All Hi-Fi Rush Achievements and How To Complete Them

Bethesda has recently published Hi-Fi Rush on different platforms for players. The game is based on a character who got the power to feel the rhythm of the world that is near to him. It started to happen when a megacorporation company did some experiments on him. After seeing the exciting concept of the game, a lot of players downloaded the game. Now, the players are looking for a way to complete the game’s achievements. So, we are here with it. We will list all Hi-Fi Rush Achievements and how to complete them.

Why Are Achievements Not Showing Up in Hi-Fi Rush?

All Hi-Fi Rush Achievements and How To Complete Them

Here is the list of Hi-Fi Rush Achievements and the explanation to complete them.

  • Alright, that felt AWESOME! : Defeat the first enemy with a Rhythm Parry Attack.
  • And the crowd goes wild!: You have to complete every level of the game with Very hard difficulty.
  • Beat-hit mania: Five Hundred beat-hit attacks on enemies.
  • Chip-tuned: The player will need to increase the chip slots to the maximum capacity.
  • I didn’t skip a beat!: You have to complete every level of the game with Rhythm Master difficulty.
  • Does that say weak point?: Destroy QA-1MIL’s face.
  • Easy Listening: You have to complete every level of the game with Easy difficulty.
  • I was feeling the beat!: Twenty beat-hit attacks on enemies.
  • First, we parry, then we counter: 20 parry counters using any partner
  • Fully Powered Up!: The player has to upgrade Reverb Gauge to the maximum fully.
  • Have we met before?: Find the investigator of Vandelay HR and listen to all of its monologues.
  • I am a good person who likes to help: Fix Pressing issues of 3 Vandelay robots.
  • I can’t see this ever being a problem again: You have to solve the problem for one time and for all in an epic battle.
  • Do I have to read ALL of these things? : The player has to find and read all the Vandelay Vlogs on campus.
  • Do I have to read these things?: The player has to find and read the Vandelay Vlogs half on campus.
  • I hit things with a guitar really well. : Finish a stage with the S rank for every Chorus.
  • I look cool. But I can look COOLER.: You have to Equip a costume.
  • I play my own way!: You have to purchase and equip the first Special Attack in the game.
  • I saw all those hits coming to a measure away! : Parry every Rhythm Parry strike from a non-boss adversary flawlessly.
  • I think I deserve some praise here!: You have to complete every level of the game with hard difficulty.
  • I think I found your calling, Macaron: Shatter fifty enemy shields in Macaron by calling.
  • I think that’s enough health for now: You have to fully upgrade the health bar by collecting all Life Gauges.
  • I told you I’d be fine, Peppermint! : Finish the ride-through production on the rail system without being hurt.
  • I’m not done with you yet: You have to kill 20 enemies.
  • I’m trying to FOCUS HERE! : Find and shoot down every hovering announcement drone.
  • I’m untouchable! : You have to finish any stage without taking damage.
  • Kissing the sky! : Fifty Aerial Raves.
  • My Ultimate Setlist: The player must complete every Rhythm Tower floor.
  • Now, this is how you fight like a team! : Perform 100 parry counters using any partner.
  • OK, I THINK I know what I’m doing now: Perform every strike and combo in the training room with perfection.
  • OK, well THEY came after ME!: Destroy Thounsand Vandelay security robots.
  • Perfect Parry: Successfully parry with perfect timing fifteen times.
  • Perfecter Parry-er!: Successfully parry with perfect timing two hundred times.
  • Thanks for the free chip, Peppermint!: You have to purchase and equip the first upgrade chip in the game.
  • That’s a lot of junk metal…: Destroy Five Hundred Vandelay security robots.
  • There’s such a thing as TOO helpful : Find every Smidge, talk to him, and follow all of his practice suggestions.
  • This was… not what I expected.: You have to take “The Artist” to decorate your hideout.
  • They were broken when I arrived: Destroy Two Hundred Vandelay security robots.
  • Wanna hear my playlist? : In the hideout, change the background music.
  • We’re Jammin’: 20 Jam Combos.
  • Well, That Was A Rush: You have to complete every level of the game with Normal difficulty.
  • What a journey it was…: Complete the Wall of Fame in the hideout.
  • Who put gears in there? : You have to destroy the first golden statue of Kale.
  • Whoa! There’s ANOTHER health bar!?: You have to increase your health when you unlock a second tier.
  • With our powers combined…and to the rhythm…: Perfectly time the defeat of your biggest opponent to date in the musical conclusion.
  • You can pet the cat! : Play with 808 in the hideout.
  • You ever parry a volcano? : You have to parry a volcanic rock outside of R & D.
  • You got this, Peppermint? : You have to destroy 10 barriers.
  • You must like calling me in, Chai: You have to destroy 10 barriers.
  • Z-shielding’s got nothing on us! : Shatter 10 enemy shields in Macaron by calling.

Wrapping Up

Hi-Fi Rush is a very exciting game; we hope you will love it. This game is based on a character who gots some strange powers. You have to play the game on the same concept. Many players have already started playing the game, and now they are looking for all the achievements in the game. With the help of this guide, you will learn about all the achievements of the Hi-Fi Rush and the ways to complete it. That’s it for this guide, see you in the next one.

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