Will Apple Release iPhone 15 Mini? Release Date, Rumors, Price, and More

In this article, you will learn about the iPhone 15 mini phone with comprehensive information on when Apple will release their latest iPhone 15 mini, along with some important rumors, price details, and other related topics. Apple has been a promising brand on the market for years. Apple phones and accessories are evolving daily, bringing excellent features with good stability. This time, Apple will make some really massive changes to the iPhone 15 series.

Considering the tentative launch date, it seems like we are not far from it. Rumors have started revealing the secrets and best features of the iPhone 15 mini. Many users are now wondering about the new iPhone series coming to the market, especially the iPhone 15 mini. If you’re an iPhone fan unable to figure out the iPhone 15 Mini’s release date, price, and other details, do not worry; you are in the right place.


Will Apple Release iPhone 15 Mini Release Date, Rumors, Price, and More

As for now, the tentative date of the launch of the iPhone 15 mini is around June 15, 2023. This phone will be launched with an expected price to be Rs. 70,990 ($856) for the base variant. Considering the old trend, Apple has been capping the price of the flagship phone at around $999, so it can follow the same trend this year. The phone will be available in multiple colors (Black, Gold Colour) variants to choose from. According to Apple, it is considered the most affordable model.

iPhone 15 Mini Rumours & Updates

Whenever something big and new is about to come, bad and good rumors spread around the around. iPhone 15 mini too has some rumors. They are as follows:

  • The expected size of the phone would be 5.4 inches.
  • The new feature dynamic island will also be available in the iPhone 15 mini.
  • Better Periscope zoom lens for crispy clicks.
  • The most controversial thing is the USB-C port; according to reports, iPhone 15 mini will have a USB-C port.
  • The model chip of the phone will be of Qualcomm.
  • There will be no fingerprint sensor in this device.

Although, it’s important first to understand the history of Apple’s Mini line of iPhones. In 2020, Apple introduced the iPhone 12 Mini, a smaller version of the iPhone 12 that had been released simultaneously. The iPhone 12 Mini boasted many of the same features as its larger counterpart but with a smaller screen and a lower price point. So iPhone 15 mini will have a similar price point and lack a few premium features reserved for pro models.

Dynamic Island

Will Apple Release iPhone 15 Mini? Release Date, Rumors, Price, and More

If you are excited about the change of design in the upcoming iPhone, then you might be disappointed, as Apple is going to continue the same design form factor with the new devices. On top of that, the iPhone 15 features a new pill-shaped dynamic island. This dynamic island has replaced the traditional notch, making devices more appealing and user friendly.

Touch ID will also not be returning with the new iPhone series, which is a disappointment. Apple might take a few more years to integrate Touch ID into its devices.

Another major disappointment is that generally, Android phones have a high refresh rate at this high price point, unlike the flagship iPhone. This time too, the upcoming series of iPhones will support a 60 Hz refresh rate only. Currently, there are no rumors of Apple adding 120 or 144 Hz features to its devices. Apple can provide a refresh rate of 90 Hz, as that’s a basic feature of most phones on the market today.

USB-C Charging port

There has been a controversy with Apple when it comes to the USB-C port. Laws force Apple to use a USB-C port instead of the Lightning port for their upcoming devices. This law was made so that the USB-C port would become a universal standard. However, this won’t bring any major changes to the look of the device.

According to reports, Apple has not yet announced when the USB-C ports will be rolled out for the devices. Well, considering the rumors, the change may start with the iPhone 15 series. Apple may also launch USB-C AirPods in addition to this change.

Frame and Edges

According to rumors, the Apple iPhone 15 mini and series will have a tough titanium frame. This will help reduce the weight of the phones. This will in turn add a positive note to the user experience of the phone. When the phone is lighter, users will have a good time using it, as nowadays, everyone wants a light and rugged phone.

According to rumors, round edges will return in the Apple iPhone 15 mini, unlike previous phones that used flatter edges. The curved edge will provide a new look to the upcoming series of iPhones. The edges might be similar to the iPhone 5C, according to reports. However, these leaks can be false, as some leaks are intentionally omitted to keep things in the highlights.

iPhone 15 Series: Device Specs

Specifications iPhone 15 iPhone 15 mini iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Ultra
Display 6.1 inch display 5.4-inch display 6.1-inch display 6.7-inch display
Processor A16 Bionic A16 Bionic A17 Bionic (3nm) A17 Bionic (3nm)
Camera 48MP primary, 12MP ultra-wide 48MP primary, 12MP ultra-wide 48MP primary, 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP periscope 48MP primary, 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP periscope
Charging Port USB-C port (2.0) USB-C port (2.0) USB-C port (3.2) USB-C port (3.2)
Refresh Rate 60Hz refresh rate 60Hz refresh rate 120Hz refresh rate 120Hz refresh rate
Price $799 $899 $1,099 $1,199


So, will Apple release an iPhone 15 Mini? The answer to this question is unclear now, as Apple has not yet announced any plans for a new Mini device. However, some factors could suggest that the company might consider releasing such a device in the future. In conclusion, whether or not Apple will release an iPhone 15 Mini is still an open question.

While some factors suggest that the company might consider such a device, there are also arguments against the idea. Ultimately, it will be up to Apple to decide whether or not there is enough demand for a smaller, more affordable iPhone mini in today’s market.

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