How to Prevent from Zoom Bombing? What is it? How hackers use it?

If you are working online or sometimes need to attend online conferences, then you might be using Zoom video conferencing service, which is the best option. In the period of this COVID-19 pandemic, while millions of people are working from home, then it becomes your priority to make your home network protected and secure.

The first thing you must know is, How to Prevent Zoom Bombing? And what is it? Now here is the answer to all your questions. Zoom is a video chat tool through which one can stay in touch with their friends, colleagues, and co-workers.  When any disturbance occurs while working, then it is Zoom Bombing. To know how hackers use it, you must go through every information provided here.

How to Prevent from Zoom Bombing? What is it? How hackers use it?

What Is Zoom-Bombing?

Zoom-bombing is a federal offense in the USA. Zoom-Bombing becomes a useful way for hackers to get into anyone’s computer or personal files. Zoom video communication has gone into a surge as people are working from home nowadays during the global pandemic. Hackers find it very easy to disrupt the meeting if you are not taking care of the securities. The hackers named this process as Zoom-Bombing.

The company has announced that the appropriate steps have taken to prevent ‘Zoom-bombing.’  Some of the measures that being opt are: enabling passwords on conferences or meetings and turning on Waiting Rooms by default, together with additional security enrichments to protect its users’ privacy.

How hackers use it?

Zoom is helping people to get connected for their business purpose in the time of the global epidemic. Hackers are also infiltrating the process. Cyber attacks are increasing day by day, and the new one is Zoom Bombing. The hackers used to get into anyone’s system through the interruption of a meeting.   The cases are zoom bombing increasing as the time passes, and the authority also preventing the attacks.

The hackers find the unprotected Zoom meeting to get into the meeting and interrupt the meeting and users by getting into their system. They did it through screen sharing approach, as told by officials. Officials also said that bombing is taking care due to some ‘public links.’ Now, these links are getting a password protection approach to connect to the meeting. Many protection features have added to the interface. You can prevent yourself from the attack by some steps listed below.

How to prevent yourself from Zoom Bombing?

It is straightforward to set up a meeting on zoom. But for hackers, it is also quite easy if you are not preventing yourself from unwanted threats. You go through some of the mentioned methods to prevent yourself from Zoom Bombing. You must create a meeting as an administrator if you want to make these changes in meeting settings.

Set a password:

Make sure you have created a Zoom meeting with password protection. Set a password for your session as you create it. You recommended creating your password instead of going for the automatically-generated password. Your generated password will stop the random people try to add in your ongoing meetings.

Enable waiting room:

Setting a password is not the only secured method to get rid of bombers. You need to create a waiting room and make it enable by checking it as ‘enabled’ under the section when you create a meeting. This step provides you the authority to prevent anyone from getting join into the session. It doesn’t matter that the one is having the password if you have enabled the waiting room, then everyone gets access after your permission. If you have restricted or disallow any user to join the meeting, then they won’t be able to reconnect to the session until you finish.

Turn off webcams:

If some of the secret written material presented in the meeting that you don’t want that anyone could see other than you. You may proceed to turn their camera off by clicking the ‘stop sharing the screen’ option. Sometimes hackers use screen sharing to get into your meeting. You can prevent this type of attack by disallowing everyone to share their video. Every person in the meeting might see only you during the session. This prevention will disable bombers to get into your meeting through screen sharing, although. Follow the procedure to prevent screen attacks:

  • Click the up arrow next to the share screen while you are in a meeting.
  • Click on ‘advanced sharing options.’
  • Search for, ‘who can share,’ and set the option to ‘only host.’
  • By this, you can take control of who can share their screen.

Lock the meeting room:

Once everyone is on the board for a meeting, you can lock the meeting room. Closing the meeting room turn away everyone who tries to attend the meeting. Make sure that everyone has joined the conference. Check the participant list before locking the meeting room. Click on ‘more’ and ‘lock the meeting.’ It prevents the unnecessary interruption of the bomber.

Beware of links:

If you are a host of any meeting on Zoom, then you might invite all the participants through a link. Links are also hackable, and the fishers can get into a shared connection and spy on you or all the participants joining through the link. So to prevent this when you share the link, ask everyone not to join the meeting directly through the link. Tell them to join the conference only through meeting ID and password.

Create a webinar:

Zoom is a free interface to create a meeting. Although the sessions on zoom have been protected very well, you can create a webinar through the paid version of Zoom. A webinar is a presentation where the only host will be working, speaking, and sharing the screen. It is a more secure way to get away from fishers.

As Zoom bombing is the latest cyber-crime reported recently. The all this happens in online classes or meetings where the link is shared publically. No matters if you are password protected, if you have shared the link publically, and then there are many ways for hackers to get into anyone’s system from the meeting. Zoom has increased the number of users in recent times due to the epidemic spreading worldwide.

Fishers get very active on the application, and various cyber cases were reported. The result concluded from the reports that most of the trials were performed through public links. Some of them are very highly effective as hackers get into the meetings, which were either password protected. Here are some of the security settings mentioned above, which can protect you from getting attacked by Zoom-Bombing. Protect your data by applying these useful settings in your Zoom meeting.

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