Winning Strategy Guide in both Single-Player and Multiplayer: Disintegration

This guide is targetted on winning strategy, which will help players in both Single-player and multiplayer games in Disintegration.

If you have played the latest sci-fi shooter from V1 Interactive, Disintegration, you will have noticed that it uniquely has features of both FPS and RTS games. Although it achieves this pretty smoothly, it has its share of cons as well. Overall, it offers a handsome gaming experience that requires cleverness and skill to master.

Thus, we have put together a guide that will help you perform well in both the storyline campaign, aka single-player and online multiplayer in Disintegration. Obviously, you will need some time to get used to the intriguing gravcycle-influenced movements and fighting systems. However, you will hopefully be able to master the basics and some of the commonly faced issues in the game.

Winning Strategy Guide in both Single-Player and Multiplayer: Disintegration


Carry out Challenges

Right before you begin a storyline campaign quest, you will be in a hub with your comrades and some jovial NPCs. You can have fun talking to them, and they will also give you optional challenges you can choose to finish during your upcoming quest. The challenges themselves tend to be pretty simple tasks like killing a specific number of foes using a given teammate’s ability or healing your comrades a specific number of times. Completing these challenges will earn you rewards like Salvage caches and, on occasion, upgrade chips as well!

Although it might feel inconvenient to go around talking to NPCs for challenges, keep in mind that the rewards you obtain will greatly help you in leveling up and obtaining upgrades for your comrades and gravcycle. That is absolutely essential if you want to survive in the higher difficulty levels in Disintegration.

Do your Best

You need to maintain a good balance between fighting solo and taking your comrades’ help during combat situations. Do not hesitate to ask them to engage a particularly irksome enemy or deploy artillery attacks or concussion grenades when needed. This is important to remember while dealing with advanced enemies in the game.

Try to keep in mind the abilities your teammates possess, so you can plan how to use them against the adversaries you will face in that particular mission. For example, concussion grenades or a properly timed slowing field will effectively impede rampaging Rhino units. By striking, foes with the correct teammate ability or just in a specific place will send them into a Stagger state. This will make them flash yellow and make them much more susceptible to damage.

On the other hand, you should do your best to retrieve the “brain can” of any downed teammates as soon as possible. Failing to do this within a certain span of time will lead to your mission getting failed. And if you do it fast, your teammate will get revived automatically and get back into the fray once again.

Make good use of Scanning and Healing

Use your gravcycle’s scanning ability to find objectives or tell your comrades to interact with those objectives, if needed. You can also find out about enemies and usable items and prepare for any upcoming battles by assessing the kind of adversary you will be facing. Apart from that, you can find out where explosives like power cells and red barrels are, and you can use them to your advantage during combat.

Look out for the Merc Elite ground units (the ones in red armor), because they will relinquish a temporary AoE healing area for you and your team. These can come in handy when you are engaged in battles in areas without many resources.

Fight smartly against the most powerful of Foes

You will encounter several different kinds of opponents in Disintegration, and some of them like Merc Elites, Snipers, Rhinos, and especially the fearsome Thunderer robots are seriously tough to defeat. However, fortunately, all of them possess weaknesses you can take advantage of. Since these enemies tend to dodge your attacks, you need to find alternative ways of damaging them. Snipers can try striking them with slowing fields to dodge their attacks better. You can also summon artillery fire or use concussion grenades to disorient them before you open fire on them.

On the other hand, taking down Thunderers is a bit trickier. After draining its health, you need to get behind it and blow up the power cores at the lower end of its backside. It will regain its health shortly and force you to repeat this procedure again until all four of its power cores have been blown up.


Checking out the Sandbox

The “Multiplayer Sandbox” part of the training mode in Disintegration allows you to see the performance stats and loadouts of each of the multiplayer crews in the game. You can also see the small but important ways in which the multiplayer differs from the storyline campaign. For example, it does not feature slow-motion effects when using comrades’ abilities.

Choose an apt Crew

Each of the nine different playable crews in the multiplayer in Disintegration has its own unique visual style, loadouts for gravcycle weapons, and teammate abilities. The loadouts mean that every crew is better suited for certain kinds of playing styles or game modes. However, you can still choose your favorite crew and retain it regardless of its compatibility with the mode you are in.

If you get killed in a multiplayer match, you can replace your present crew with a new one. Thus, it is to your advantage to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of every crew. A properly timed crew can really help in turning the tide of even a losing battle in your favor.

Do not neglect your Ground Game

Knowing how to take care of and manage your comrades on the ground is even more essential than gravcycle vs. gravcycle battles in order to win. This especially holds true in the Retrieval and Zone Control game modes, because only your teammates can actually finish objectives physically (that is, transporting cores and seizing points in Zone Control). They play an important role in the Collector mode as well, making effective ambushes and defensive stonewalls. This can put you in a much stronger position in combat. Using this same concept, protecting your own teammates while carefully eliminating your foes’ teammates can just tip the scales in your favor really fast.

Take up more Challenges

This is the absolutely best way to obtain credits in the multiplayer in Disintegration. There are two types of challenges you can take up – general and crew-specific. The former can be completed regardless of the crew and game mode you choose. They generally deal with both short and long term goals like winning matches, obtaining score and striking enemies with certain teammate abilities.


On the other hand, crew-specific challenges are, like their name says, more selective in nature. You will only be able to take them up if you are playing as the crew linked to them. Every crew-specific challenge page will have the same list of challenges available. You can use this opportunity to experiment with a variety of crews. Mostly, these challenges fall into these fundamental categories:

  • Hit and injure your foes using your crew’s primary gravcycle weapons (making milestones, like above)
  • Obtaining certain match medals with that crew
  • Play six matches with that crew
  • Playing as that crew for a specific duration of time (in a manner of making milestones; first one hour, then four hours, followed by eight hours and twelve hours at last)
  • Winning matches with the crew

Although these crew-specific challenges are more oriented towards short term rewards, there are prizes for players focusing on the long term aspect of the game as well. You will obtain credits and some bonuses like profile badges and emblems for accomplishing each challenge.

That is it for now. We hope our guide helps you attain glory in the dynamic world of Disintegration. Check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media, iPhone Guides, and Android Guides for more great content. Subscribing to our YouTube Channel can help you win our $150 giveaway contest. If you have any queries or feedback, comment down below with your name along with e-mail ID, and we will reply shortly. Happy Gaming!

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