How To Enhance Android Battery Life Span By Introducing A Charge Limit

The battery life Span of a Smartphone is one of its key features. Obviously, buyers pay close attention to the battery backup and its overall life while buying a Smartphone. The fact is many battery complaints arrive mainly due to over-charging. Actually, even if users adopt the best battery charging habits, it is very difficult to remove the charger at the exact time. The bad thing is Android Smartphones don’t cut down the power supply automatically once the battery is charged up to the required extent. However, if you impose a limit on charging, there are good chances that you can enhance the overall life of your battery.

How To Enhance Android Battery Life Span By Introducing A Charge Limit

How To Enhance Android Battery Life Span By Introducing A Charge Limit

As per some researchers, charging a battery to 85% always contribute a lot more in this matter than charging it to 100%. In addition to overcharging, heating is another common issue that often degrades the performance of your device. Thus you must make sure that your phone’s battery wouldn’t cross 85% charging. Possibly you might be wondering how it could be done.

Recently a developer introduced a root app for this purpose. This app is named Battery Charge Limit. The good thing is you can choose your own limit. One catch about this app is it doesn’t work with all devices. It cannot be perfectly said whether it works on your phone or not.

How to know whether it works on your phone or not?

The first thing which you need to make sure is your device is running on Android 4.4 or any other later version. Now what you need to do is very simple. Switch on the charging and launch root enables file browser. Go to the folder sys/class/power/battery. You will find a file named charging_enabled. Simply open it with a text editor. Here you can see the number “1”. You need to change it to “0”. If you save it and your device is still charging, this app doesn’t work on your phone. However, if it stops charging when you save it to 0, congratulations you can keep up the pace.

Using charge limit

In case the app works on your phone, you can go ahead with downloading and installing. Keep in your mind that it’s not available on PlayStore. You need to download the APK from third-party locations. Check out the below link for the same.

Download BatteryChargeLimit APK

Before you begin downloading, you may need to change the settings of your phone to allow it to install apps from other locations than Play Store. Once it is installed on your device, simply launch it. Next to the “Limit” entry, you can find the “Change” button. Tap on it to enter any two-digit number. Remember this would be the charging limit of your phone. It is recommended to set it as 85. You may need to grant a few permissions to the app.

How To Enhance Android Battery Life Span By Introducing A Charge Limit

Once everything is done, your phone will stop charging after the limit you assign is reached. Keep this thing in your mind that the app runs in the back when the phone is charging but it doesn’t put any load on the battery. Thus you need not worry about forgetting to turn off your device’s charging. In case the plug is on and the battery drags to 3%, the app again starts charging the phone temporarily to stop it from being off.


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