All Baldur’s Gate 3 Error Codes, Problems and Their Solutions

Baldur’s Gate 3 took around 1 month to get a stable launch on PC, and during this time gap of 30 days, players have observed numerous things in it. Whether it was a query for doing any quest or to know about rewards, players almost explored everything in the game that persists in the current update. Because it is imperative that in the coming days, we will see changes in the game whenever the industry demands.

But alongside the weapons, quests, and hidden places, some players face a lot of Error codes that degrade their gameplay experience. However, we tried to answer them all but the errors were in such numbers that it seemed confusing for players to figure out what was the error code and what its solution. On reaching that fact, here we are sharing a summarized guide for common error codes along with solutions.

Fix Baldur's Gate 3 Crashing Issue

All Baldur’s Gate 3 Error Codes, Problems and Their Solutions

Starting from Error code 516 to Error code 11912062, we have seen plenty of users struggle to play Baldur’s Gate 3. But don’t worry the game’s support is such cooperative that they diligently give straight solutions for each error code. However it is seen over dominant user forums that such error codes are in numbers that confuse players, so here we are sharing some common error codes along with solutions.

Error Code 516

One of the beginning error codes that players experience after a few days of launch. This error comes when the player tries to launch the game. Unfortunately, the game does not launch and shows such an error code. For this, at that time developers clearly said that restarting the PC, verifying game files on Steam, and reinstalling the game could fix this error.

Error Code 119120612

A prominent code that troubles plenty of Baldur’s Gate 3 players. This indicates that your saved game is corrupted. And you know how it feels when you make decent progress in the game and if a message shows something like then what a usual player thinks. For this error, the simple solution is to try loading a different save file and delete the saved file that got corrupted.

Error code 304116

Being related to the previous error code, this error comes when the player tries to save the progress done in the game or to load the saved progress. When such an error occurred a lot of players lost hope in developers as they made responses a bit late. But as a recommendation, they said after restarting the PC, Verifying Game files or Disabling Antivirus can resolve this error code.

DirectX Error

Another error under the queue happens when a player runs a game over DirectX. I agree this is a decent platform but what we can do as such errors arise? Here according to users’ tried experience, you need to simply disable SLI technology. Head to NVIDIA Inside Control panel >> 3D Settings >> Do not use SLI Technology for this. After this, the error over DirectX will surely be fixed.

Crashing Error

This error is mainly dedicated to PC players as they frequently get crashing issues over their PC. Here, when they playing the game, then in-between it loses its capacity and starts to crash. For this thing, developers said to first comply with minimum system requirements. Even after that, if such an issue still persists then you should close unnecessary programs running in the background.

So, These are the major errors that troubled players since the game’s launch. However, If you want to become a player that can handle these errors easily then follow these tips. See, always be within the minimum system requirements purview, must have updated graphic drivers, play in Windowed Mode, always disable antivirus while playing, and most notably enough free space on your hard drive. Even after this, if anything is left then don’t Larian Studios Support is always there to help you.

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