All Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space remake immediately gripped fans in its frightening environment. Players in the game face off against spooky creatures that prowl around the abandoned space shuttle. It gives gamers powerful weapons that are more than up to the task of combating such dangers. Fans can choose the Flamethrower if they want to ramp up the chaos.

This weapon is available to players in Chapter 3: Course Correction. Issac notices a soldier attached to the wall while attempting to manually start the engines. One can approach the fallen soldier and take the Flamethrower from him. Due to its visibility on the path to the following primary objective, this weapon is difficult to overlook.

If you are someone who is looking for all Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake, then don’t worry because this guide will help you. In this guide, we will discuss the locations of All the Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake. So, make sure to read the full guide to know about it. And now, let’s check out the guide without wasting much time.

Where You Can Find All The Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake?

One of the game’s most potent weapons is the Flamethrower. Fortunately, you can get this weapon rather quickly. You must manually ignite the engines to bring them online after triggering Centrifuge. A step in that procedure is obtaining the weapon. The Engineering department is where this mission is located.

This useful weapon in the Dead Space remake may be upgraded by gathering three upgrade components and 25 nodes.

The primary fire of this weapon shoots out flames, igniting necromorphs and dealing strong damage over time. All targets that pass through the Flame Wall that its alternative fire creates will be burned. The moment you discover it, you realize how convenient it is to have nearby for greater throngs.

The efficiency of the weapon in terms of damage, capacity, reload time, and flame duration can be leveled via nodes. Two of the three parts need to be gathered while exploring, and the third one can be bought from the in-game shop.

Where You Can Find The First Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake?

The first component of the Flamethrower upgrade is Gellified Hydrazine. It costs 11500 credits to purchase. After Chapter 3, you can interact with the store and buy it. It is then available for purchase. Since the game is still in its early stages, you must first decide if you like the weapon before spending money to upgrade it.

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Where You Can Find The Second Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake?

The Macroliter Fuel Tank is the second component of the Flamethrower upgrade. It is located in the Utility Room on the first floor of the Mining area. Access to this area requires a level three security clearance. The component will be on the floor inside, waiting for you. A golden orb that indicates its location can be found.

Where You Can Find The Third Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake?

Now, the last Flamethrower upgrade is the High-Pressure Nozzle. You need to obtain a Master Override clearance in order to get it. You must go to the Crew Quarters’ first floor. Beyond the bathroom, doors are the ideal space. You have to put the battery in the fuse box because these are locked.

You will have to unlock the doors. Once you will unlock it, your entry inside the Deluxe Shifts Bunk area will be made possible. Now, a lock box that needs Master Override clearance can be found here. You will have to interact with it to get the High-Pressure Nozzle for the Flamethrower.

In Dead Space, buying every weapon might not be the best course of action. It’s best to limit your choices to two or three and to fully upgrade those few. When fighting with necromorphs that generate several lesser creatures, a Flamethrower is the best weapon. They can not spawn the little monsters if you use the weapon on them.

Some species have limb regeneration capabilities. They use more ammunition more quickly when you use Plasma Cutter on them. The Flamethrower is a suitable weapon in such a situation because it stunts their ability to regenerate and speeds up the process of eliminating them.


This was all for the guide on All Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake. We hope that with the help of this guide, you were able to get all the three upgrades in Dead Space Remake. Also, if you have any queries or questions, then do mention them in the comment section below. So that, we can help you in solving it by providing you with a guide.

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