A Complete Guide to Rank from Bronze to Immortal in Valorant

Sometimes you have all the skills and ambition to do things perfectly, but you fail miserably, and you start to blame yourself for making things worse and worse. You’ve got to understand that having skills and ambition is not enough; you also have to get guidance to accomplish your goals, whether it’s in real life or virtual life. You need a guideline to achieve certain things.

While we are at it, I have A Complete Guide to Rank from Bronze to Immortal. Firstly, you need to get a good grasp on the outside game basics grip of your mouse and see which mouse grip is more comfortable: palm claw or fingertip. There is a question: “How would you know which one is which?” So let me make it clear to you.

  1. The palm grip is when your hand is fully resting on the mouse.


2.The claw grip is when just the palm is resting on the mouse and your fingers are curled slightly on the clicks.


3.It’s just like a claw grip, but there’s a minor difference in this grip: none of your hands are resting on the mouse; you’re just gripping the mouse with your finger, and your tips are on clicks.


While there are a few other mouse grips that exist, these are the most commonly used. You don’t have to use these grips if you don’t find them comfortable, but I was just giving you an idea of the spectrum. Now adjust your in-game sensitivity according to the grip you are using and the playstyle that suits you. If you are aggressive, you can try to set your mouse sensitivity too high so you can move back and forth on angles more quickly. Now, I’m assuming that you have a decent setup with a good sensor mouse and a fraction-less mouse pad and are good to go.

Bronze rank:

If your aim is to get out of iron hell and get into the bronze rank, then no rocket science is required to get it done. First, you need to get your aim and movement jitter-free. To do that, you have to play some unranked matches—10 to 12 matches should be good enough.

Now you have to get 2 or 3 gamer friends that play Valorant and want to rank up as well. This step will help improve your rank substantially. Because solo queuing in iron is not the answer because on the other side, sometimes opponents are smurfs, trolls, and even sweaty tryhards, and I know it’s the hardest rank to get out, but I assure you this step will help a lot. To get into Bronze.

Silver Rank:

After getting out of iron and being in bronze, the next goal you might have is to get into silver. But it’s not going to be a piece of cake. This rank will include more tryhards, trolls, and smurfs than you were seeing in Iron. Now you have to play more death matches, and you need to get your movement in shape. It’ll be a tedious process because now your enemies will also be better than previous ones. In this rank, the saying “All aim, no brain” is perfectly fitting. Also, remember that team synergy is more important because if you are in bronze, you are not that good an aimer, so don’t get Jett or Reyna just because you feel like it. See the team agents and then pick an agent that fits in the team; believe me, it’ll help you a lot in the long run.

Gold Rank:

Now that you are out of bronze and currently in silver, there isn’t much to guide you through to get into gold. The thing you have to put in your head is that the more you play, the better you get. There is no specific thing you need to put in your game; just try hitting Deathmathes sessions before playing competitive matches.

Platinum Rank:

The gold rank has the highest percentage of players, and you can get stuck in it. Hence, I would suggest that you practice more on your map pool and get your pre-aim in order. The way you can do that is to play scrims and friendly matches more and work on your weak maps and left-eye or right-eye angles Because getting into platinum will require more than just practice. You need to pick your favorite, whether it’s a duelist, initiator, sentinel, or controller. Just pick an agent that suits your playstyle and stick with it; after long enough, you’ll surely get out of this gold slob.

Valorant Boosting:

Thereupon you reading this whole article you’ll find that all this rank-up thing takes hard work and most importantly Your precious time. So if you want to get a higher rank and have some of the dough you can buy valorant boosting but at your own risk. I said at “Your Own Risk” Because sometimes Riot bans the boosted it’s very rare but it’s possible. And to answer that what is Valorant boosting “Valorant boosting is the practice of paying someone else to play Valorant on your behalf in order to improve your rank. This can be done by hiring a professional player to play on your account”. You can even buy boosting at your account with your credentials init this way the ban risk would be very minimal. The first thing is that it can obviously get you your wanted rank but the thing is that you have to maintain it your self and most of the time players can’t maintain their rank and boosting for them is just a waste of money.  The second is that boosting can be expensive so watch your pocket and decide yourself. 

Diamond Rank:

So if you are In the platinum rank and everything is starting to get straightened You might be thinking that getting that immortal or even radian would now be the easiest thing in the world and it will just be a matter of time. But no the game the competition and The stress will go higher from here. For getting into the diamond rank you need something niche like you have to be the best movement player or have the best pre-fire angles or just be mechanically better than everybody else on the server. Furthermore, trying hard is not the way if you are not playing yourself and gaming sessions getting exhausted rather than being enjoyable then try to take a few breaks here and there they will help you soothe and will make your aiming ability somewhat better.

Ascendant Rank:

You get lucky enough to get into diamond now the next thing should be focusing on is how can you get into this newly introduced rank “Ascendant” As you advance through the game the harder it’ll get and putting things into context there are only 5.71% of all the player base is in this rank. And the room for errors and mistakes is getting thinner and thinner so you need to rewatch your gameplay and you have to find out your mistakes and you need to overcome them. Also watching your gameplay can give you a proper context about how you died in that fine 1v1 fight or how he knew where you were. And also you need to get a serious squad that is also as serious as you in this rank-up mission. The more you and your squad are dedicated to the game higher the chances you’ll make it into this rank.

Immortal Rank:

For this rank and if I’m being honest I have never been an immortal player but for the sake of the flow of this article and keeping my experience in this game I can still teach you a thing or two. So first thing that I wanted to tell you is that getting into this rank is extremely hard because your opponents in this rank are not a joke you may find esports players people that play Valorant for a living and obviously it would be extremely hard to get past to them some of these players even have a psychiatrist to calm their nerves because of the stress that this game gives they have high-end rigs and highest refresh displays that are available so they can play at their best. Now you might understand who you are up against but no pressure you can still make it into this rank. The first thing you need to do is get the best teammates that you can get and the second thing is to hire a coach to watch your replays with him so that he can guide and teach you the ways and point out your flaws. This way your chance of beating world-class players will get higher. if you get into Immortal you can always monetize it by selling your boosting services or streaming your gameplay or uploading your content on youtube. Sometimes if you are lucky enough you can even get a e-sports contract.


I concluded the tips and guidelines for all of the ranks except for Iron and Radiant because both of them have something in common both are hard to get stuck in. If you are in Iron you just have to play semi-decently and you are out of it same goes for Radiant if you play a bit better for a period of time you are in the Radiant rank. There fore I think I have covered everything that was needed for this article.

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