Why Should I Master Mind Palace?

Over the past few years, the topic of mind palace has been actively discussed among people interested in improving memory and among the entire world community. It is widely used in cinema and literature, which only fuels interest. Let’s figure out what it is, how it works, and whether it is a myth or truth.

What Is A Mind Palace?

What is a mind palace? Many people first encountered this definition after watching the famous series Sherlock Holmes. Although, at the first time, it seems to be fiction, then, if you look closely, the first mention of a method similar to Sherlock’s mind palaces can be found back in antiquity.

In ancient times, people had to memorize vast amounts of information since they did not have the Internet and even more or less conventional ways to consolidate information. It is believed that paper, as we know it today, appeared in 105 AD in China, but it began to be widely used, and it appeared in Europe only in the 11-12th century. Unfortunately, the mind palace technique was forgotten for many years, and only a few years ago became widespread again.

So, what is a mind palace? It is a kind of virtual implant, a building where you can store the necessary information. The advantage of this method is that you learn to decide for yourself what data to send to long-term memory, discard as unnecessary, and where to put the data to find it if necessary quickly.

Who Can Build A Mind Palace?

How to create a mind palace? Practice shows that almost anyone interested in this can master this technique. It doesn’t matter what state your memory is in before training, what education you have, or how old you are, and you can still build a memory palace. However, the above points can affect the duration and intensity of training.

If you want to master the mind palace technique, using a mobile app like memoryOS is a good idea. It has these advantages:

  • Learning takes place in the form of a game;
  • There are 3D models;
  • Allows you to retrieve needed memories;
  • Interactive learning will enable you to relax and enjoy your workouts;
  • Makes memorization easier and much more.


How to create a mind palace? The mobile app offers several training systems, which depend on the level of your memory and the result you want to get. Typically, training takes only a few minutes a day. The obligatory condition is not to miss classes. There can be no weekends or holidays here because you will notice a big jump back.

To build a mind palace, you must imagine a building that is familiar to you. It can be anything, but you must know it well. Select the data you want to remember and mark it on the nightstand in the hallway. The next time you look at this shelf, you will remember this data. Thanks to this method, you will build a well-structured memory and learn how to get an instant recall.

If you want to speed up building a mind palace, you also need to do exercises to improve your memory. These may be ways to improve memory that are well known to you from childhood; for example, you can learn poems by heart solve crosswords and puzzles. A good solution would be to improve imaginative thinking in every possible way. It is worth reading more literature, traveling, or just walking around beautiful places to do this. You can lie down with your eyes closed and mentally replay what you have read or seen during the day. It will allow us to build a memory palace faster and improve eidetic memory.

The result of such simple training will be noticeable in a few weeks. Of course, you should not expect that you will build a palace and learn how to manage memory in a short period, but you will get the first results quickly enough.

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