Where To Find The Forbidden Offering In Mortal Shell

A new action role-playing game Mortal Shell is on the block which has been recently released. This game is developed by Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack. Notably, the game came out very recently on 18 August 2020 and is available across all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, through the Epic Games Store. In the game, you play a character that has to survive with precision and instincts. Moreover, you have to possess lost warriors, track down hidden sanctums, and face the enemies. It is an action-packed game that is gathering huge popularity in this genre.

In this post, we will guide you on how you can find the Forbidden Offering in Mortal Shell. Since the game is new, some of you might know what Forbidden Offering means. In the Mortal Shell, you can upgrade your Resolve by finding a specific item called Forbidden Offering. The item is hidden in the game and can be difficult to find and use. But with the help of this post, you will be able to get Forbidden Offering and gain that extra resolve and make the game easier. So, with that being said, let us take a look at the article itself:

Where To Find The Forbidden Offering In Mortal Shell

The Forbidden Offering is sold by an NPC merchant called the Corrupted Sester and is hidden under the entrance of Seat of Infinity. The Seat of Infinity is basically inside a room in the Obsidian tower. Now, in order to get Forbidden Offering, you need to head over to the Obsidian Tower, gather 3000 Tar and go under the tower to buy the Forbidden Offering.

hole mortal shell

Confused? You need to start near the hub area and head towards the broken wood door. Now enter the beast cave near it and go to the right. Here you need to crawl through the hole and follow the path along with killing all the enemies that come in your way. Right at the end of the path, you will see the Obsidian tower. Make sure to defeat all the enemies in that area. However, do not go to the Tower yet, this can be done once you have the offering with you.

merchant in mortal shell

Instead, head to the left of the tower and follow the path. At the base of the tower, you will see an opening inside where you will find the merchant selling the Forbidden Offering. Note that the merchant also sells other items. You can get the Forbidden Offering for 3000 Tar.

forbidden offering

Once you are done with the purchase, head over to the Tower. Now while taking down the enemies, you will see your resolve getting quicker and it makes it easier to defeat them. This item is helpful for all the classes especially Solomon.

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