10 Best Flight Simulator Games (2024)

Simulator games are gaining traction across all gaming platforms, whether PCs or Nintendo Switch. Among the simulation games, we had several catering to car driving, truck driving, and even airplane flying simulations. Car driving simulation games were an instant hit, giving users a taste of driving around in a foreign country. But the big revolution was Microsoft’s introduction of the flight simulation game.

Flight Simulation games developed recently come with state-of-the-art graphics, giving users the complete experience of riding an aeroplane. Yes, these titles demand a lot of hardware power, but some lower-power flight simulation games also run well, even on smartphones. So, this article is for people looking for a taste of flight simulator games, as we have included the top 10 flight simulation titles here. How do they differ, and which would be the best for you? That is what we will see here in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

10 Best Flight Simulator Games (2024)

The games mentioned here are for both PC and smartphone users. The list is in no specific order, and you can pick any game that fits your preference. We have also included combat fighting games where players go up against each other in different kinds of jets in any location they want. So let’s get into the list now.

Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight is a flight simulator game for the masses. It is something you can enjoy on the go on your smartphone, and it is a smartphone-only game available for Android and iOS users. Despite being a smartphone game, you get all you can expect from a flight simulation game. You have several options regarding aircraft, location, and atmospheric conditions selection. You can even pick the time of day for the Flight along with opportunities for weight configuration.

Considering the price of just 5 USD, you do not have much to complain about this smartphone simulation title.

Platform: iOS and Android.

Price: $4.99.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

This title probably revolutionized the entire flight simulation gaming industry within a week of its release. It is one of the most popular simulator games available online and is only available for PC gamers.

You have all the options for choosing an aircraft to fly. This includes popular ones like the 747, F/A-18 Hornet, P-51D Mustang, EH-101 helicopter, and more. Apart from aircraft, you also get options in terms of role. That is, you can not only be a pilot but also a co-pilot or traffic controller and complete a total of 80 different flight missions to complete the career path of the game.

The asking price for the game is a bit on the higher side. But once you see the gameplay, you will realize that the asking price of 25 USD is well worth it. Remember that lowly-powered PCs won’t be able to run this title. Only a powerful PC with enough computing power can drive the game perfectly. So if you have a PC that is not built powerfully, you should consider the other options in the list.

Platform: PC

Price: $24.99

Real Flight

Compared to the other titles on this list, Real Flight is a more basic game that anyone can enjoy directly on a smartphone. It is currently available only on Android, but for just 99 Euros, you have fun flying around any of the planes available in the game.

Yes, it is not the best Android flight simulator game, but you get all the basics. This includes real-time weather conditions, recreations of your favourite airports, and more. This is a fantastic entry-level title for players entering the entire flight simulation genre. This can be a learning curve if you do not want to spend much on titles like the X-Plane, Microsoft Simulator, or Infinite Flight Sim.

Platform: Android

Price: 0.99 Euros

X-Plane 11:

This simulation title is one of the most popular ones available right now, and it is exclusive only to PC users, and for a good reason. You get all that you can expect from a flight simulator game, from a wide range of selections in terms of aircraft to detailed 3D scenarios of different locations around the globe. You can access 13000 airports worldwide, and you will undoubtedly find your favourite ones.

X-Plane tries its best to give you the complete flight experience with detailed weather modelling, potential system failures, hangers, pushback tugs, and roaming fuel tanks for both your aircraft and AI planes. Yes, this is the most expensive title of the lot, but it is also the best, without any doubt.

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Price: Free demo. The full version is $59.99



If you do not wish to spend any money but still want the best you can get in a free title, YSFlight is a valid option. It is not as extensive and complicated as the other expensive titles. But you get visuals on par with other free flight simulator games and the opportunity to fly 70 aircraft. Regarding exploration, you also get a map with all the well-known regions popping up on your screen. A HUB even details in-flight speeds, elevation, direction, and more.

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Price: Free

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

This is the first combat flight simulator game on the list, and for the asking price of just under 20 USD, you can’t complain much about the offering. From realistic visuals to 360-degree 3D movement, this title has it all. You can either choose to fly around in a free-roam mode, or you can follow the storyline. Either way, you get access to futuristic aircraft that can fly and battle with intense action.

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: $19.99

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte

This is another combat flight simulation game that will woo those who live for combat games. This undoubtedly is the best combat flight game out there, and it is a World War-era flight simulator. There were frequent engagements between the U.S. Army Air Force, Royal Air Force, and the Luftwaffe in the skies over western Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium during the winter of 1944 and early 1945. So all your imagination about World War will come to life as you will get a taste of what it was to be a pilot in the World War.

You do not get many options in terms of aircraft, though, as the creators wanted to keep the whole World War experience as authentic as possible. The game offers eight standard planes that you can choose for single-player missions or multiplayer modes where you can fight against your friends. The price of this title is on the expensive side, though. So if you are confident this is the kind of flight simulation you want to experience, invest in it. Otherwise, we suggest you try another title in the list if you are unsure.

Platform: PC

Price: $49.99 Standard Edition, $79.99 Premium Addition


This would probably be the best free flight simulator PC game available on all PC platforms, including Mac. You get realistic visuals, access to 20,000 real-world airports, extensive flight controls, and even extensive weather conditions, including lightning. You can set the date and time of the Flight, and the game will align the sun, moon, other stars, and even planets accordingly. The best thing about this title is that it runs on an open-source program, leaving room for enthusiasts and developers to add their taste to the game.

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Price: Free

World of Warplanes

This is another combat flight simulator title that is exclusive to PC gamers. You get all possible options when it comes to jets. You can pick up a wooden plane from World War I or go for one of the modern jets of current times to combat anyone you want. This does not get you as extensive controls as you might see with the two other combat simulation games mentioned above, but this is an excellent choice for people just starting. You can practise on this title to improve flight skills and then move on to the other combat simulations.

Platform: PC, Mac

Price: Free with premium add-ons


GeoFS is a flight simulator developed with the help of satellite images and geographical data collected by Google Earth. The visuals are not as realistic as the other options out there, but the main advantage of this simulator is that you can play it directly on the web browser. You don’t need to install substantial game files on your PC or smartphone.

We can fly in 20 different aircraft, with access to all global airports worldwide. And this is not all. Most games mentioned above have a free version that allows free roam, while a premium version offers the option of flying with your friends. With GeoFS, you get that feature by default. You can get together with your friends online from any location and have a great time together. And this is not just limited to your friends either. You can also access a live map that will track all the pilots trying the game online in real-time. So you will see which flights other players control and even interact with them if you want.

If you think this is it, well, it’s not. If flying around the Earth is not enough for you, you can even fly into space. You can fly around the landscapes of the moon and Mars and enjoy a flight simulation experience like nothing else. Even the topography of the space objects is authentic, as the maps are collected directly from NASA itself.

You can enjoy all of this for free, but the resolution and quality of details will be limited. To enjoy every bit of this high-resolution simulation, you can subscribe to the annual or monthly plan of GeoFS.

Platform: Web browser

Price: Free or €9.99 annually for the premium version

So these are the ten best flight simulator games of 2024. If you have any questions or queries about this article, comment below, and we will reply. Also, check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricksPC tips and tricks, and much more for more helpful information.

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