Advantages of Mining in WoW Dragonflight

The profession system in World of Warcraft went through several interesting stages, from constant development and relevance as a source of resource generation, to complete oblivion, when players simply bought WoW gold and redeemed the necessary lots without much desire and need to spend time on professions.

Everything changed in the Dragonflight update, when the profession was supplemented, simplified, made pleasant and in demand, and the interface was significantly improved, making it easier to understand.

There were characteristics and specializations for the individualization of each master, and finally, the developers from Blizzard listened to the players and created a table of orders, thanks to which any player can order an item for production from an artisan and become its full owner, while before the more valuable items of the Mythic level were tied to creator – i.e. to the artisan himself without the possibility of transfer to another player.

The system itself works simply and clearly – there is an order, to which resources are applied, which are mined by masters, including mining experts and the selected master, for a specified amount and a set time limit, must produce the item. The entire operation is controlled by the World of Warcraft system, so fraud or fraud is excluded.

Best Race for Mining

Choose this item if you know for sure that the hero will not do anything apart from mining, or for a minor character, because the concept of race and its bonuses are too conventional in such a multi-level game as World of Warcraft. You can change the direction of your activity at any time without recreating the character, which will make this column meaningless.

Considering that mining is a type of activity that requires fast and high-quality finding of ore deposits and simplification and acceleration of the collection process, then the race must be selected either profitable in terms of quantity or fast in terms of overall pace.


This is a new race that has received belonging to two factions at once and is available for selection.

A race of dragons that has a high mobility index, which is what is needed for accelerated and accurate collection, and at the same time they have an increased attentiveness parameter, which increases the likelihood of finding resources of increased value.

We will talk about the parameters and their role in the leveling of professions for collecting resources, which mining is, among other things, in the following sections of the guide.

Highmountain tauren

A race that tends to work with any crafting and gathering profession and has +5 to all professions and an increased dexterity parameter, which affects the pace of processing ore rocks.

If you choose the Druid class, you will get increased mobility when moving around locations and will be able to create a full-fledged hero for the mining profession.

Characteristics and their role in the development of the mining profession in World of Warcraft

Absolutely all artisans and resource collectors have received special characteristics in the World of Warcraft, which simplify the work and help to get additional features more often than with standard values.

Parameters are pumped through equipment, which we will discuss later, including ways to obtain it.

In total, there are several basic parameters for gathering professions of all types:


Accuracy – increases the chance to collect more basic resources when processing rocks.

Dexterity – allows you to speed up the filling scale of the resource collection process and increase the overall rate of ore processing and its assignment.

Mindfulness – significantly increases the chance of finding resources of a higher quality, which will have an increased chance of creating a masterpiece if used, rather than simple or when doing blacksmithing.

If you distribute all the parameters according to the degree of their importance and usefulness, then you should concentrate on the following order of improvement:

  1. Mindfulness is the most important skill, because if your main task is to earn more gold, then you will be able to profitably sell the best resources to artisans. If your goal is to acquire quality materials for the independent development of the blacksmithing specialization, then the format will also bring you more benefits than other types of resources.


2.Accuracy is considered the second most valuable attribute, since it allows you to quickly fill the bags and inventory of the character with ore and carry them for resale, or for the production of items and tools.

3.Skill is the last one on this list, since the speed of processing ore rocks is also a significant parameter, which in general allows you to add stability to the process of working with a craft and regularly collect more resources, but against the background of other characteristics, it lags far behind in the pace and quality of collecting mining materials.

Please note that with the change in the common interface for all gathering and crafting professions, there are now tooltips for finding and using items and resources and sound notifications that are activated as a result of gathering, which will especially help to assess the value and rarity of the received items and their quantity.

Equipment to improve performance and help with the extraction of ores and rocks in World of Warcraft

Each member of the profession, regardless of the focus on collecting or creating items, now has three slots for equipping various tools and clothes that will help the player enhance their new characteristics and receive pleasant effects and bonuses more often.

Tools are created by artisans and developers from Blizzard interestingly mixed access to their creation, limiting the ability of one player to make all the items themselves.

Basically, products are distributed according to the principle of logic – if it is a pick or scissors, then it is created by a blacksmith, as a master of working with metal.

Please note that ordinary level items can simply be bought, while improved items need to be created by yourself if you have knowledge in the required profession, or order creation through the order table on Dragon Island.

Pickaxe – can be from Dragonite, or Calgorite, created by a blacksmith and increases a random parameter. Ideally, catch Mindfulness, or Accuracy.

Bottomless pouch – can be made of rocky or muddy skins. Increases the accuracy parameter, crafted by the Master Engineer.

Explorer’s helmet – increases the parameters of dexterity and attentiveness, created by engineers

Do not pursue the goal of immediately collecting a top set of equipment for the craft, but gradually collect from the available with constant updating for the better by investing resources.

Please note that any equipment for working with resources and crafting does not need to be equipped, but it is enough to have it in your inventory. The system itself will determine the presence of equipment that can improve the process of work and put it on the hero. When the resource processing process is completed, the equipment will again be removed and put into your inventory.

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