All Valheim Bosses in Order (2023)

Valheim is a survival exploration game which has been released on early access in February 2021. It is due for an Xbox release sometime in 2023, which fans eagerly await. In the world of Valheim, you will need to fight against evil and prove yourself worthy of Valhalla. There are a lot of bosses in the game so that we will take you through all the Valheim Bosses in order.

Developed by Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Studios, the sandbox game has been received extremely well. It has sold over five million copies in its first month. Based on Norse mythology, it is one of the most-played games on Steam. There are some powerful creatures that you will be up against in the battles of Valheim. So, it’s a good time to check out all the Valheim bosses you will be up against.


Valheim 2023 Boss Guide: A List of Every Boss

Plenty of evils endanger Valheim, and you will need to defeat them all eventually. Every game area has a boss you can challenge to kill. They can be tough to deal with if you’re not well-prepared. This will be the ultimate test of your Viking killing abilities.

Six bosses will appear in the different biomes of Valheim, and they all require different strategies to beat. You will first need to summon them before you can begin the fight. To summon bosses, you must collect items and provide them as sacrifices. You need to place these items in the region’s Mystical Altar. As long as you have the resources, you can summon any boss as often as you want.

Once they are defeated, you will get a ton of loot and XP as a reward. Also, you will be able to progress to the next part of the game. Defeating bosses will allow you to access new resources, which are useful for taking out the next boss. So, it would be best if you beat them in a specific order. The new powers and resources you get as rewards will give you a better chance of survival. Without these resources, surviving in the next biome can be tough.

Below, you will find a list of all the Valheim bosses in order and how to summon and defeat them.


The biome where you can find this boss is the Meadows. You will need to place Two Deer Trophies on the altar to summon the Eikthyr boss. This is the first boss that you can summon in the game, and it looks like a reindeer or a stag. There are chains wrapped around his antlers, but you need to watch out for his attacks. There are three types of attacks that it will try to use on you:

  • The first type of attack is the ranged electrical attack where it will shoot lighting from its antlers.
  • When it comes close to you, it will rear up and stomp its front legs down for an AoE (Area of Effect) electrical attack.
  • The third attack is that it will ram you with its antlers as a melee attack.

To protect yourself against this boss, you must block its attacks with a wooden shield that you can get in the early game. You can craft a shield for this purpose. On the offensive side, you should craft a bow to shoot it from a distance. When it comes close, block its melee attack with your shield and counter with your spear or axe. You don’t really need to go after the boss as it will come towards you. Not moving much will help you conserve stamina for attacks.

After you have defeated Eikthyr, you will get the power of a reduced stamina cost of running and jumping. The other rewards you receive for beating the boss are hard antlers and the Eikthyr trophy. You will need the hard antlers in order to craft a pickaxe for the next part of the game.

The Elder

You will be able to find The Elder in the Black Forests biome. To summon it, you need to collect and place Three Ancient Seeds at the altar. You can find them in drops from greydwarf brutes and greydwarf shamans, and by destroying Greydwarf nests. This is the second boss in Valheim. To find the location of this boss, you will need to interact with rune stones in Burial Chambers in the Black Forest.

The Elder has three attacks that it will use when you summon it. These are as follows:

  • The first one is a melee attack where it will stomp you with an AoE attack. This will damage you even if he doesn’t step directly on you.
  • The second attack is ranged where it shoots vines as projectiles.
  • The third type of attack is one where it can summon vines from the ground, to lash out and attack players.

You can prepare yourself for the battle by crafting brass armor and flame armor. The materials for these items can be mined with the pickaxe dropped by the previous boss Eikthyr. You should also get your hands on some flame arrows, as The Elder is weak to fire damage. Make use of campfires and flame arrows for burn damage and you should be able to defeat it quickly. One thing to remember is that you should stick close to the altar where you have summoned the boss. If you stray into the woods, other enemies might come poking their noses about.

Once you have defeated The Elder, you will get the power of faster wood cutting. Also, you will get the Swamp key which is used for unlocking crypts in the Swamp, as well as the, Elder trophy.


You will be able to find this boss in the Swamps Biome. Ten Withered Bones are all you need to summon Bonemass. You can find this location by interacting with the runestone in the swamp crypts. You will need the Swamp key which you have from the previous boss fight. These areas also have the items you need to summon the boss, which are Withered Bones.

There are three attacks that Bonemass will use, and they are as follows:

  • The first attack is a melee one where it will strike you when it comes close.
  • The second one is a toxic vomit attack. It will fill the air around him and inflict severe poison damage.
  • The third attack is summoning skeletons, blobs, and oozers to attack you.

