Xenoblade Chronicles Tension Guide: How to Increase

Nintendo’s newly remastered Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition features interesting new mechanics in its battles. Unfortunately, a handful of these does not receive a proper explanation in the game. One of them happens to be “Tension.”

Although it is not as significant in the game as specific other techniques like Chain Attacks and Status Effects, it does have a respectable amount of impact on your efficiency in fights. Thus, trying to understand the workings behind Tension will help you gain the upper hand in combat situations.

In this fresh guide, we will help you understand the basics of Tension in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, and how you can boost it while playing.

Xenoblade Chronicles Tension Guide: How to Increase

What exactly is the significance of Tension in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Tension in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is best understood as an entity representing your characters’ confidence and strength. As long as the dynamics of a battle are leaning in your favor, Tension will increase. Conversely, if you start losing the fight, Tension will go down as well. You will be able to see any character’s Tension by checking their image on the upper left corner of your screen. A character that looks aggressive and has red arrows over them possesses high Tension. On the other hand, a character with blue arrows below them is running low on Tension.

Tension has a significant impact on battles in every way. You can really use it to tip the scales in your favor. It will lead to your Party Gauge getting replenished much faster, thus giving you more opportunities to unleash Chain Attacks and come to your injured comrades’ aid. It will also boost the Damage caused by Chain Attacks and your character’s Critical Rate by 30%. On the other hand, abysmal Tension will lower your character’s Critical Rate by up to 20%, along with your Agility. If your Tension hits rock bottom, almost none of your attacks will be able to make contact with the enemy at all! This will seriously undermine your chances of surviving the battle.

How to boost Tension in Xenoblade Chronicles

You can clearly see the importance of increasing Tension during gameplay. The main method of doing that is by performing well in battles. By hitting the B button even before actually fighting your opponent, you can earn a boost for Tension. Try doing this just when the ring touches the outer rim of the circle for the best results. Hitting the B button when you see this prompt during the thick of battle will also boost Tension. You can also get minor increases in Tension by landing Critical Hits and targeting foes inflicted with Topple or Daze. Interactions between party members, such as relieving them of Status Effects, consoling them, or launching Chain Attacks, greatly help in boosting Tension.

By far, the most effective method of boosting Tension is to alter the future in the middle of combat. If Shulk happens to get a vision, intervene, and prevent it by any means possible. You can use Monado Arts such as Shield to defend your comrades from onslaughts or luring away foes from their targets. These are guaranteed to boost your party’s Tension considerably. Conversely, if any of your teammates is slain in action, everyone else’s Tension will go down. Debuffs, Status Effects, and attacks that fail to land will cause a variable loss of Tension. You can apply the aforementioned strategies to restore the Tension if it gets lowered.

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