3 Secret Tools Every Marketer Must Know About

Marketing is a competitive field. This is why if you want to take an edge, you should know how to utilize different marketing tools to your advantage.

Luckily, in this article, we will share with you 3 secret marketing tools that will help increase your work productivity. If you are interested in knowing more, continue reading below for more exciting discoveries.

3 Tools That Marketers Must Know About

Here are three tools that can significantly increase your work productivity as a marketer:

Jarvee for Social Media Accounts Automation

A big part of a marketer’s job is to handle multiple social media accounts. Unfortunately, this can be quite challenging, especially when you are handling plenty of accounts. There are even instances where you have to overcome website restrictions by using a proxy provider service.

If this is something that you are having a hard time with, Jarvee can be a helpful tool for you. It is an automated social media management software that is commonly used as a bot. It allows you to manage multiple accounts automatically on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Before setting up Jarvee and automating your social media tasks, you first need to have a Windows system. If you do not have this, you might want to consider getting virtual machine software that can imitate a Windows system environment. Once you have that sorted, you can use a proxy provider alongside Jarvee to schedule your social media account posts

Once you have satisfied the system requirement, here a quick overview of how to set up multiple accounts on Jarvee:

    1. Install the Jarvee software on your computer.
    2. To add multiple accounts, go to the social profile tab, then click on the Add Profile button found in the top left corner of the screen
    3. A pop-up with multiple social media platforms will appear. Click on the type of account that you want to add.
    4. You will be directed to the setting page of your selected type of social media account. Fill in the necessary credentials on this page. You can also use Smartproxy on the settings to hide your browsing footprints by changing your IP address.
    5. Enter the username and password of the account.
  1. Click on Verify your Account.


Take note that all of your account data entered on Jarvee is stored on your computer. It is only used by the bot to connect to your social media profiles and the software developers won’t have access to it.

ParseHub, Scrapebox, Screaming Frog for Web Scraping

Web scraping is the method of extracting data from a particular website. The information is collected and then exported in a format that is useful for the users. The data collected from web scraping can be used for product & price analysis, brand monitoring, acquiring leads, and many more.

It is possible to do web scraping manually. However, it can be time-consuming and costly. But the good news is that there are automation tools that can perform web scraping tasks. Among them are ParseHub, Scrapebox, and Screaming Frog.

ParseHub – This is a free web scraping tool that enables you to get data from multiple pages with a few clicks. It can interact with forms, dropdowns, AJAX, and many more. You can download the results using API, Excel, and JSON, and the data are collected with their servers.

Scrapebox – This is a paid software that collects information off the internet. It costs $97, and some of its features include harvesting proxies, creating a sitemap, collecting keyword ideas, and RSS submission.

Screaming Frog – This is an easy-to-use tool for conducting website audits. It offers comprehensive technical and on-page details.

Mail Merge Technology

The last secret tool on this list is the mail merge technology. This is a feature commonly included in data processing software that allows users to send documents or letters to multiple recipients. It primarily automates the process of sending a large bulk of emails to subscribers, customers, or general individuals when doing massive outreach campaigns.

 This technology works for two types of documents; the letter template and the data file. The letter template does not have the recipient’s information. Once the mail merge process is initiated, the fetched database can automatically fill in the empty information.

 On the other hand, the data file is the complete opposite. It includes the recipient’s information. It can either be a database file or spreadsheet containing various information to be merged within the letter.


 There you have it; the top 3 classified marketing tools are now revealed to you. They can be significantly helpful in making your job as a marketer quicker and more effective. They also have a wide range of applications and benefits. You’d be surprised with the positive effects that they will bring into your life.

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