This can be quite a difficult fight as Bonemass doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses. You will need to use iron wear and blunt attacks to hit it. Melee attacks are a good idea for the fight, but you will need to avoid his attacks up close.

If you have frost arrows, you should use them too. This is because Bonemass can heal itself during battle. Using these arrows will not damage it much, but it will put a pause on the healing process. To defend yourself against the toxic poison attack, you should have poison resistance mead. You can make this in the cauldron and fermenter.

When you have killed this boss, you will get the power of higher resistance to physical damage. Additionally, you will get some rewards you receive for beating the boss which are Wishbone and the Bonemass trophy. The Wishbone is used to find silver ore which is necessary for the next fight.


The biome where you can find this boss is the Mountains. You will need some items to summon Moder, which are three Dragon Eggs. The location of the boss is on top of a mountain, as it is a dragon or a wyvern. Once you find the runestone, you can use dragon eggs to summon Moder. The eggs are available in drake nests and mountains. As they are very heavy, you will be able to carry only one at a time if you are playing solo.

Moder will use three different attacks on you. These are as follows:

  • The first is a melee attack where it swipes its front claws.
  • The second one is blizzard breath to slow you down. It can also freeze you for a couple of seconds if it hits you directly.
  • The third attack is launching ice fire from its mouth.

Make sure to take some cold protection such as Wolf Armor and frost resistance mead. You can hunt wolves and mine silver with Wishbone to get the armor. The main thing you need to keep in mind for this battle is to dodge quickly. You can opt for a long-range attack like a bow, as the first melee attack is very powerful. It is easy to spot the animation for the second attack from a distance, so you just need to get out of the way of the direct breath.

Moder has a lot of HP so this will be a long battle. You can also use poison arrows to speed up the process. When you have defeated the boss you will get the power of always being tailwind when sailing. The other rewards you receive for beating Moder are Dragon Tears, which unlocks black metal crafting and the Moder trophy.


Yagluth is in the Plains Biome. To summon it, you need Five Fuling Totems. If you are looking for the totems, you will need to kill Fulings. These are monsters that look like goblins, and they hang around in the Plains as well. As for Yagluth, it looks like the upper body of a skeleton, which shuffles towards you using its hands. The location of the boss is near a Stongehenge-like arrangement of rocks in the plains.

Once you have summoned the boss, you will need to watch out for its attacks. Yagluth has three of them, and they are as follows:

  • One is a fist attack which causes damage in the radius of the attack
  • The second one is also a fist attack, but this one summons a shower of meteors upon the area it targets.
  • The third attack is a flamethrower attack which is essentially the breath of the skeleton. It has a long range across a wide area.

As we are close to the end of the game, the bosses in Valheim are more powerful than ever. You will need to use black metal gear and keep a lot of food and potions in stock. It is easy to dodge Yagluth’s attacks as they are quite slow. You will be able to recognize the animations such as rearing its head and the blue glow of the hands.

The best strategy is probably to use long-ranged attacks like bows with frost arrows. This is because you will be able to see what’s coming. You can also slow the boss down further with frost arrows and quickly kill it.

Once you defeat it, you will get magic and lightning damage reduction. The other rewards are Torn Spirit which you can use to craft a wisp fountain and the Yagluth trophy.

The Queen

The sixth final boss is The Queen, and you will be able to find her in the Mistlands Biome. You will need to explore the infested mines which are full of insect-like creatures. The Queen is a large insect as well. To summon her for the first time, you will need the Sealbreaker Key. Subsequently, you will need Three Seeker Soldier Trophies, after you have defeated her once.

Make sure to carry a Wisplight and a Feather Cape. Watch out for the Queen’s deadly and quick attacks. She will also summon little brooding insects to attack you during the battle. The cape will help you to navigate her lair freely. You can jump around the stairs while the Queen has to walk the longer path, thus slowing her down. Use this to your advantage and put as much distance as you can between yourself and the enemy

The power that you get on defeating the boss is faster mining and increased Eitr regeneration. As for the other rewards you receive, they are the Queen drop and the Queen trophy. And of course, you are almost done with the entire game. The Queen drop’s purpose is not known yet, but it will be useful to you in a later update of the game. So, make sure to hold onto it.


That’s all for our guide on the bosses in Valheim. By preparing adequately, you should be able to beat these bosses quite easily. However, they are challenging enough to keep things interesting. As the game will be released in full in 2023, you can look forward to the latest Valheim game soon. Until then, it will remain available to play on early access.

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