Warzone 2 DMZ Season 6 Barista’s Bag, Windmill Bag, Stage Bag Key Location

There is no set goal in Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ game mode. The DMZ allows players to complete several missions and contracts by deploying them into exfil zones (maps) where they face hostile AI and other players. There can be between 12 and 60 players deployed in each DMZ session, depending on the map. Players can interact with stage bags on the DMZ map Vondel in order to receive collectible GPUs. With GPUs, you can obtain skeleton keys, cash, or extra weapon slots.

Warzone 2 DMZ Season 6 Barista's Bag, Windmill Bag, Stage Bag Key Location

How To Open The Stage Bag

To open the Stage Bags, you need a Stage Bag Key before going to the locations. In DMZ, Stage Bag keys can be acquired in many ways. When it comes to acquiring one, the following methods are most popular:

  • Search for loot from High-Value Target Missions (or HTV missions) in the DMZ is one method of finding loot. There is a key drop guarantee on HTV missions, so you should find a Stage Bag Key after two or three attempts.
  • A second but long way to obtain the key is by opening the Mayor’s Briefcase, which is located near Town Hall. If you wish to unlock the Mayor’s briefcase, you must complete the “Hunter Mission,” loot the sewer toolbox located in the E5 map grid or simply loot the map itself.
  • Your best bet for finding a Stage Bag key if you haven’t succeeded in finding one by either of the above two methods is to loot AI enemies near locked spots.

Stage Bag Locations In Vondel DMZ

Stage Bag location 2 guarantees a GPU drop in Vondel DMZ. You will encounter many hostile AI combatants on your way to Vondel since it is a relatively populated map. To reach your desired locations, follow the instructions below after obtaining the stage bag key.

#1. The University

The University

On the campus’ north side, on a stage, is the Stage Bag, which is similar to that in the Fire Department. To locate the staging area, follow the cursor to the location shown above. Your Stage Bag can be found in the center of the stage, and you can access its contents with your stage key.

#2. The Fire Department

The Fire Department

Just north of the Fire Department, the first Stage Bag can be found outside a small building on the south side of the map. See if there is a staging area near the marked location in the above image. Stage Bags are available on top of the stage, and they can be opened with your key.

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