Adopt Me Pet Potions Guide

Adopt Me from Roblox is one of the top games enjoyed by the community of players. The game is enjoyed by everyone, and it can be seen by the engagement of the game. Adopt Me offers a variety of pets, customization options, and frequent updates and patches that makes the gameplay very engaging. The game is safe to play and can be played by various age groups. In this article, we will give you a complete guide on Adopt Me Pet Potions available in the game. The game has different pet potions, and every potion has different functions. If you have zero ideas about the pet potion you can use this guide for your reference.

Potions are the consumables in the Adopt Me game which are fed to the players or pets of the players. These Potions have different functions that can boost certain functions of the attribute of the game. The Potions can be found in the food section of the inventory. The potions can be obtained by using the Bucks used in the game, you can also use the Robux, or you can get them as a gift for the events. The potion that you can buy is not found in the Inventory. You can find those Potions in the Sky Castle. Before we move on to the guide, you should know that every potion has its own unique attributes.


Adopt Me Pet Potions Guide

You can find the potions in the sky castle, and you can buy them using the Bucks. The Potions that can be found in the Sky castle are here.

Big Head Potion

Big head Potion will cost you only 10 Bucks from the in-game money. The Potion will give a bigger head to whoever consumes it. This Potion has a limit use of one potion per player.

Hyperspeed Potion

From the name, you can guess what this potion can do. You can get the Hyperspeed Potion at the rate of 40 bucks. This potion will speed up the walking pace of the players. The best thing about this potion is that this portion can be consumed multiple times.

Anti-Gravity Potion

This anti-gravity Potion will cost you only 99 bucks. Once consumed, This potion can decrease the gravitational force acting on the player. You can jump very high once you take this potion. The potion can be used multiple times.

Grow Potion

Grow Potion will cost you 395 bucks. This potion increases your size. When you consume this potion your size will increase abruptly.

Ride-A-Pet Potions

This amazing Potion is available in the game to let you ride any pet you want by just feeding them the potion. This potion will cost you 150 Robux.

Fly-a-Pet Potion

A very similar potion is the Fly-a-Pet potion. You can use this potion to fly any pet. You have to feed them this potion, and they will be able to flyable forever. The option will cost you 295 Robux.

Small Sip Potion

Just like the Grow potion, you can change your Pet size too. This potion will cost you 250 Bucks, and once consumed; you can decrease your size for 10 minutes.

Big Brew Potion

The Big Brew potion is just opposite to the Small SIp potion. This potion can make your pet big for 10 Minutes. You can spend 350 Bucks to get this potion.

Translucent tea Potion

A potion that will make your pet translucent. You can use this potion to feed your pet, which will be translucent for 10 minutes. This potion will cost you 600 bucks.

Levitation Potion

this potion is for the playable characters. Once consumed, your character can Levitate. This potion will cost you 995 bucks.

Water Walking Potion

A potion that will make your character walk on water. This potion will cost you 80 bucks.

Gift/Praise Potions

Some potions you can take or give as a gift. If you don’t want to spend your money, you can obtain this specific potion in the events. This option will disappear when you leave the game.

Snowflake Potion – 2018 Christmas gifts

Teleportation Potion – 2018 Christmas gifts

Cure All Potion – 2018 Christmas gifts/2019 advent calendar/Task Board

Heart Potion – 2019 Valentine’s day Events


So this was all about the potion guide in Adopt Me! Game. There are various options available in the game. Every potion can help you according to its functionality. The Potions are easily available if you have enough money or the Robox coins. If you play regularly you can use events to get the potion for free. Hoping that this Potion guide was useful.


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