All Command Prompt Error and Their Solutions 2024

Today in this guide, we will discuss All Command Prompt Errors and Their Solutions latest for the 2024 year. These days, if you are an advanced Windows user, you must have encountered the command prompt once in your life. Command Prompt is a powerful tool embedded within the Windows operating system and serves as a gateway for users to interact with their system through text-based commands. These commands can be used to perform various Windows administrative functions and tasks.

But when you are a continuous user of the Command Prompt, you might get some errors due to any internal issues that result in errors in the Command Prompt. Understanding and troubleshooting these Command Prompt errors is crucial for maintaining system functionality and efficiency. In this article, we will take out all the errors experienced by Windows users in the Command Prompt, along with their possible solutions.

All Command Prompt Error and Their Solutions

All Command Prompt Errors and Their Solutions

As there are multiple command prompt errors, you might face in the command prompt. We have consolidated these error codes and their solutions for you. From common errors like “Command not recognized” or “Access denied” to more intricate problems involving system files or network configurations, this guide aims to solve the majority of common CMD errors and problems. Please go through the errors and their solutions to get it fixed.

Command Prompt not Working | Crashing | Common Problems

When some people use the command prompt to troubleshoot their Windows problems, the first thing some users will experience is the command prompt not working or not opening up. Luckily, you can fix this error by doing some tricks. So, how do we fix the Command prompt not working or opening up?

Restart your Windows PC

Simply Restart your Windows PC if you find your command prompt not opening up or not working.

  • Click on the Start Menu
  • Go to Power and Click on Reboot/Restart
  • Wait for the PC to start up.
  • Try opening the Command Prompt again

Temporarily Disable Antivirus on your PC

You can disable your Antivirus in order to fix some errors in the Windows PC. Sometimes these third-party antivirus cause interference with the system in order to secure your Windows PC. Just go to your ANtivirus settings and disable your current antivirus.

Modify Path Environment Variables

If your command prompt closes as soon as it opens up, you can change the Path Environment variable in your Windows settings.

  • Go to your Start and type Environ
  • Click on Edit the system environment variables
  • You will be directed to the system properties, where you can click on the Environment Variable
  • You can click on the Path and then on the Edit button
  • Create a new entry with the name – C:\Windows\SysWow64 and click Okay.

Try with a new user account

There might be a problem in your profile that can alter your Windows PC’s functionality and affect the Command Prompt as well. Try using an Admin user profile to run the Command Prompt.

  • Log out of your account from the power button in the start menu
  • Log in with a different user name/Admin profile
  • If you are the only user, you can create a different account by pressing the Win + i button and adding another user to this PC.

Fix: The System cannot find the file Specified

This command prompt error comes when you try to create a system image or try to install the driver access files. Luckily, you can fix this error code resulting from the corrupted system files. Here is how you can fix this error code.

  • Restart your PC
  • Open the Troubleshooting settings and fix this error by clicking on the additional troubleshooting
  • You can do the Antivirus scan and once done, you can restart your PC.
  • Delete the current file and download the file again

Fix: Not Enough Memory

This error was very common back when no memory space was available in the system file. But if you get this error code in 2024, you can easily fix this error in the Command Prompt by following these steps.

  • Close all the unnecessary programs running in the background causing the system to overload.
  • Now, Restart your PC
  • If this appears when you are running any script, try running a smaller script by breaking down it
  • Increase your computer RAM (If you think this might be the issue).

Fix: General Protection Fault

The General Protection fault occurs in Windows PC when software tries to access a section of the memory utilized by another processing program. However, you can fix this error code by following these steps.

  • Delete Temporary files
  • Try running a disk scan or the Defrag
  • Uninstall recently installed software on your PC
  • Disable Power Management and Screen Saver.

Fix: Invalid Syntax

Command Prompt gives an Invalid Syntax error when the command you give is invalid, and there can be numerous reasons for it. This error can occur when you mistype a command or you miss any semicolon on your command. To fix this error you can follow these steps.

  • Click and open the command prompt again
  • Now, rewrite your command by fixing all the errors in the command line
  • Use Only valid command lines to execute it


This brings us to the end of this guide for All Command Prompt Error and Their Solutions. Command Prompt can be used to fix/troubleshoot some Windows issues by using some commands. However, if you face any issues, I’m sure the above guide will help you troubleshoot the same. You can go through each of them to find what error is causing your problems. Ensure to follow each step carefully to fix these error codes.

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