Beginner Tips To Make Your Old Mac Gaming-Ready

If you have just discovered a passion for gaming, you may not have the funds to switch over to a high-power device right away. But you wouldn’t want to compromise with your experience just because your old computer has speed, performance, and storage lags. It makes sense to do a little work on your Mac to make it gaming-ready. Fortunately, ramping up the device is easier than you imagine. Just a few steps will transform it into a high-speed machine you can rely on for gaming action. Here are the ones you can try. 

Check the existing settings

Before installing a game on your Mac, get acquainted with the existing settings. Check aspects such as the OS version, processor, graphics card, memory, and available hard drive space. Games have minimum and recommended system requirements, so knowing your Mac specifications is crucial. It enables you to decide whether you can install a specific game on your device.  

Configure game settings

Great gaming experiences are not just about devices. They are also about configuring the game settings right. You need to customize the graphic settings of the game before hitting the play button. Disabling a few features is a good idea as it can prevent the lags without compromising the overall experience. Configuring game settings may sound tricky as a beginner, but you can learn the ropes and ensure that you get the best even with an old device.

Ensure your hard drive has ample free space

As a rule, your Mac’s startup disk should never drop below 15% available storage. Falling short of storage slows down the device, and games and apps will not work at an optimal level. Check the storage space and purge duplicate files, redundant apps, and everything in the trash. You can read on here to know more about creating free space by safely deleting unneeded files and folders on your old device. Once you clear them, your games will run flawlessly. 

Close unused menu bars and apps

Resource-intensive apps such as web browsers and movie editors are killers for gaming. They eat up system resources and leave less available memory for gaming. You can expect the system to perform slowly when these apps are open in the background. Quit from these heavy apps and close them before you start playing games on your old Mac. You will not have to worry about glitches and slowdowns. 

Ensure all your software is updated

Besides checking the system specifications, you must ensure that all the software is updated. The good thing about updates is that they include new features and bug fixes. The latest versions give you the benefits of speed and security. You also get better performance from the device. It enhances your gaming experience to a significant extent. It is good to check the software and update the ones with newer versions before going ahead. 

Gaming with an old Mac is absolutely possible, and you need not give up on performance and speed. You can have a good time, provided you implement these simple steps.

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