Why Youtube Shorts Are Not Getting Views Anymore, How to Fix It?

Before 2020, there was no concept of short videos that today, Instagram and YouTube adopted. Initially, TikTok (a short-form video hosting service by ByteDance) took this innovation out. However, they already started their service in 2016, but get userbase acceleration in 2020, when the entire world was going through the lockdown. Subsequently, TikTok made recorded growth that year and became a career medium for many youngsters.

But later on in favor of security measures numerous countries banned TikTok. Viewing that trend, YouTube introduced its short-form video concept called YouTube Shorts. And similar to YouTube’s video earning model, YouTube shorts are also added therein. In that way, people started uploading shorts to their channels. But YouTube has some unique principles to grow, which is why few users’ Youtube shorts are getting views. So, here we will guide you on how to get a view on YouTube shorts.

Youtube Shorts

Why Youtube Shorts Are Not Getting Views Anymore, How to Fix It?

The fact that your video is a 30-second concept allows you to get more views than a typical video since it is a 30-second concept. But YouTube works with a few algorithms based on it they first self-understand the video and present it to the public. It is not easy to complete this task in one day. You need to upload content with consistency and quality to engage and prepare an image on the platform. But being new to the platform, we don’t have such knowledge and do the same mistake frequently that resulting in no views on YouTube. However, you need to look for plenty of things before uploading any YouTube short.

However, after reviewing the different perspectives on YouTube Shorts, we came up with a lot of new things we would like to add. It is merely a belief of newly joined creators towards the platform. For this thing, we have prepared a bunch of suggestions that you should take before starting to upload a YouTube short. Do note that these are not the fixed things that you need to consider. Since nobody knows what would be the next trend on the web. But to at least learn something new, let’s have a quick overview of these tips to increase views on YouTube shorts.

Understand the YouTube algorithm

No matter what you are uploading on YouTube shorts unless it is not triggering the algorithm. The algorithm means the YouTube policy that they consider to qualify a video to serve more than others. You may have observed that some of your shorts get views out of your expectations even though you have not made that much effort. The reason is that short attracts YouTube algorithms. So kindly target your audience so that YouTube can set up an image of your channel and push your shorts to that targeted audience to get views.

Use trending hashtags

Hashtags play a prudent role to make your YouTube short traceable publicly. The best hashtag you use, the chances are more that your short will reach the maximum number of people. And here if you are not getting a view even after uploading content consistently. Then it may be possible you are using the wrong hashtags on the YouTube shorts. As a result, your video can’t be traceable and is not reachable to a wide YouTube user base. For this, we recommend you use Trending hashtags. So that when people search for that hashtag, your short will also come on their feed screen.

Always make vertical video


If till now, you are uploading YouTube short videos in the horizontal format then all such your are a waste. The reason is, YouTube shorts’ core concept is vertical video having complete information in less time. On the contrary, if you make an even informative video but that was not in a vertical manner then people think that short is irrelevant. So, try to follow YouTube ethics and from now make videos in vertical format and upload them as YouTube shorts.

Be Stuck to 30-second long shorts


Well, YouTube Shorts have the option to create shorts up to 60 seconds long shorts. But as we already said, YouTube shorts core benefit into success important information with less time. So, if you are making YouTube Shorts that seems longer and resulting no meaning, then no one would watch them. Ultimately, your YouTube short will not get views. So, always create shorts within the sanctioned time frame for YouTube shorts.

Do consider quality over quantity

Stick to the note that, uploading content daily results in faster growth or gives more views. It is true but when you are fulfilling your user’s needs and providing them with what they want. Meanwhile, if you consider only quantity then you cannot boost your channel even if you promote it through a dominant creator. The only thing you can do here is work on the quality of your Shorts. I mean, do note what your audience wants and in what manner. Then analyze what others are providing on the same and counterpart with creating unique content.

To Summarise, These are the five major things you should consider before uploading a single piece of content over YouTube. Apart from that, kindly note one thing give YouTube some time to review your work. YouTube support every creator by engaging their content with a different audience and fitting it with the matches audience. So that when you create new content for that matched audience with consistency, your channels seem rapidly growing. Meanwhile, follow the YouTube trend and format for video uploads and always fulfil your audience’s needs.

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