Fix: AT&T TV Login Not Working

AT&T TV is a live TV streaming service offered by AT&T. It was previously known as DirecTV Now and AT&T TV Now, but now it’s just called AT&T TV. The service does not require a contract, but the pricing for AT&T TV plans is higher than most other cable alternatives. Additionally, the DVR feature is quite basic.

Although AT&T TV network is a great service, it has some flaws that some users don’t like. Recently, many users reported that they were unable to log in to the network as it was not working. The developers have already provided fixes for this issue. However, if you missed them, don’t worry. In this guide, we will mention all the necessary fixes for this login problem. Let’s get started and see if we can fix the issue.

How To Fix AT&T TV Login Not Working

How To Fix AT&T TV Login Not Working

Although there aren’t many fixes available that you can use to resolve the login error, we have still tried our best to give you the best options to get rid of this situation. So, make sure to follow each step carefully, one after the other, until you get a perfect fix for yourself. Therefore, now let’s get started with it.

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

The first thing you need to do is reboot the device in which you are trying to use the AT&T TV app. This will make sure to remove all the problems causing bugs and glitches present on your device that prevent it from performing well and give your system a fresh new start to run the applications smoothly. Many users previously reported that they are able to fix this type of issue just by rebooting their device. So, you may also try this out and let us know if it really helps.

Fix 2: Make Sure You Are Using Right Login Credentials

Did you check if you are using the right credentials to log in to your AT&T TV account? Well, it is possible that you are entering the old or wrong password to log in to AT&T TV. Also, we suggest you check if the premium subscription gets expired because sometimes this might be the reason behind this type of error. Well, we suggest you save your password on your phone or Google drive. 

Fix 3: Delete Cache Data

Most of the time, it generally happens that our system stores cache images of the previous action so that the next time you use it, you do not have to wait. So, if that’s the case, then there is a need to delete your AT&T TV cache files. Well, clearing your cache data will differ for different devices such as smartphones, smart TV, Roku, etc.

So, you can check out your device’s official site for the exact step because it is not possible to cover all the devices in a single article. Well, once you clear the cache data, rerun the AT&T TV and check if you are now able to login or not. 

Fix 4: Uninstall And Reinstall The App

If even after deleting the cache files, you still face the issue, then we suggest you reinstall the application because there are chances that some of the files may get corrupted or damaged. Therefore, the issue may get fixed by reinstalling the AT&T TV application.

But, before reinstalling the application again, don’t forget to uninstall the existing one. Once you uninstall the existing one before reinstalling the app, make sure to reboot your device. After that, you’ll see that the login, not working issue gets fixed.

Fix 5: Reset Password

Did you change your password recently? If not, then you must have to do this because the officials themselves recommend changing your password regularly to secure your account. So, make change your password and check if the login is not working issue gets fixed or not. 

Fix 6: Make Sure Your Have An Active Internet Connection

A good internet connection is also required for AT&T TV to work properly. So, you must check if your WiFi connection gives you proper speed your not. Sometimes, due to some reasons, our WiFi connection may get fluctuated continuously, due to which the AT&T TV fails to connect to its server and end up showing the not login error.

Therefore, you should check your internet connection speed by clicking on this link. Further, if it does not give you proper speed, power cycle your router. After that, if the issue won’t get fixed, then make sure to contact the ISP provider and ask them to fix it. 

Fix 7: Check Server Status

There are chances that the AT&T TV server may get down due to maintenance purposes. So, you must verify if the servers are working. However, to verify if other players are also getting this error, you can hover to the DownDetector and check if others are also reporting the same. Meanwhile, don’t forget to hit the I Have a Problem With AT&T. Moreover, you can also follow the AT&T TV officials on their Twitter handle to get the latest news and upcoming events. 

From Author’s End

So, that’s all we have for you to fix if the AT&T TV login is not working on your device. We hope the fixes mentioned above have helped you. But, in case you are still facing the same error, then we suggest you contact the official support team and ask them to help you get out of this situation. Anyway, comment below for more information. 

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