Fix: Asus TUF Gaming F15/A15 WiFi Issue | Not Connecting Problem

With its brilliant performance and low price, the Asus makes one of the best affordable gaming laptops on the market. The gaming laptop TUF A15/F15 makes a strong entry into the market with its performance at 1080p, uncompromising build quality, and a wide variety of ports that will make it popular among competitive gamers. But, from the last couple of days, many users started complaining that the Asus TUF Gaming F15/A15 WiFi is not connecting.

However, there is no particular reason why users are getting this error. But, still, we have mentioned some potential fixes that previously helped many users to resolve this error; therefore, if you also find that the WiFi is not connecting on your Asus TUF Gaming F15/A15. So, let’s get started with it and check out all the fixes.

Asus TUF A15

How To Fix Asus TUF Gaming F15/A15 WiFi Issue | Not Connecting Problem

There are multiple reasons why your Asus TUF Gaming F15/A15 WiFi is not connecting to your network, but there are many fixes available that are generally used when this type of issue occurs. Therefore, let’s take a look at fixes that we have mentioned here: 

Fix 1: Reboot Your Laptop

Ultimately, the answer is that restarting your Asus TUF Gaming laptop will not wipe away the current state of your system. But, it will fix every issue, including any problems that have developed, and allow it to start over with a fresh new start.

However, it’s easier and faster to start from a clean state before following any other methods that we have mentioned here. There is a possibility that some temporary cache files are stored on your Asus laptop which might be damaged, which is why you are experiencing this problem.

Therefore, in order to fix this, it is better to reboot your PC as this will remove all the temporary cache files and fix the WiFi not connecting issue. So, if you have already tried this fix and are still getting the same issue, we suggest you follow the next methods.

Fix 2: Check If WiFi Is Working

Did you verify if your WiFi is working or not? Well, there are chances that your WiFi is not working properly. Thus it is advised to check the power supply of your WiFi router. However, in order to make sure that the power socket is working properly or not, you can change the power supply source.

Meanwhile, in case your WiFi is functioning properly but still getting the issue, then there are chances that you may have entered the wrong credentials. 

Fix 3: Verify The Credentials

As we have already mentioned, it is possible that you may have entered the wrong password to connect to your WiFi network. Therefore, we suggest you cross-check if you are using the right password in order to make a connection between your Asus TUF gaming laptop and WiFi network. 

Fix 4: Make Sure Nothing Comes in Path

You also need to make sure that there is no hard object that comes between the path of your WiFi adapter and laptop. Furthermore, if you place your laptop far from the router or there are a lot of walls between your router and your computer, your computer might not receive a strong signal.

So, if you cannot connect, move your laptop 10–15 feet away from your router, and make sure you are free of obstructions. This will surely help you fix the WiFi not connecting issue. However, many users have reported that after placing their laptop within 10 to 15 feet away from the router, it again starts connecting to your WiFi network. 

Fix 5: Run Network Troubleshooter

If you still have not run the network troubleshooter, then without being late, you can try the steps we have mentioned below in order to run the troubleshooter:

  1. Initially, you need to hover to the Windows 11 Start menu and open the Settings.
  2. After that, navigate to the Network & Internet and click on the Status option. 
  3. That’s it. Now, hit the Network Troubleshooter. Then, wait until the process gets completed. After that, reboot your Asus TUF Gaming and check if the issue gets resolved or not. network troubleshooter windows 10

Fix 6: Power Cycle Your Router/Modem

When you turn your modem and router on and off, they reset and re-establish your connection to your ISP. So, we suggest you first check your internet connection speed using the Ookla speed tester website, and if you find that your WiFi is not giving you proper speed, then power cycling your router/modem will be the right choice.

Therefore, in order to power cycle your modem, you first need to turn off the power button and plug out all the cables. Then, wait for 30-40 seconds. After that, plug in the cables to your modem and router, turn on the power button and allow to properly boot up until the front panel connection lights on the modem show a steady connection. After that, again check if the issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 7: Update Your OS

Wait! Tell me, when was the last time you have checked for OS updates on your Asus TUF Gaming A15/F15? Well, there are possible chances that your device may be running on an older version of Windows, due to which you are getting this issue. Therefore, we advise you to try checking the OS version that your device has. So, here are the steps for that:

  1. Firstly, use the Windows Search bar and search for Windows Update
  2. After that, click on the Check For Updates button on the newly opened window. Check For Updates
  3. Now, wait and watch if there are updates available for your device or not. If so, then install them on your device and again check if the issue gets resolved or not. 

Fix 8: Update Your WiFi Driver

Keeping your WiFi driver updated is key to ensuring your Windows 10 device’s WiFi connection works smoothly or fixing any wireless network issues. In other words, updating your wireless network driver is the best choice for you right now. So, you should follow the steps that we have mentioned below in order to update your WiFi driver: 

  1. Select the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start menu. 
  2. Then, expand the Network Adapter option. 
  3. After that, right-click on your WiFi and select the Update Driver button. That’s it. Now, wait until it searches and updates your WiFi Driver. However, once done, make sure to check if the Asus TUF gaming not connecting to WiFi error gets fixed or not. Asus TUF Gaming WiFi not connecting issue

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Fix 9: Reset Your WiFi Network

So, if nothing helps, it is advised to reset your WiFi network as this is the last option you have. Thus, let’s take a look at the necessary instruction to do this:

  1. Firstly, navigate to the Start > Settings. 
  2. After that, click on the Network & Internet and navigate to the Status.
  3. Then, hit the Network reset followed by the Reset now button. That’s it. Now, it will reset your network settings along with the saved networks.

So, that’s all on how to fix the Asus TUF Gaming A15/F15 WiFi not connecting issue. We hope that this article has helped you. Meanwhile, in case you have any doubt or questions on your mind, comment below. 


  1. I have this intermittent issue, and hearing more and more people with it each day. Seems to be an overheating problem with the mediatek wi-fi mt7921 card. What are Asus doing about it?

  2. I have even reset the laptop still wifi is not working it seem my WIFI is dead i had updated drivers, remove & reinstalled driver and finally when nothing worked i reset my laptop but that didnt event work… so it could be dead wifi adaptor i cant belive it as i have hardly used this laptop as it was purchase in feb 2022.

    I am really disappointed with Asus tuf Gaming A15 laptop as i had display issues as some light colour show as white example #f5f5f5

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