Adopt Me Pet Ages and Levels List – Neon Levels!

If you want to age up your pet in Roblox Adopt Me, it’s easy to do but it may take some time. So, let’s look at how long it will take to level up and age up different pets in the game. We’ll also provide info on how many tasks you’ll need to complete for each level depending on the pet’s rarity. Keep reading our complete wiki on Adopt Me Pet Ages & Levels List – Neon Levels!

Adopt Me Pet Ages and Levels List - Neon Levels!

Adopt Me – Pet Ages List

The ages/levels of a Normal Pet in Adopt Me in order are as follows:

  • Newborn
  • Junior
  • Pre-Teen
  • Teen
  • Post-Teen
  • Full Grown

No matter what the rarity, your pet will progress through the same stages on its journey to becoming fully grown. If you fuse four fully grown pets into a Neon Pet, then the growth process will be restarted, although the ages may vary.

Here’s a look at the list of ages/levels (in order) for your Neon Pet in Adopt Me:

  • Reborn
  • Twinkle
  • Sparkle
  • Flare
  • Sunshine
  • Luminous
  • Mega-Neon (Full Grown)

It is important to note that the neon pet age levels are similar to the stages of the normal pet ages; the only difference is the naming convention.

Leveling Up Pets in Adopt Me – Number of Tasks for each age level & pet rarity

If you want to level up your pet, the number of tasks you need to complete will depend on your pet’s rarity. Below is a list of the total number of objectives you must complete to get each type of pet to its fully grown state.

Common Pet Task Requirements

  • Newborn – 3 Tasks
  • Junior – 6 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 11 Tasks
  • Teen – 16 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 20 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 56 Tasks
  • Neon – 224 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 826 Tasks

Uncommon Pet Task Requirements

  • Newborn – 5 Tasks
  • Junior – 9 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 13 Tasks
  • Teen – 18 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 25 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 70 Tasks
  • Neon – 280 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 1120 Tasks

Rare Pet Task Requirements

  • Newborn – 10 Tasks
  • Junior – 20 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 30 Tasks
  • Teen – 40 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 50 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 150
  • Neon – 600 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 2400

Ultra-Rare Pet Task Requirements

  • Newborn – 12 Tasks
  • Junior – 25 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 36 Tasks
  • Teen – 47 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 58 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 78 Tasks
  • Neon – 712 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 2848 Tasks

Legendary Pet Task Requirements

  • Newborn – 13 Tasks
  • Junior – 26 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 38 Tasks
  • Teen – 50 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 62 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 189 Tasks
  • Neon – 756 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 3024 Tasks

If you’re looking to level up your pet in Adopt Me, you’ll need to complete a variety of tasks that become increasingly more difficult as the pet’s rarity increases. Neon pets are no different and will require the same tasks for each life stage until they reach the Mega-Neon stage and become fully grown.

How to Hatch Eggs in Adopt Me

There are two main types of eggs, each requiring a different number of tasks to hatch.

  • Cracked Egg – 4 Tasks are required to hatch
  • Limited / Royal / Pet Eggs – 6 Tasks are required to hatch

Adopt Me Pet Leveling Tips

If you’re looking to level up your pet quickly, consider creating a “grinding room”. This involves placing a crib, a tub, a feeder, and a piano in one room to complete several tasks in one place. This will save you time from running around and completing tasks and will enable you to quickly complete tasks such as sleeping, feeding, drinking, and boredom in one area. With this method, you can speed up the process of leveling up your pet significantly.

If your pet gets sick, you can pick up some Golden Apples from the doctor’s office to heal them. Additionally, make sure to bring a sandwich with you each time you log in – this can be used to feed your pet.

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