and it causes other issues. If replacing the cable didn’t work, inspect the HDMI port on your Smart TV carefully. It may be possible that the pins are broken or bent. If so, you can use a different HDMI port.

3. Restart Your Vizio Smart TV

One of the most effective ways is to restart your Vizio Smart TV. Sometimes, when you switch to a local channel or other streaming devices, the TV might display a “No signal” error. This can be easily fixed by restarting the Smart TV, especially when the error typically appears due to software conflicts.

All you have to do is unplug the cable from the power socket and wait for 20 seconds and so. Then, attach the cable to the power socket and turn on the Smart TV. Once the Smart TV is turned on, then switch to the input source for which your TV channels or streaming devices are connected. Check if the “No signal” error has been fixed now. If the issue persists, follow the next method.

4. Check for Damaged Cables

It is suggested you verify your HDMI cable to ensure there is no damage or tear out on the cable. As mentioned before, the signal error appears when the cable is not firmly attached to the input source or if it’s faulty. If you notice any physical damages on the HDMI cable then ensure to replace it with another cable.

Additionally, you need to inspect the HDMI port as well. In some cases, the “No signal” error appears due to faulty HDMI ports. It is necessary to check whether the ports are physically damaged or not. If it’s damaged, ensure to replace it by visiting a local store or nearby service centre.

5. Check if the Input Source is Hidden

It might be possible that the input source is hidden on your Vizio Smart TV. If the input source is hidden then you may encounter “No signal” error. This is because you can’t access the input button anymore. In order to get the proper signal strength, you need to unhide the input source on your TV.

We suggest you check whether the input source is hidden or not on your Vizio Smart TV. If it’s hidden then ensure to unhide it by following the steps below:

  • Grab the Vizio remote control and press the Menu button on it.
  • Click the System option from the menu that appears on the TV screen.
  • Then, select the Hide Input from the list menu.
  • Now you can unhide the input source on your Vizio Smart TV.

These above steps are for the newly Vizio models. However, if you have older model of the Vizio TV, follow the below steps:

  • Press the Menu button on the Vizio TV remote and choose Input settings.
  • Now the TV will display the list of all input sources on the screen.
  • Select the Input source that you are trying to connect and press the OK button.
  • Now, a list of different options will be displayed on the screen. Select the one that says Hide fromthe Input list and choose Visible.

6. Reset Your Vizio Smart TV

If you have tried the above methods and it fails to work out, then you need to reset the Vizio Smart TV. This is one of the effective ways to tackle technical issues and other software issues. It can be possible that due to technical glitches, the “No signal” error appears on your Smart TV while streaming content shows. In that scenario, it’s best to perform a reset on your TV. Here’s how to do it.

Reset Smart TV Without Remote:

  • Press and hold the Input and Volume Down button together on the TV remote.
  • After 10 seconds or less, you will see a screen that show you how to reset.
  • With the screen message on, press and hold the Input button.
  • Now the TV will begin to reset your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Once the factory reset is completed, the TV will restart, and you will be directed to the setup screen.

Reset Vizio TV from Service Menu:

You can reset your Vizio Smart TV from the service menu right away. This may work if the main functions button is present on the TV remote. Here’s how to do it.

  • First, shut down your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Press and hold the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons.
  • By keeping the Channel buttons pressed, press and leave the Power button.
  • Now leave the Channel buttons and press the Menu button.
  • Once the Menu pop-up on the TV screen, hold the Menu button again.
  • Now you will see the Service menu on the screen.
  • From the service menu, choose the Factory Reset option to proceed.

After completing the factory reset process, ensure to setup your Vizio TV and then try checking whether the “No signal” error has been fixed or not.

7. Contact Vizio Support

If none of the outlined workarounds comes in handy for you, then the last thing you’ve to do is contact Vizio customer support for further help. The “No signal” error can be due to software or hardware issues. As we don’t know the actual reason behind this. Therefore, it’s best to reach out to the support team and they will guide you with a proper intention. By following and applying their methods, you may easily fix the “No signal” error on the Vizio Smart TV.

That’s it. This is how you can quickly solve the “No signal” error on your Vizio Smart TV by following the outlined methods. We hope you have found this guide helpful to you. However, if you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.

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